Hello friends! Today is our turn review, crypto game Money Miner, which does not require much free time and where in real time you can earn good money In general, sit comfortably and after a couple of seconds all in more detail! Go…! Money Miner is a crypto game, which is based on popular crypto currency The ethereum

And before you start in it play, you need to go through a simple registration on the site, link which I will leave in description under this clip The only nuance is that registration occurs exclusively through your page on Facebook, so if you have it is not, I recommend to have it When you fall into the very game, you can watch a simple playing field 5 on 5, which contains a certain number of min And if you can click to a cell without a mine, your balance is automatically replenished, and you start earning money Location mines automatically generated by the game itself at the beginning of each round and can be verified after

The first pleasant feature games Money Miner, is a crane with a crypto currency that gives the possibility of obtaining free airtime Anyone who has logged in on the site through social network Facebook, will be able to collect free gwai (ie pieces of ether) every 15 minutes In the game for this purpose is provided a time counter that shows through what time you can again take a crane for free ether

In most games with cranes Charges are possible only after 60 minutes, for example, in such famous toys, as FREE BITCOIN, COIN FAUSET and others If you try and use crane games to the maximum, participating, for example, in such promotions as: "Happy hour "and others , then you can Collect up to 1000 credits everyday

The next advantage games Money Miner, is unlimited withdrawal threshold and no commission for withdrawal of money from the project At that time, as in many other crypto games exist additional commissions both on the output and on the input money For example, commission for withdrawal in games such as BitKong, PrimeDice, is 100 bits Besides the commission for output to Money Miner, as I have already done said above, there is no upper threshold for withdrawal of funds But, for example, in the well-known the bitcoin FREE Bitcoin maximally you can get only 0

021 BTC Third advantage of Money Miner, is covered directly in the crypto currency itself sharpened in this game, viz Ether The main advantage aether for the game, is that this coin allows make transactions much faster and cheaper (much less overhead when replenishing the balance), than all known bitcoin Hence, the withdrawal of the win and deposit can be made to do immediately

For those who are interested in earn exactly Bitcoin – remember that any viola (that is, other tokens) can easily be translated into Bitcoin The fourth plus of the game is its simplicity, interface and adaptation for mobile device The game Money Miner is extremely simple, several buttons to get bonuses, for a bet and you need to press just one button to get the winnings And of course the developers took care of lovers mobile gadgets There is also a mobile version of the game

Which fits easily in the screen of a mobile phone, which allows you to play and earn money where you would not be You can play on the road – in car (in traffic jams), in the subway, buses or in any free time, spending at the same time a little time and augmenting your deposit The final, the fifth plus games Money Miner, is the availability affiliate program Share with friends about all the advantages of this games, register them by its special link and get the opportunity earn up to 25% of profits All the players you invited To get an affiliate links you need to have your own the purse of the blockchain

com and enter it on a special affiliate website program Money Miner All links as always in description And this is all friends I recall that the link for registration in the game will be is in the description Well, if you liked the movie put your thumbs up up, subscribe to Our channel and see you in the following releases!

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