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Hello, I'm Ngan and you are watching Nami TV COTI stands for Internet Monetary Fund COTI identifies itself as the digital currency replacing traditional payment systems like Visa Master Card Major coin like Bitcoin and Ethereum Can not compete with VISA or Mastercard About transaction processing speed (TPS) at large scale Many projects have been designed to solve this problem, But they have to trade the decentralization and security of the system For speed and scalability As an alternative payment method, COTI promises to address all of those issues, including speed, cost, security and scalability The question is, how can COTI do it? COTI vowed to address this Blockchain dilemma By not using Blockchain anymore Instead, it offers a new technology called Directed Acylic Graph DAG is also known as the Tangle protocol, was applied by IOTA as an alternative to blockchain

More specifically, DAG (or Tangle) is a kind of data storage similar to blockchain Instead of "pooling" data in a block after being identified as blockchain, COTI transactions will be resumed directly Let's now understand how DAG works To see if COTI can deliver what it promises? The first is its consensus mechanism When a user creates a transaction, They need to confirm two other transactions and at the same time wait for confirmation from 2 other users All processes occur randomly, User can not select any transaction to confirm This is a live video on how DAG takes place by forming small clusters and hook up into a tangled network A new transaction is created (described by the orange node)

will confirm 2 other transactions Then, wait for confirmation from two transactions that have been authenticated (blue node) The black node is the transaction that has been validated The nodes will receive "Trust Points" as a form of credit after completing the verification The higher the trust, the less time it takes to confirm the transaction It can be seen that PoW or PoS, no digging or digging So, we can save time and computer energy Transactions will be made at a lower cost The second is scalability As the authentication process is randomly assigned, more and more users join the network, The system will be more secure Moreover, computer power will increase thanks to the contribution of each user And scalability will become as easy as pie

However, the Tangle protocol also has its drawbacks Even IOTA, the first project to use the Tangle protocol, It also faces some disadvantages of this new technology COTI is no exception When the number of users in this system is not much in the beginning, The possibility of a 34% dubble-spending attack will be much easier If the hacker has more hardware than the user When a new transaction is created, Synchronization will occur at each node separately, can lead to "random upgrades" and inconsistencies throughout the system While IOTA itself has proposed a solution to address these issues, COTI does not openly talk about a problem or propose a formal solution to it Whitepaper does not cover these issues Now, let's make a quick comparison between two ICOs with the same goal Resolves the problem of scalability but still ensures security solana and coti While Solana stores the data inside the blocks, COTI saves data in a Tangle platform, keeping data in clusters Therefore, COTI does not need any Proof-of-something protocol to operate, Solana invented the Proof-of-History protocol In general, for comparison between Solana and COTI, COTI is not Solana's competitor at this time, Because Tangle technology is so new And its application is not big enough to prove the current efficiency

Almost every company in the field uses Blockchain, While there are only a few tangle apps like IOTA Following are some ICO details of COTI Its token is called COTI, using the ERC20 standard Soft cap is 10 million dollars COTI has called $ 3 million at the time of the press Hard cap is 30 million dollars ICO time is from 15th August to 1st September 2018 The price for a COTI is $ 010 Total supply is 2 billion COTI tokens, of which 600 million tokens will be sold Thus, only 30% of the total issued tokens are available for sale and 45% for internal reserves, This means that COTI is more likely to want to control the market It is said that COTI's preferential treatment is to maintain one sustained liquidity For their long-term development strategies, such as liquidity for decentralized trading (Dex) and other financial products However, high stockpiles may prevent investors from buying COTI tokens for fear of being manipulated For its price, COTI ICO ($ 010) is considered to be cheaper than the IOTA price ($ 09 to $ 1) for a similar service With this cheaper price, The demand for COTI services may increase in the future, This may increase its price and bring profits to investors early, Good news for investors early According to COTI's roadmap, They will launch an alpha version of their electronic wallet and trading platform in September 2018 Interested investors should pay attention to the COTI roadmap on the website The demand and prices of COTI tokens will be closely related to growth Because users will need tokens to pay for their transactions That is the present time, What about the future development potential of COTI? The global e-commerce market is forecast to grow 21

1% in 2018 and 191% next year with retail sales of about $ 3 trillion With the goal of becoming the Internet currency, Be confident to say that there is still much potential for COTI to grow In general, COTI seems to be a potential project in the field of e-commerce Investors can consider buying early to receive bonuses It can be expected that the COTI price will be raised after the September release However, in the long run, We should carefully consider how COTI can address these issues to make the next decision And that's all about COTI ICO We hope that this information It will give you insight and more objective about evaluating an ICO Do not forget the Facebook page us

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