The 1 Bitcoin Show- The day BTC stood still, Stablecoins, war on cash, South Africa

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is September the 11th 2018 never ever ever forget this day strong hand alright let's get into this thing right now people I am back it was obviously Russia China the last two days for 48 hours nothing to do with Bitcoin or anything like that and for me it was the day Bitcoin Stood Still it was just great took me I was good to be my family and everyone and I recommend you just totally turning your get off your laptop for 24 hours don't check the Bitcoin price it'll be your own personal day where bitcoins Stood Still you had nothing to do with Bitcoin you actually playing today you know whether you'd be Jewish or not Jewish it was obviously last day of Rosh Hashanah just ended a few hours ago but to appease you today is a special day for a number you know we remember this day and I mean this is the perfect day to take the day off from Bitcoin to just get back in touch with the I guess the the real world around you you know during these last 48 hours I didn't check any sports scores and I again this laptop my laptop it everyone knows that I have I did not open it for 48 hours so and Bitcoin it goes on without you and that's great I didn't mean I don't feel like I missed anything the I still have the same amount of Bitcoin and my my head you know cleared up on on a lot of different things it's just it's good to clear up your head let me create your own personal days of where Bitcoin stood still for you for you and obviously not having anything to do with Bitcoin for 24 48 hours I heard and saw things that I don't usually even pay attention to and well some of its kind of unfortunate you it shows how powerful the 80% in is out there when you get away from the Bitcoin realm where many of us 20 percenters are and you get back around 80 percenters and and whatnot yeah you see you see the big influence you you see how a lot of people can get away with you know inflation and whatever you know people are like oh the eventually it all fall apart I don't know people love their big-screen TVs thanks Josh Caldwell for the super chat by the way that was very nice okay speaking about you know getting in touch with the regular world what's going out on there a lot of people like to talk about the glamour a foreign real estate Oh for you know Doug Casey always used to talk about that and it's kind of scalable bitcoin is unconscious capable and it's not going to be so glamorous in the 2020s foreign real estate I mean logically more and more governments are gonna want to confiscate land it is it's a commodity they can trade they can you know if they're in debt to let's say China they could give that land to the Chinese maybe that's what's going on in the country that I'm about to to talk about but yeah I see more and more land confiscations coming up in 2020 in all sorts of a in the 2020s excuse me in all sorts of other countries besides this one but here we go farm prices in South Africa have plunged by a third since the ruling party decided to seek a change to the Constitution to make it easier to expropriate land without compensation so the mere threat of a land confiscation has you know destroyed the value of some of these farmers land or significantly hurt it and at the same time their land is still confiscated it still can be taken away from them so what I've been saying to everyone in South Africa since before these are land grabbed threats started hey bitcoin is unconfident and you really are seeing the difference now you know even the threat of confiscation hurts that asset okay which is land so a real estate compared to bitcoin it's not what it's cracked up to be okay in the bottom line is and all these again we're I'm talking to a lot of Americans right now all of you people who aren't who are in developing countries you get it at this point if you're watching this show you really get it you know that what your government can take away everything they can't take away that bitcoin and it's it's a serious threat and even the threat hurts you sometimes like this in South Africa I mean who wants to be involved in real estate in a country and any source of real estate in the country where they can take farms where they can take a certain a certain real estate away from you they can confiscate it from you okay bitcoin is something they can't take away remember that remember divert that so that's it's an you can considered insurance you can give consider a diversification consider whatever you want to it gets you out of this it gets you out of that pipeline the confiscation pipeline you don't want to be in and again everyone to please pound that like button I only say it once this show thank you alright so but this is a more serious show obviously we do a Syria OH I mean if you look back in the archives this day I always like to keep it up on the serious side so I'm where we got Matt O'Dell here talking about stable coins and you know that I wanted to talk about stable coins for a while I I think they're ridiculous like I don't know why even want to really mess her I mean if you're a trader yeah you care about it but otherwise we're gonna go into some of why it why they're ridiculous here what Matt Matt hotel has to say Fiat back stable coins have their uses but require trusted third parties the centralized entity behind them can steal your money and they are an easy target for government so kyc should be expected in most situations they don't compete with Bitcoin but rather calm okay and he went on to say that tether is the best one of all the stable coins because they are breaking the law they have no by the United States law they have no kyc requirements but he says at the same time that tether is a ticking time bomb because eventually the US government will catch up with these tether dudes and shut them down or force them to view kyc and they're you know what makes them better than the other stable coins will go away now speaking about the other stable coins why stable coins are in the news a press and Jay Byrne says the Winklevoss brothers have always structured their affairs for the long run lawyer heavy slow and steady wins the race approach their stable coins will be interesting to check out particularly its cable icy properties so Winkle via are coming out with their own stable coin and they will follow every single rule of course it will be KY seed up the ying-yang men they 80 percenters will get into it hey man it's your