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Hello everyone this is adam meister the Bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show it all starts with one Bitcoin today is August the 27th almost September well 2018 strong hand oh yeah long term thinking I'm confiscating all Charlie had some interview with CNBC or MSNBC or something he couldn't get down from San Francisco back down the Paulo and out though you did 101 traffic he warned me about this this morning so we rescheduled it for tomorrow 3:00 pm

Pacific time that's Tuesday 6 pm Eastern Time 6 pm New York time 3 p

m Los Angeles time tomorrow Tuesday Charlie Lee will be on the show he will return it's been a while since he's been on the show but then it'll be his third or fourth appearance on the show so that will be great I want to say thank you to Josh cohort in the super chat he sent $499 I appreciate it he wanted to know about hey at this price should I be a doll for new people be dollar-cost averaging buying in the Bitcoin dude dude are you a long-term thinker man of course you're a long-term thinker do you think in the year toy just a newfangled savings account man so in the year 2020 after the having is Bitcoin gonna be worth more in terms of dollars than it is today if you think it is then you should be buy and shouldn't you shouldn't you you're buying it on sale right if you care about Fiat but then again you should just be trying to get as much Bitcoin as possible so don't go into debt I mean I don't care what the dollar price is my philosophy doesn't change I so I want to save everybody some money in the future if you guys want to do super chats where you ask me should I buy now should I buy now yes you should buy now because he's 2018 and we're gonna look back in this one day be like oh my god it was so cheap I could have had point I could have had one Bitcoin man and now it's the year 2028 I can't even a four point one Bitcoin I can't I mean I can't I have to buy this house for my wife and I don't have point one Bitcoin for it I could have gotten it you know that that day I was asking Adam about dollar cost averaging okay so pound that frickin like button let us move on to the rest of the show Josh again thank you thank you for your support thank you for that $499 man you are a loyal watcher now this Queen I forgot to include in the links below but check out the links below as everything else is talked about in the links below I'll add this in a second disrupt meister comm get your tresor get your t-shirts all linked below alright this is from Tour de Meester it's like one of those joke verses woke Twitter tweets okay you know there are these trends out there that people do but this one's good the joke bitcoin mining waste 1% of the world's energy production woke and you know I don't like that term woke woke attacking Bitcoin costs 1% of the world's energy production think about that people that's pretty good overwhelming right there alright so again new show here every single day over a thousand shows and we're going to talk about yesterday's show because something happened on yesterday's show that has never happened before follow me on steam it at bitcoinmeister Tech ball tch be alt on Twitter have you been following me on Twitter today you wouldn't known early in the morning that the Charlie thing was rescheduled for tomorrow alright so in the land of be cash something really wacky is going on that Matt Odell alerted me to on his Twitter feed now in the past all of you all of you know that I made up the term crypto dividend okay a term used worldwide now an awesome term that I'm so proud of and I I talked about how in the future you know there be all sorts of different crypt of dividends I predicted one day that there would be like a special event crypt of dividend that some corn would act would issue cryptic give it a based on an event and it would just kind of it would encourage people it would incentivize people to hold on to that original coin so they could get this new crypto dividend well lo and behold it appears that something like this something that I see ur eyes only in theory months ago is going to happen yes king of the trolls you know king of the trolls over at be cash what a guy what a guy anyway king of trolls play that's on launching an ICO for his website with a special airdrop exclusivity exclusively excuse me for be cash holders and again it looks like looks like king of the trolls is planning a Bitcoin calm ICO with a corresponding airdrop for be cash holders date unknown so basically he's gonna he's even complicated it further than I could have even predicted it because you know ICO is oh my god I'm gonna vomit so he's gonna try to he's gonna he's gonna try to raise some money for his Bitcoin comm website okay through an icy up so they're gonna be all these fools out there that are actually gonna buy into his ICO pay for this token this Bitcoin comm token but he is going to give all be cash holders this same Bitcoin comm token for free and we don't know the day so again this is gonna incentivize people off Ashley because you know they got a lot shirks up their sleeves over there these things all cyclical they're gonna fork there's all sorts of things gonna happen with PCAST I think it's gonna be good for the overall total V CAST price not that I care because I don't want anybody buying be cast or anything like that you don't buy something you get for free but be sure if you still had a little on the beach hash no point selling now is probably gonna go up in terms of Bitcoin I think because of all this madness but again I am just happy that in the past I predicted this special event type of crypto dividend and again this crypto dividend stuff is going to get more and more complex it rewards people for holding it for whatever the heck you're holding and whole thing is good but holding Bitcoin is the real thing Bitcoin is the real Bitcoin Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin you know he can do what he wants to do with be cash good luck with your IC o—- and your crypto dividend for the V casters keep an eye on the story though you can link it's linked to below you can study it more my main man I want to talk about being an emotion being in motion because I recently had to be in motion because of yesterday's video but before we get to that i wanted i want to mention the UK bitcoin master he's got an awesome video out there the big point for beginner show my top bitcoin content creators you should follow and listen to it what