Ist Bitcoin tot? [SPEZIAL] Bitcoin Technische Analyse Prognose 2018 BTC Chart

Welcome to the crypto chart channel today with a special people Bitcoin dead here to look at us the twenty-fold from the 1000 on the $ 20,000 and we discuss People are still here in a bullish hop move only with a bearish correction or is that already a bearish home move to the same welcome back dear friends and we look at how the title already shows is Bitcoin dead yes to judge that dear people just as much as we do ethereum made in the big analysis Two days ago, we had a look of course the big picture yes I have I just stuff the month and already logarithmically set only to the difference that you can see that So if you're used to it then me looks the whole half as wild yes and dear people, we will go until then back before me where i do it myself You could have invested that every day even just see it here namely 2013 here as it then the give correction down to the $ 50 and where we are then up from the 50,000 yes So we were also the 100 dollars boarded or auto 50 corrected and then it went off until after 1000 yes of you have collapsed as a maneuver for this 1000 you know maybe yes there was the big bern market what big big bernhard has initiated and we people can see that we are from this 1000th correction to 166 then bitfenix on 162 come yes that means we're going there yes I will show you both variants but in order to be able to judge whether we are now just in a major move Yes we take as we do that has made ours popular with everyone our fibonacci retracement people and put the archive is yes we set that to the deep and a major movement when he looks at most analysts was captured from everywhere on the For most of the world, the 618 is considered the main note yes for so to speak a main trend that one may show so Do not lose that's the way it is not only my sight but that is really from many many others global trader so handled and we are looking at people we'll ever have to go down this 61

8 we go up to the 20,000 and put this on we put that on and we can actually left here already 10 immediately 7600 who about the limit been yes 7000 when the limit has been and of course we have hers contact people with the picture tips as who fell under the 6,000 or in february actually here already exists we have that step through support here and that So it just means that way off So it just means people that we are no longer here in a so By the way, that's just me here no longer in motion yes that is, so to speak, this movement down from the 20,000 is andy our own main movement this is your own home movement and where we are at I'll show you what I actually did before that So one had drawn that was a potential people here say so please he is not true because the correct so because we just really infected exponentially I was probably not forgetting we were leaving practically people of 1000 on the on the 20,000 yes that's one twentyfold as we already here so can see so close within one year we have one here before 20 Years really one exponential increase here and there of course, the correction runs or li well the correction is not linear and i had these lingen would be I've been watching people for a while now had this line over two months ago already marked and so look at that and just stood the lines are still very good yes, this Hungarian correction line this trend line is very good here and you go with them then the team and we had to go back again with the lower highs and again and at the very end we come not at all yes, where we just in the wagons had at the 7500 years weeks but looks down when one now tells this shadow keeps it very good Of course we also have the other one Change your way and then we can but also the other one looks very nice Variant people still with the yes me would that have the scope I would have with us also with the germ if you Of course you also want to go linear that just a sign but there we will not go back and also down here, people come to you For example, do not look like this anymore With if you like that, so to speak logarithmic so in short you people look beautiful with your eyes a blatant increase of 1000 dollars to the 20,000 actually yes even deeper, I have shown faith found 160 on the 20,000 he and accordingly, of course, runs here a descending correction yes this Correction runs descend people and that's why we go here too look at us so we were Now we realized that from the from 1000 to 20,000 no longer in a main political movement That's why we're going Johann in the day care centers here and we look at us if we are here in one so we have these, so to speak Ever became bearish movement ever that is already right now visible anyway, go straight and measure that people did not we have here 6000 so who go up to 6000 then if the 618 would be 14,400 yes we the 14,400 have to be modest Today, too, looks to have to go now we are right now because they are we have the deepest over it this main bearish movement break through them so that invalid we would have to go over the 14,000 Of course, going is far from it and also mine funny day here look at this So always with those with the deeper ones hosting over the weeks now formed if we have the express take an example and go to the Next you can see we are exactly bounced off at 618 so yes from the a lower high up to the 66 violence we go up to the next lower level Wochenchart have here today at the 10,000 yes again here looks something So a little bit more than six weeks to go to the deep and we are rebounded at 618 yes we go up to the teams which we now before so the last had and go here again and you know that if he means mine watching videos as well as that is natural shown so 160 makes who last moderately so puzzled and we do not make it so show the golden pocket at all these deeper needs to People are breaking that's it, too to show us that way Therefore, please do not create to come over it, but that's how we come but now times to the core question So that's the bitcoin dead now Bitcoin is dead because we are like that times here in this beautiful one not true collector with this novella between things of mine do not think people do not yes that does not mean that bitkom death is quite complete Of course we can see beautiful Can these be the rage I was the Probably that we are now Basin is of course much bigger than that we are now bullish last time but wanted to break up again even in case we did that Bavarian would speak so yes we can lay our place here We will definitely be beautiful lakes the 5000 have the first time psychological somewhere to see here So hosting was so on Resistance here before we got here had corrected to the 3000 yes so Definitely in the week to see great 5 co logically achieved even 3000 here was a big one Great resistance before we did that had broken up to 5000 and then again up to 3000 corrected So 5 or 3000 everything do not forget where we came from Dear people, do not forget where we are come here we have here bitfenix the other charts are enough not even that far did not even exist at that time yes the other exchanges existed not even so people do not forget where we come here we come from the 1000s respectively here with the correction of the 162 yes I hope people that you has a benefit now from this special Bitcoin edition if that is like a thumbs up yes that helps me very much that others people like to see it and like it Of course, you are very welcome to comment also part with other bitcoin trade land not true that too could because that was extra big now Applied analysis and otherwise love friends, we see each other at the next bitcoin analysis i say amigos and sunny greetings from Munich until then

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