The 1 Bitcoin Show- Light bulbs mining BTC! Institutional rumblings, Ethereum will survive

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is September the 13th 2018 strong hand deferral of gratification long term thinking uncommon offended by selling and guess what people personal responsibility is the new counterculture so before we start today's show I just want to remind everyone that tomorrow's this week in Bitcoin show is going to be awesome it will be like 11:45 am

Eastern Time that's in New York and Baltimore in DC that's 4:45 pm in London and what's that 8:45 am in Los Angeles in San Francisco again 11:45 a

m on Friday in a little less than 24 hours we're gonna have a great this week in Bitcoin show with Caitlyn long andy hoffman and farzam is shawni asani excuse me from south africa we're going to talk about institutional money we're gonna talk about Africa we'll talk about Wyoming and Bitcoin we're gonna talk about all sorts of wild and wacky crypto subjects that you only get here on this channel where I bring you the best freaking guest in the space so hey man if you like the best freaking guest in the space and hey pound that freaking like button and again this shirt is the Bitcoin honey badger you can get linked the shirts below this is from a cryptography D actually I really like this shirt don't get to wear it very often do i but yeah bitcoin is the honey badger check me out on twitter at Tech ball te CH D alt well the first story that I found that was fascinating that I want to share with everyone is this very interesting article about Bitcoin okay there's a lot of lessons to get from this article someone installed some lightbulbs in their place of business I believe in the light bulb started to mine Bitcoin and the lesson and I would have read you a quote from it everything is linked to below this article is linked to below but what one one huge lessons here is that Bitcoin is so valuable that people are willing to go to all sorts of great lengths to get their hands on Bitcoin in pretty shady ways here this is not a respectable way by hacking into light bulbs but someone has done this it's a quite quite dishonest but it's also a positive when you think about like all light bulbs mining Bitcoin I mean what else is gonna be able to mine Bitcoin and what will the future bring for people who choose to do it that way again now if you if you choose the mined Bitcoin that way with your lightbulbs and it cost you a lot of money or it doesn't that's your business again you know hacking into someone's lightbulbs that's that's not too cool but you know the future is wild and wacky and this this article it also shows that you gotta keep things simple in your house or business I mean if you're lazy and you want to control everything by internet of things and you have everything on Wi-Fi that's not the best thing because you got a value your privacy and people who are into this Internet of Things and I've read this in other places a specifically Market Ticker with Carl denature which I've referenced before I mean it's just to turn on your own light if you're putting everything on the internet of things people gonna be able to hack into your house and hack into your baby monitor and look at your baby and then use your baby monitor a pair to mine Bitcoin also so okay here I've talked enough about this let me read a quote combating cryptocurrency mining and here is a quote a colleague bought some LED Wi-Fi enabled lightbulbs that allowed him to control him to control when and where the lights came on in his home through his mobile phone there you go your mobile phones again people his light bulbs were connecting to an Internet address in China turns out the small computer chips in the light bulbs he bought had bitcoin mining code on them as well as the promise functionality of being able to adjust brightness to reiterate someone any Factory in China figured out how to get people around the world to make him rich by screwing in a light bulb how many Wi-Fi enabled anything's are in your office how many Internet of Things devices ping devices are in your business every one of those devices is a computer that has the potential of being taken over by someone else to do something other than what it is what it was intended to do people keep it simple this is amazing the what people are willing to do to get their hands on Bitcoin so it's a bullish story it's a story to warn you and one two three noscope over in the super chat sent ten bucks thank you very much my college friends seem to have lost interest in Bitcoin I just got another point one Bitcoin this morning who is allowing me to buy this cheap Bitcoin strong hand think twenty thirty dude your college friends are impulsive hey man there's a lot of distractions in college you can you get caught up in partying you start valuing your wealth and women you start maybe your parents are putting pressure on you to get A's and then you it's not cool to do a Bitcoin anymore it's not on the front pages anymore it's not splashy you can't flip it and trade it and do all these crazy things so thus these young people they don't have the experience in life they want to do