Top 5 blockchain news of the week – Week #32 of 2018

Hi Blockchain enthusiasts and welcome back to OkayKrypto! Since it's National Day week in Singapore, we're giving you guys a midweek update about the hottest blockchain and cryptocurrency news! Here's the top 5 news of the week! ICE, also known as Intercontinental Exchange, the Owner of New York Stock Exchange partners with Microsoft, BCG And Starbucks to launch a global Bitcoin market Wow, who saw that coming? Oops! Jamie has done it again! JPMorgan CEO, Jamie Dimon has returned with his critical comments about Bitcoin, calling the cryptocurrency a “scam” and saying he has “no interest” in it

AGAIN Something’s fishy! Seafood fraud has become common these days and frankly, this frightens me! Can blockchain technology help us? It shouldn't take extraordinary acts to prove one deserves to be a citizen Could blockchain provide an answer? An end to fake news manipulating elections? Eleesa Dadiani thinks she can do it with blockchain Stay tuned for our weekly Friday uploads where we will dish out 5 sizzling hot cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICO news! Don’t miss out, subscribe now and click on that bell icon next to the subscribe button to be notified of our uploads!

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