????????????Earn money online (1 min tutorial)

Welcome to CryptotimesTV We launch a contest for all viewers of our channel! Best prediction for Bitcoin! You've probably already heard about Bitcoin as a new means of payment Today you have a chance get these coins without the need Buy them for your money! Today, many argue where the price of the bition will go Will bears win? or the bulls will deploy the market and the price will fly to the moon You do not need to understand the market all you need to do is write in the comments: what will be the price of Bitcoins next week 3 most accurate users will receive 50, 30 and 20 dollars respectively You can withdraw your prize in bitkoyany, on the paper or on a bank card Read about the contest rules in the video description In the meantime, please post this video subscribe to a channel participate in the contest! Everyone has a chance to win! Good luck!

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