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Eastern Central Time my name is Brandon Kelly I am the crypto trader known as the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day grace this microphone with my voice is another day you get to profit as a result today is no exception we got 37 people watching live on the air right now on YouTube we are also syndicated streaming on periscope and twitch as well follow me on there at BK crypto trader and what I'm trying to do right now live on the air is give away some free money and buy money I mean crypto and buy crypto I mean BTC so if you want to win some we got 38 people live on the air if every single one of you hit the thumbs up button then by the time I'm done somebody will win right we need 40 likes on this video by the time I'm done and I'll jump in the chat and I'll pick a winner live on the air and give away some free BTC right so that's your chance to win go ahead do it pay it forward if it's your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK and I am the boasts of these charts help people make money seven days a week cuz the mark is on sleep you know I'm saying I ain't trying to be the only one out here with a piece of pie to eat so here we go Bitcoin versus the dollar right video number 342 what I'm gonna do on this one let's check a few of the different resources available around crypto world around the crypto versed internet land google land and all that good stuff just to get a stronger sentiment on what's happening and how do people feel what are the CJ B's think are we going up are we going down you know and um what's happening right so coin Telegraph future money market rebounds aetherium soars 18% look at that that's like the exact opposite at a chart that I put up two days ago right but that in itself is kind of a red flag if you look at my video from two days ago where actually I'm pretty sure I predicted aetherium would go even lower than what it was it was at like $180 I think I said I will go down like 160 over the next couple weeks now it's up to 200 but you see that everything is green that's not a free and fair market right um you sell in the green and you buy in the red and so um I don't think this is where you want to envision the next breakout come in when when everything goes up that means more often than that sooner than later everything will come back down I don't think we're out of the woods yet so when we go to Bitcoin versus the dollar BTC to the USD on 3:43 also known as the boss method if you don't know it type it into YouTube type it in to Google and watch the videos I have set up on Bossa Bitcoin comm biggest thing to note on this this doesn't need to be a long and drawn-out thing is we have three three indicators that we use right the seven down there a 77 which is that blue and the 231 up top the columns right seven is going up 77 is going down to 31 is going down we simply have more negative momentum than we do positive momentum and as a result we're gonna come right back down to where we just consolidated from the good news is that this will be a pretty quick turnaround um he'll probably get smacked right back down either tomorrow or today after on the 15th but it's not it's it's because this last little run here was so light it won't drop that far right and that's what I'm looking at right here I think this would be a fair target given that level if we wanted to do that like that better we wanted to do that yeah even when you do that stretch it out to the 10 it comes right back to that area and last thing we can do is just check this one they're saying it's gonna be on the 2 4 so what we can do is just stretch this all the way right there right so what happened with this last drop actually let's check it out we go to UM where did I predict this drop at I predicted it on patreon hold on let me jump over see if I could pull up a screen shot real quick that last drop hurt us quite a bit and the reason it did was because it's so much negative volume and velocity we basically have to wait for the next round of positivity to kind of bail us out right remember that everything is always imbalanced wherever there is a positive there's a negative wherever there's a negative there's a positive right and when one comes before the other all too often you just have to wait for the next one to come and balance you out again so what we see on this one is that I put this on the 5th right um that's not the one this one that was on fifth this is on the third right another reason why you should jump on over to patreon comm and type my name in BK crypto traitor because this was a free post that I put on patreon for all the people that follow me on it over there I think I got about 70 patrons holding me down I said everyone's asking a BTC a pullback it's possible between September 9th the 18th that's where we're at right now and I said we'll probably hit $6,600 on the macro right and if you look at this chart so basically that's between 74 and 66 was kind of that white zone area and I drew that chart on the 3rd which meant at that point in time this is what the market saw right everybody saw that big uptrend I say a woman we fall will fall down the 64 66 62 gonna make this one better days are coming I just want to make sure I get the right one there it goes BTC dropped drop zones so I say it a dip was coming down the 64 on a macro that's exactly we're at right now 6469 we overshot it a little bit but then a few days later I drop this one in there you know I'm saying on tape you ain't the only one dropping breadcrumbs y'all need the halogen boy hit that red subscribe button come on over to the money team you know I'm saying I say it sixty to sixty 58 would be the drop zones for this pullback as long as the seven is above fifty eight hundred we are still good for a breakout in mid-october take that to the bank cash it in because it still holds true right now right this is our micro cycle this is basically peak to trough all the energy that we have going on my man Chad say at BK is key no no no no no I don't know I don't play those games you know I just try