Streamr: The Best Blockchain – IoT Project Out There

Welcome to the first episode of Transmission Number two

Third edition Number four Five, six, seven My name is Henri, I'm from a startup called Streamr I just wanted to come up here and show you a little sneak peek into what we are doing Please be gentle! We have something new to say about how the world uses data The first thing I'd like to point out is that we have a product You can use the platform to power applications with realtime data Ruuvi is a Bluetooth sensor beacon

There's one on top of a coffee machine Look there it is Somebody just made coffee in Helsinki! And here's the big vision we feel confident that we can build a functioning data marketplace by the end of this year We almost have 10,000 followers on Twitter Streamr had its first All Hands AMA on Reddit We have almost 8,000 people building stuff on the Streamr Engine

We knew how to build the peer-to-peer Network We knew how to build the Marketplace but we didn't know how to decentralize the Engine And that's exactly where Golem comes in I'm a CEO of a company called Zipper Global which is developing a blockchain phone solution Smart phones are amazing technology for collecting data but the users should be compensated for that information and that we can do together with the Streamr This week our community in London got an exclusive look at the new logo Thank you all for coming It's amazing to be here

This is the first ever, properly organised, Streamr Meetup I think Streamr is a great project to disrupt what has been going on nowadays as you don't control your data as you see with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica and all this How do you deal with the fact that at the moment data has got a PR problem I'd like to make that more specific: centralized data has a PR problem We've managed to half the time we thought it would take to build the Marketplace The Marketplace will be functional by the end of Q2 We've been having meetings with massive companies looking to shake up the way they handle their data because of the way we stood out Hewlett Packard Enterprise are interested in partners that have that innovative flair and our partnership with Streamr has allowed us to provide value for customers and for users

Being able to create basically an ecosystem where data can be freely shared that's something I think you know our customers want to move towards The new, super interesting thing we'll start focusing more on in the next six months is the Streamr Network That's the beef of the whole thing so to say because it enables all the applications we can build on top Including the Editor Including the Marketplace

Why we doing Consensus? I think we're doing it because it puts us on the main stage both literally and metaphorically Our next presentation is going live with Streamr: a Marketplace for the new data economy We will keep working to ensure that the foundations of the data economy remain free from control by monopoly corporations and governments This is the Streamr vision Three Two One

And we are live at Marketplace dot Streamr dot com We are: data done differently

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