Bobby Lee и Blockchain Cruise 2018 в Барселоне! СВЕЖИЕ новости о BTC | Леприконсы качают криптотусу

The future is the possession of information We are talking about private keys, we are talking about your crypto-purses Why is it important? That's why everything is controlled Who controls? They are the government If you are thinking possession of something or purchase through identification give government to control you For example in China and some countries even in the cinema you are asked identify yourself

You may not be able to sell airplane ticket if you are in any black lists If you have not paid taxes or you have debts, you will be limited from travel, from travel They control your bank accounts your shares, payment systems They control Where are you flying to, which airline, how much was the flight and so on They even control cash, this photo is 2013, when in Cyprus there was a financial crisis and people tried to withdraw cash from accounts They control the value of money It was in Venezuela in Turkey in Zimbabwe in Russia, in Germany I'm not even talking about hyperinflation there is such that the state simply cancels the currency as it was in India It is sad I have here the most large banknote – 500 euros Someone needs? What do you think is its value? – 500 euros, you have excellent mathematics When we arrive in Monaco in 2-3 hours I'm going to spend it In fact, the value this piece of paper disappears, I will give an example Does it exist a phyty note, which does not lose its value? this is 0 euros This banknote will never lose its value, I love Europeans, since they really have it 0 euro, universal currency Never lose its value) I bought it in Monte Carlo, in the Museum of Oceanology they do not give bills 0 euros, it cost me 2 euros the truth is that every fiat of the bill in your Pocket as this note 0 euro

The future is already here that's what I mean The future is digital assets It's not paper or gold Since the advent of the Internet and e-commerce these are real digital assets, which have real value And I'm very inspired

I learned about bitcoin in 2011 and I realized that we should not trust the government, banks securities The medals we can trust Mathematics This is an exact science 1 + 1 = 2 9 * 9 = 81 Cryptography is based in mathematics And what do I like that mathematics remains the same and it does not work for 1 or 2 years it will work hundreds and thousands of years This is what cryptography is based on Instead of trusting gold or government organizations we believe in digital currencies based on algorithms and cryptography What does this mean when talking about Bitcoin, about crypto-currencies private key – this is the asset If you own a private key this is the real possession of the asset no one will forbid you to spend money, to exchange with anyone either at any end of the world, or on this cruise Someone says that it's too late to enter bitcoin? This is not true He is only 10 years old Bitcoin appeared in 2009 only 10 years of freedom of money It's too early, and many do not understand this When I tell my friend, that Bitcoin is freedom, he does not understand, tk he never had it Why will Bitcoin's price go up? The price of Bitcoin did not come from the regulator or the government as happens with fiat money The value of Bitcoin arose from the inconvenience errors, limitations arising when using fiat money The more they limit the more depreciate fiat the more they control my money the greater the value of bitcoin and the lower the value of Fiat Who is Hodler? Today we will have Hodler's supper I will tell you about 4 errors, which you should not allow 1

indecision of investment in Bitcoin Example with my brother Charlie he told me about Bitcoin and I doubted and made an investment only after 2 years Is there someone else who drowned for 2 years or only me? 2 Small Investments If you made a mistake 1 Do not do the 2nd and buy enough 3 Sale after a small growth

Did someone make such a mistake? I have a friend who said, that congratulate me, I did x3, but with $ 100 now he has 300 If you want to sell now I would not do this 4 Sale on a panic One of these days there was such situation did someone sell it? Do not sell when you sell everything Thank you for attention, I wanted to show you the way today from control and restrictions to freedom For me Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash both bitcoins in my understanding Both are like my children I have both in my briefcase

Answering Roger's question, I will say that BCH Carries a more ideal vision than white paper Satoshi Everything can change but now I believe so, so I believe in BCH The total value of gold on earth about 7 trillion dollars, total cost of bitcoin $ 100 billion I believe that bitcoin will cost more than gold, because it is digital and it can be transmitted at high speed One more example, last week I flew to Hong Kong for 1 day Morning flew in the evening flew What for? To send 1 bank payment I could not send it remotely and I had to come in person and confirm who I was The same problem with gold It can not just be passed quickly as a bitcoin, so I think that it will cost more gold

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