personal responsibly you can do what you want to do if you want to get into that thing if you're gonna pay a trader and yeah I mean why even I don't know do what you want to do guys it's it's risky stuff centralized issuer of a cryptocurrency whether it be the Winkle buy or whoever it's still centralized it could disappear it can they can run away and again there's kyc involved so and I know all your traders are going so I need a big jump I can't just go from Fiat saves me on this will say be on taxes yeah sure sure the fee you sure it well yeah that the do you think the wincle by I mean wiggled I'll be turning every single bit of information over to the IRS they follow every rule that's what kic is all about but hey you know dude do it you're gonna do things falling all over the place yeah alright so um cousin again eighty percent the 80 percenters rule the 80 percenters rule dude they they are easily easily influenced and I'm not saying that everybody 80% of us that's dealing with Gemini or whatever but what I'm about to say does deal with 80 percenters okay and this piece from MarketWatch I mean it seemed like a propaganda piece it's it's about here America moves closer to being a cashless society all right so the article does not mention Bitcoin at all he talks about how restaurants how it's such you know the ones that no longer accept cash it's so easy for them to account for everything and to pay their waiters and waitresses and you know play by all they don't lose anything but we're not dealing with dollars they don't mention the credit card fees they have to pay no that's not that's not mentioned or anything like that but again if they if they real if these if this is a true story I mean if it's totally true if they weren't twisting it around if these restaurants want easy accounting they want to be able to keep track of tips they want a a log of everything that Bitcoin soon enough with the Lightning Network they'll be able to do everything okay they're not gonna have to pay exorbitant fees that they have to pay – credit cards again this article doesn't mention that but again this this article reminds us to get ready for the mindset of the 80 percenters to be anti cash they're gonna eat this kind of thing this kind of article oh oh yeah credit cards seem really easy I shouldn't what's wrong with having a war on cash which what's wrong with you know what I don't have anything to hide what you know I don't care if I have to use a credit card no it's easy to use a credit card I don't have to carry any pennies I don't get any pennies or nickels it's so great but yeah it's a reminder of why you should be a pro Bitcoin because Bitcoin can't can't be stocked okay cash I guess they can they can stop it the government or they can vilify it and well they could stop it the United States government could just get rid of all their cash of course they could they can't get rid of all their they can't get rid of Bitcoin and again this this kind of article also you simple Adam maybe it's not a war on cash maybe they're just getting ready for fed coin yeah maybe it is the point yeah III think we again the 80 percenters are gonna eat this kind of thing up they're going to look at articles like this and be like yeah okay cash is society fed okay you bit corners we're gonna have a Fed coin just as good I won't have to carry on pennies or nickels anymore it'll be great I mean read the article just for yourself it's really uh I mean it's a thoughtless article it doesn't take much what's high intellect there all right uh so be cash in the news again here all right that there's a tweet here about king of the trolls on a cruise to debate people about Bitcoin okay and be cash I guess first question here is you know why do you keep giving this guy this debate is so played out I mean the debate it's from 2017 it's like how many infomercials do you have to give him are you gonna still do this in 2019 are they are you gonna still give him I mean everyone says they despise be cash so much and but you're playing into the guy's hand it's a centralized altcoin so they have a marketing guy a face behind it and you keep giving that face face time free marketing infomercials and so everybody makes fun of him because of his voice and he got angry again or something like that but you reel the 80 percenters will fall for any are gonna fall for anything okay and if you you're giving him what his free airtime so people are laughing at him and saying oh his claims are so outrageous right so let's let's see here uh and this is a tweet from Giacomo Zuko the James Bond villain like megalomaniac delirium at the end of this clip is the most important insight into the king of the trolls deranged mine and this is a quote I'm the big part of the reason Bitcoin is so popular around the world I did it once I will do it again with B cash now let's analyze what he said there he is part of the reason that Bitcoin is so popular around the world that daddy's true because she's a marketer he knows how to market things he spread the word he gave it away for free he was considered a good guy then he was good with public relations and he says it's italy says he's gonna die i will do it again with b i didn't once i will do it again with B cash so and then you just give him the free the free huge platforms and and you keep retweeting this stuff you don't really you know he does look I mean he's yelling at the end and everything and to a lot of people that's that turns people off obviously it should turn people but again a lot of people are like yo you stick it up he stick ease is warring with them look at him look at him battling please you just get your keep on giving him more so yeah I'm not saying be cash will never be Bitcoin I'm not saying that but it will pump again he it's a set again that's the difference between Bitcoin and all the other coins all the other coins are centralized they can come up with marketing plans they can have big faces support them and so if you give their big faces you keep on giving them airtime you keep on putting them out there you keep giving them free infomercials well Abby people are gonna fight 80 percenters don't know the difference between centralization and decentralization buy into it the guys is talking about it look at that they keep this guy's a big guy this king of the trolls guy so hey I I'm just analyzing what's out there I think if you're a Bitcoin fan you should be a Bitcoin fan and be you know talking about the great things about Bitcoin instead of like