flashy things they want short-term answers dude that's that's bad for them for your college friends you should you know try to convince them to be long-term thinkers think about the year 2030 that you know when you are 20 when you're 29 years old then or whatever you're gonna be then or you I guess so the older never mind you'll beat the 31 I don't know how it'll be then you you will be so in such a great financial position and they'll be like still trying to fit in you know they'll be like oh I better go get that job with a good insurance oh my wife is making me take out an extra loan on the house uh-uh no you won't be like that they'll still be that impulsive way so hey keep it up 1 2 3 I appreciate the $10 super chat and yeah college students if you're watching this come on this is your chance get your point one Bitcoin now then end up with one Bitcoin like the name of this show implies alright so we we talked about the the Wi-Fi hackery there of your light bulbs but hey what are you gonna do just uh you know don't be lazy turn on your own lights okay so institutions now lotta we're going to talk about institutional investment tomorrow on the the this week in Bitcoin show obviously that Caitlyn long knows a lot about that and can calm down your fears and can talk about the you know the safe storage that they're gonna have you know I don't think it's gonna be anyway we're not the custodial accounts we're not gonna talk about that right now but don't put these institutions on pedestals at the same time they're coming don't hold your breath waiting for them though and said well I'll buy when the institution is behind oh don't do that have a strong hand it will they're all gonna come eventually I don't know when you don't know when but be patient uh and again they're not the kings of the world but they will it'll make a difference but here's the tweet from Alistair Milne Goldman Citibank ice now Morgan Stanley all launching Bitcoin products/services because there's no institutional demand and he's he's making a joke because there's all these people saying although there's no institutional demand well he just pointed out that you know why would these huge incredibly wealthy organizations be be launching products if there's no institutional demand and he adds institutional money took the hedge fund industry from 300 billion dollars to six trillion dollars all right hey it'll it'll take Bitcoin to a whole new level also Bitcoin doesn't need it it's going to come and it's going to make a difference but yeah don't hold your breath and don't don't make your bitcoin decisions based on institutions okay you do it because you're a long-term thinker you've got a strong hand and you want to get it now before they get in actually I can't and in addition to that here's another tweet on on a similar similar scene at dinner with a bunt this is from wheat pond at a at a dinner with a bunch of very old-school Boston V zoos and family offices someone asked what coin they'd put 5% of their net worth in universal answer Bitcoin bitcoins the one it's the rock one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin the people out there and they haven't heard and some people like whoa Bitcoin just says the name record you can check out the thread yourself Bitcoin just has the name recognition that's why they're saying it yeah what's wrong with that yeah it's it's the brand it is cryptocurrency to certain people and you know what you don't have to go dive into the crypto rabbit hole and learn about all the other kryptos there's no point it is the one it is the rock so pound that freaking like button and yeah these bought again they're not putting 5% of their wealth into this just yet they're not putting 1% of their wealth into it just yet but these people behind family offices and you know Boston risks is blue-blooded Boston errs down with the Red Sox telnet like but anyway I think they know they where the time comes and it's more kosher for them or whatever you know they're gonna wait till the institutions really pile in because they're so rich it doesn't matter but uh no I guess a Boston Blue Blood would not use the term kosher tell that frickin like fun no Meister you're not coming into my Country Club today hey it's not right they don't have to let me in there darn country club no one should be forced to live you got a private Country Club they should be able to let whoever they want to let in there any we're kind of loud anyway who wants us into your Country Club okay okay you got it yeah what's this Oh a theory um I wanted to bring up this etherium thing that uh that we're and now well Pantha is no fan of a theory oh but here's this tweet if theorem isn't going to zero yet there's too much money behind it it'll pump again will it ever reach all time highs against Bitcoin doubtful will it reach all time highs versus the US dollar depends on Bitcoin uh that's a similar take to what I have said many times on here that this is all cyclical these things don't go to zero it isn't going he said isn't going to zero yet I'm not using the word yet it's never going this here huh okay there is too much buddy behind it he points out I agree I