to help the people make some money you know and I'll need to play them low uh I don't need to play them them for ten games that's that's too much for me but as long as this seven is above fifty eight then we're still good right we could drop down to 62 we could drop down to sixty we could drop down to 58 right this is showing right here that that's what that next drop will look like right keep in mind this is macro energy right so that's why I said the seven needs to be above this line and where did I get the 5,700 from right there BAM as long as we're above that line we have more positive energy than negative energy as long as we don't fall below that line on a seven basically a two day price average as long as a two day price does not average below 56 then we're good all these people talking about we're going down to 4,500 they don't know what they're talking about I just showed you right here how that's not happening how that can't happen right the only thing that's happened if you if you if you ever been to the circus right I had a chart that if it's a while ago this is exactly what we're looking at with Bitcoin right now this infinity mirror to where each scale it's the exact same image but it's just getting smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and going to one centralized point it's getting smaller each cycle and smaller and smaller and smaller go into one centralized point right once that thing completes when it completes and it's complete and pretty soon a whole new cycle will be in row right and so again I say Bitcoin verse the dollar this is where you start needing to understand what each one of them does that one on the left hand side is designed to keep you in a state of perpetual loss every day all day forever this is why you've traded your entire life for dollars and you're still broke it's not your fault it's just a system of design they call it inflation I call it kakastico corporatized theft extortion robbery the rich get richer the poor get poorer and the people in the middle more often than not get pushed to the lower level we don't even have middle class anymore we have the poor and the working poor and the rich right and this is a system of design the dollar has lost ninety-nine point nine eight percent of its value in the past hundred and twenty or so years that is no mistake the alternative on the right hand side has gained you know tens of thousands of percent in about ten years and that also is a system of design it's a bullet proof system it works why because it uses mathematics logic and it understands market dynamics and it's accessible right there is no centralized authority needed to print it there is no kyc policy needed to access it and there is no 401k and a 10 W Q & A eye 9 W for needed to UM counting it works it's much much much better alternative if I thought the dollar was your salvation of freedom then I will be on here slide in Dallas ah let's say let's go buy us some Apple stock that's not gonna work guys that's not gonna work the days of buying stock and how to limit for the next 30 years while you roll your 10% you know match and your blue chip dividend quarterly payouts and and that that's your ticket to freedom now those days are gone those days might have worked for those uh those guys living underground right now you know thirty forty years ago yeah that was great strategy you know the only dude that it worked for wanted to old his dudes on Wall Street granddaddy Buffett you know he said buy it forever never sell it it worked for him he 96 years old been buying stock since the 30s if if y'all want to be 96 hold an apple stock by all means go ahead you know you click that red button click that red X god bless you be on your way this is for people that are thinking ahead of the curve right and that's literally you know the opportunity at hand there is a transition this is the greatest transformation of wealth in the history of humanity and it will be going from the left to the right even on a map and so we can use this as a learning opportunity we can use this as trading opportunity we can use this as a facilitation and educational opportunity to enlighten others right and I think that's what the blockchain does best is it it literally brings people together to to create the intrinsic value of the community the continuity of the community is is actually the strength in each link of the chain it's not you know some governance law some tax break some you know corporate discount that they get you know on on their next 10k or or 10 or what did it call it 10 Q 10k zonic honor craziness you know this is literally of the people for people people all you need to do is choose decide which one you want to value this is what I keep saying this is why I tell you if the see JB's have all the money that's actually to your advantage because that means you have all the power because you can decide what you choose to value change your values change your worth and when you're ready jump on over to boss a Bitcoin dot-com you know I'm saying you go see my man on the right hand side suited and booted you know I'm saying with the $300 Michael Kors looking like the American Dream they said it's a hard job being a boss somebody got to do it I think he'd do a pretty pretty good job you know I'm saying just bringing people together to help people just like the good old days change of values change you're worth Young's and we have a lot of free resources on this website right now I'm in the process of putting all 342 videos every last one will be embedded and integrated and hosted on my own property that will be on this digital infrastructure you see right here in front of you chart like a boss is just the beginning this is the best playlist you can watch to learn how to make money on the blockchain point-blank period we got about 50,000 views on this playlist not one video that's a whole playlist right so click that little link that will allow you to start receiving this educational information and then when you're ready to make some money when you have some money to invest right and buy invest I mean risk