arranging debates that gives some altcoin infomercial dude the bit of the platform that he wants that he craves and that he needs in order to spread the word about his alcorn you and you're given a team for free and he's a billionaire I mean dude again hey if you think that and you if you think that's good creating this debate that jumped the shark in 2017 is good for the crypt currency space it's not it really isn't it's just your ad your people who complain about the confusion are the same ones that let him give him free infomercials it's amazing so again he's I learned my lesson a long time ago but given the dude for you infomercials and stuff by tubby I I know he gave it to debate to have a debate with him again puts him on equal footing with the person he's debating and he's usually debate someone that's talking a Bitcoin so you're putting be cash from Bitcoin you're saying they're equal I'm saying they're not I'm saying wasn't all coin and once Bitcoin one Bitcoin he goes one Bitcoin but when you set up these little jump the shark things jump the shark debate because it did jump the shark a while ago when we need to keep setting them up you keep giving him exactly what he what he wants and so I I don't know how you could be such big be cash haters if you're giving them exactly what they want alright so that that's it for today that's it I just I want to put that out there I uh and it's all cyclical again it's all cyclical all the 80% there's all sorts of 80 percenters are gonna come back in then know nothing about the history and they're just gonna hear about this be cash and keep seeing the be cash guy out there oh this is great and it'll pump though so many of them are gonna pump again for the most illogical of reasons and that's just if you've been around you've seen them all public those coins pumping again I mean come on they all they all pump again just want to make sure oh and again and with be cash it's only gonna take again since they have a marketing guy he can go up just some big company like like Twitter and make a deal with them and say I will give you a 10 million dollars if you or it doesn't have to be Twitter if you make my cryptocurrency the official cryptocurrency of your platform and it'll happen one day and again and that will help pump the price also so for again there's there's people out there and I know you're gonna talk about all the fundamentals is you know somebody owns this much PCAST this must be but again if you give them if you give the number for crypto currency in the world free marketing over and over again it's it's not going away and again take a step away from Bitcoin for a day take a step away from cryptocurrency for a day or 48 hours like I did see why here like some TV in the background here's some people in a public area talking about life in general and you'll see 80 percenters they can be convinced of anything so we've got no beg coin is gonna come around eventually and people are going to tell you that fed coin is better than Bitcoin so finally and one last thing be diamond a crypto dividend of Bitcoin I have mentioned that one in a while I saw that it pumped some people asked me about it and they just what would happen is you can now like oh by Nance you can deposit it and withdrawal it now and that's what pumped it apparently for for anyone wondering about that crypto dividend again don't buy something you can get for free if you happen to somehow extract your B diamond safely and I don't know if a safe way to do it I haven't done it and yeah you can you can get rid of it or you can get rid of your B diamond on Finance now and maybe you know that's it that caters to the Asian market – again king of the trolls of be cash cater to the Asian market and if there's a huge world out there people 280 there 80 percenters in Asia – all right Colonel Swann junior thank you for the $2 he says the downfall of B cash is pegged to Bitcoin the downfall of B cash is pegged to Bitcoin he says then who knows dude who who I'm not I'm not concerned about it I'm not concerned about B cash at all about its its downfall it I just know it's it's it's all cyclical i what i'm what i what interests me is that how many people give that hit the leader of B cash and infomercial a platform it's just and continue this whole to legitimize that whole debate and how that's just not that's very confusing to people who are not in the know which are 80 percenters which are newbies and again that the same people who say that there's all this confusion out there are the ones that have given the do two infomercial and calling they and they call it by another I call it be – they call it by another name I mean just treat it as an altcoin it's an altcoin and you don't give do you give the other founders like you debate all the other founders of every other all coin out there all the time this ripple get the bates i don't know alright everybody i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister i hope everyone had a good day today and just just always remember always remember what's happening and you know there is definitely life beyond life beyond cryptocurrency and you need you need to take a day off sometimes for me and just appreciate being alive and you know just that your luck i think you should be happy that you are in the Bitcoin space and you've you've been if you want to call it you've been red pilled or whatever that you can you can see how some of the mainstream activities out there you know that the fitting in is overrated i think that's just something important to remember you know there's a lot a lot there's a lot of people try to put people to shame out there for not fitting in and I think if you're when you do go back into that 80% of world you see that out there you see that you hear it on those TV shows Entertainment Tonight TV she was a ridiculous though the ridiculous bubble subjects that everyone is talking about because everyone is talking about it and if you if you diverge from that those subject matters is Hollywood subject matters you're considered an outcast in the in world in the world today it's it's unbeliev but now that's the thing you should be proud proud to be an outcast and but it is it's good to get reminders of what's really going on in the world today and you should be proud and happy that you're in this Bitcoin overlay and again you should be happy that you're alive and this definitely a good day to be to be alive so I'll talk to you later

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