Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and Implications | LinuxFoundationX on edX

[MUSIC PLAYING] BRIAN BEHLENDORF: Hi, I'm Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of Hyperledger, and open source blockchain technology project hosted at the Linux Foundation And you might be wondering, what is this blockchain revolution all about? Is it just about cryptocurrencies and make money fast, or could we use it to try to solve some really interesting kinds of problems that otherwise would require much more centralized systems? You could use it in financial networks, you could use it in supply chain networks, you could apply it to health care records, and all sorts of interesting areas that are problems that have defied traditional technology problem solving

So in this course, you'll learn about these different use cases, learn about what makes them unique, and why blockchain technology might actually be one of the best ways to solve them [MUSIC PLAYING]

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