a privilege he listed me on there it was all so many listed and be he listened BTC penny vortex you know all the dudes and i talked about to man all the real hardcore bitcoin guys and you should know about that have you know associations with the world network or you have been on the world crypto network i mean just you know the oh geez baby the dudes the guys that have been around this game for a while who have the strongest of hands who are very consistent in their bitcoin talk and have the conviction the bitcoin commitment so yeah thanks a lot you guys can check out and it's good he's sure his little you know he's got some fancy set he's got some fancy graphic graphics there york a big pool master he shows that clips of my show clips a handy show it's great it's great check it out he's on steam it he's all deal i've linked to below alright a do being t costs t cos as and I actually knew someone with that same last name in Baltimore at one time that's a story anyway tea costs has a he informed me about a improve bubble host I'd rather him do it on steam it because he could earn steam which he could turn in the Bitcoin but I read his uh I read his a little article here and there was one line I really liked a lot from this and I want to share it with you Bitcoin is unique among a handful of innovations in anyone's lifetime in its ability to reward the curious over the well-connected it is so true of all the innovations in in our lifetimes it has the ability to reward the curious over the well-connected that's the thing you anyone can get in on this you can be all those well-connected people they don't have an advantage over you if you're a curious person if you want to learn you got Bitcoin before those well-connected people though this is not a Facebook IPO here this was an IPO for the regular man for the curious man that's what bitcoin was I love that he he put it into her some really good words and his article goes on to talk about some other topics but so check out his article it really wasn't about that line that I just shared and I thought that line is freaking awesome alright yesterday's video I mean it wasn't a very controversial video at all but I received a very interesting message shortly after it was it was live and then it was you know it was up there on repeat very soon afterwards we have received a legal Rooker this is from YouTube we have received a legal complaint regarding your video after review the following video the one Bitcoin show bitcoins fixed supply ideology be cash forked though strong hand life has been blocked from view on the following YouTube country site United Kingdom YouTube blocks content where necessary to comply with local laws please review our Help Center articles on legal complaints so I was banned in the UK that video was banned in the UK I was not given a reason why I was banned in the UK someone complained they said now this could be a total mistake it could be a total fluke that this happened but I have no idea why I talked about be cashing it may be some be cash people didn't like what I had to say about be cash have no idea I have no idea now I could scream and cry and say oh my god YouTube is horrible wish I know I was in motion immediately I put it back I put it on to D live and I titled it you know banned in the UK which it was and I feel like a rock star like what like a Sex Pistols where they banned in the UK or something so I mean used to put a positive spin on it I got it on deal I they got up votes so I love D live I love you this is a lesson for everyone to be in motion you gotta have some backup plans if you're relying on the centralized authorities like YouTube okay if you're dependent on YouTube you better have that do you buy backup okay and and I say deal i backup because you're earning crypto that way if you're a cryptid are you a youtuber are you a crypto dude are you a Bitcoin okay I'm a Bitcoin everybody knows that so I am Eva I'm pivoted from you and makes me want to use D live even more this situation is it's all a positive pivoted from my YouTube banning in the UK for that one video quickly put it on the deal I earn some steam go to turn that steam in the Bitcoin eventually eventually and so it's just a net positive and so I encourage all of you to you know all the people that that UK Bitcoin master mentioned in his video they should be Ondi live I know BTC Fannie is on it and I know that Andy Hoffman's on it also but they should use it more and I should use it more also I'm gonna put some other old videos of mine up there and Stephanie who knows what you know if the next one of my videos they get maybe I'll have a video this banned in America I think I'll just uh post it over there or something like that but yeah I'm totally prepared for YouTube just to like what they say no no more crypto people whatever I'll be on D live everyone will move over there it'll be awesome but yeah let's I'm getting into this D live thing I think you guys can tell because again it's a way to get Bitcoin in the long run it is you're earning crypto that you could turn it into Bitcoin so hey it's positive yeah I'm still in Spokane and yeah very important for you guys in Britain who wanted to see my video it is linked to below on D live so you guys can watch it there now there were I was contacted by a member I can't watch a video out of its band what would happen go over to D live a bitcoinmeister on there I'll link to it below so check that out okay I'm here in Spokane until the 6th of September that so I'll be in Baltimore from the 6th until 20th for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with Yom Kippur with my family and then I'll be in Santiago for a two-month starting on Santiago Chile starting on November 22 November 20th until Thanksgiving then I'll be back in Baltimore again all right bag that Bell button if you want to know when my videos go live just in case you know after they go live they get you know banned in your country or whatever so you can you can watch it live then ou get banned and then you can watch Deal eye-pal that forget like button oh right that's it did I did I mention everything that I was supposed to mention in this title this video peak a script yeah I did all right I'm Adam I should become much this Rob nice to remember to subscribe this channel like this video this video check out the notes section below I'm gonna say hi to you guys in the chat we actually chatted before the video – it was kind of funny see ya

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