How To Get Free Bitcoins! Top 3 legal Methods

hey there guys i'm tyler and in this video we're gonna talk about three easy ways for you to get free bitcoin now I know what you're thinking no no no no you're not gonna get rich off of this this is just how to get a small amount of Bitcoin in your wallet well one of these methods can actually make you a good amount of money the first method that I'm going to talk about literally everyone and their mother knows about it's a Bitcoin faucet if you don't know about them basically you go on the faucet website most of the time they'll have you fill out a CAPTCHA and then you click the faucet button most of the time these faucets do not cash out right away they have you wait an hour and you'll have to click the button again usually you'll have to do it around 20 times and then you'll be able to cash out using a faucet will make you the least amount of Bitcoin but if you're working at your computer all day why don't you just keep the faucet open in another browser window and do it every hour I mean it is free Bitcoin this second method is the best method that I know of it is using coinbase basically coinbase is a currency exchange they allow you to convert US dollars into bitcoins now coinbase is extremely trusted it is based out of the United States and they are insured just like a regular bank the way to make free Bitcoin using coinbase is very simple they have a referral program so basically you give someone your referral link and then if they buy 100 dollars in Bitcoins you get ten dollars in bitcoins and they get ten dollars in bitcoins you can do this an unlimited number of times if you have a big online following this can really rack you in some free Bitcoin the third method that I want to talk about is bitcoin mining bitcoin mining has gotten extremely simple over the years there's an easy-to-use program called nice ash that will allow you to mine Bitcoin nice hash automatically chooses which coin will make you the most money and then it goes head and it starts mining away and it even tells you how much you're gonna make per day there are a couple downsides about bitcoin mining it's not completely free because it puts extra wear and tear on your computer hardware and it also uses a lot of electricity now if you're in a living situation where you get electricity for free such as a college dorm I would recommend going and mining bitcoins to your heart's content because then it will be almost truly completely free we talked about three easy ways to make Bitcoin in this video we talked about using faucets the coinbase referral program and using nice ash the link to all three of those will be down in the description below if you guys like this video please give me a thumbs up also subscribe and I'll see you guys in my next video

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