agree there are certain institutions out there that want to have the next Bitcoin and they put a lot into aetherium wanting it to be the next Bitcoin they're not like short term people they're long-term thinkers they're not giving up on the theory I'm they're in it for the long term they want to have the next Bitcoin although Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin they'll learn the hard way will it ever get to its all-time high in terms of Bitcoin and white again I I don't care I in terms of fiat yeah I definitely will okay but who values their wealth and Fiat anyway well probably if you're in the etherium maybe you do I don't know if you're in if you're some altcoin freak out there yeah you do value your wealth in free in most most likely you valued in Fiat or you would just be in Bitcoin you do one Bitcoin equals one thing yeah there's a lot of you guys I'm just trying to get more Bitcoin from flipping these all coins yet good luck good luck and we're gonna get into us in a second why again the best policy is just to hold on your Bitcoin keep it simple I keep your lightbulbs simple keep your inner don't put everything on the internet don't put everything on your cell phone or else you get hacked and you get you know your Bitcoin stolen you become a minor your device turns into a Bitcoin miner for to some guy in China Oh God all right what do we have here Oh Matt O'Dell Matt got a great tweet out there without a properly equipped tool box you're just flying blind some of my favorite tools okay so you guys check out that link below to all these statistical sites and Twitter feeds that he uses to analyze Bitcoin and cryptocurrency there are some great sites out there I love looking at statistical sites I'm not gonna list all the ones he lists you just go to his tweet listed below check them all out you'll become a better Bitcoin holder if you check out these sites and learn more and more about the stats behind it all right so now that like button people first of all remember subscribe to this channel and bang that Bell button if you need a reminder and when we go live if you care about that kind of thing steam it i'm bitcoin meister over there and of course disrupt meister comm that's where you can see all my shows over a thousand shows and the freaking archives i post a new show here every day and of course i keep it on a real positive tip here but crush the street has an article about well it's a very unfortunate thing bitcoin suicides the darker side of crypto currencies and i want to remind everyone you know check out my tuesday's show where i was talking about how i was away for Bitcoin for 48 hours and you know got more in tough as it was Russia Sean I and got in touch more touch with the rest of the world and yes life is is much more than Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies much more and if you know it is hard to hold on to your Bitcoin you might be you might make a bad trading move if you get into that kind of thing you might get fished out of your Bitcoin by thinking you're logging into a treasure site and it's not really your choice or you could lose a lot of Bitcoin very fast personal responsibilities new counterculture and it would if you had a lot of Bitcoin and you suddenly lost it it could be emotionally devastating devastating and and I can see and I know we're in a in a world today where some people just are very emotional and leads them you know they lose their wife and they end up killing themselves or something like that and you know you lose your wife you lose your Bitcoin nothing is worth killing yourself okay so I wanna I want to make this as clear as possible if you have had emotional issues in the past if you have been suicidal in the past and you're into Bitcoin right now I've got I gotta tell you you should do nothing with your Bitcoin that's the eat that's the best thing and I know I have preached this for everyone on this earth just to hold your Bitcoin especially if you have had serious mental issues in the past or even mild ones you know yourself okay you do not want to get into the position where you're going to even think about taking your own life and for me that's a very hard thing to imagine I made this clear on the show before I do not really grasp the concept of being depressed even again and I wish everyone could I know I understand that everyone is like this you can't be positive all the time but enjoy life people and again if you have ever it you know yourself if you if you do get overly emotional the best thing and you're in a Bitcoin do not become a traitor do not become all in bet do not become do not trying to move your your Bitcoin from one device to another device to another device just for the heck of it do nothing with your Bitcoin alright i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe to this channel like this video share this video check out the links section below i will say hi to you dudes in the chat and remember tomorrow's this weekend bitcoin is gonna be awesome with Caitlyn long Farzad and andy hoffman 11:45 am Eastern Time that's New York and Baltimore and DC see

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