right without risk there is no reward and so if you're ready to risk some money in order to receive a reward well then these products are available I just made this one the new revised profit package this is a monthly list I'm putting out 35 bucks young saying you gotta run down and take your girl to the movie I took my girl to the movie the other day it was like 42 dollars I said for what no I'm Sam that's why they going out of business hey they tryna day tryin to get all day pyrovate money off of me young Sam I'm like no but I beat it you know we did it we said ten little cushy chairs but you know 35 bucks top ten coins every month you know and then we got the seven and seven profit maximizer this comes out every week this is essentially a weekly profit pack it's $25 a week 100 a month and then we got the boss alert messages you know these my Road dogs these people been with me for a few months now rocking out I do uh every other day I give these guys a live update on the market what different coins are breaking out what's breaking down you know the movers and shakers and the money makers in the market and they have exclusive messaging capability to me and I just gave them a free one on one you know these people are literally the backbone infrastructure of our community and I truly do appreciate them for that so if you're in the chat right now do me a favor uh-huh uh-huh Algie country yeah MJ said be Caleb jacked in that paper and that picture been hitting the gym mm-hmm working on it man I'm working on it young saying you don't want you don't want walking around with muscle starts own and in the corner feels you know I'm saying with dogs running around in muscle shirts you know I ain't doing all that I can't do that so you know it's just it's just good energy good people you know I think this is the time I don't I don't I don't talk a lot about the the scheme or not scheme but the timeline of historical events but I can assure you we are indeed a pawn one right now right because we wouldn't we wouldn't be doing all this if it wasn't the case right Bitcoin wouldn't need to exist if people were just gonna spend the next 50 or 100 years being broke slaves to a broken system that doesn't value them why would you value something that does valueyou right the dollar does not value you your your local politician doesn't even know your name do you think they value you now you might go cast your ballot on the polls what is it what does a poll what would I take those opinions write your opinion poll who do you want what do you think how do you feel about these issues and then your local politician electrician electrician's work with electricity they know how to manipulate maneuver and manifest electricity pole additions guess what they will build up a army of opinions behind them to bolster them up but yet and still they still don't value you change of values change it worth right and we will all be a lot better off as a result right so again shout out everybody we got three different platforms rocking out right now let me see how many views we got I'm just going to jump over to I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do it full screen share let me close out some of these windows I'll do a full screen share on this banging all right and then that way we can bring our people shots of country out this is the end you know let my people know I'm no big Zack he wanted to see NXT I believe I'll do that I'll try to include that in another little video actually let's jump on it right now you know I'm saying NXT to be PC no it didn't show up in the little analysis I just gave like it doesn't it doesn't look good it doesn't it doesn't really have anything going for it right now only thing it does have going for it is a flat 231 relatively flat but with this huge huge drop right there and 77 negative I would say just wait on it if you were gonna buy it that would have been the time to buy it and you would have got a little pop out of it you could have got out right there you know you would have made probably 10 20 percent profit ten percent profit right but when it's running down like that I wouldn't I wouldn't mess with it right NXT is not a very great coin for trade and I don't even think I think maybe once after it gets on Finance then it might be better but I think it's just on bit ryx and that definitely doesn't help it right so thank you though exactly I gotta get that a email back to you I'm gonna be doing that this week I know I said that like three weeks ago but at least you know lesia know is coming um number one Bitcoin group and where I'll hashtag one Bitcoin come on in the doors are always open twenty thousand people you know coming together to help each other make money like I said just like the good old days man you know and uh let's see what else what else what else oh I got this little thing now check it out BAM what it do oh yeah I forgot I had that um oh I need to check out how many likes we go so let's do that too 4352 lights we got it we got it cool good good bout time alright alright let's see who we got a bay here we got up in here let's go ahead and give it to what's today's date September 13th 913 is what 22 let's go 22 from top 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Zak you almost won 22 we're mellow winner in a day umm semi your Bitcoin wallet and I will send you a couple bucks BTC as a token of my appreciation all right there you go it big crypto was going on so here we go let's wrap this thing on up and why see Carlos in the building again boss of Bitcoin calm you know for your crypto trading resources like I said man you know I'm saying you know I'm saying you know I got got that dude over there hanging out right crystal trading products its are like a boss playlist it's all right there check it out check it out Chad Weller was going on MJ good to see Cali logical field boss walking on the west coast peaceful warrior holding it down but a pacific north north west washington state hershey PA big bee what's going on check out is a restaurant if you haven't done it if you in Pennsylvania looking for a nice nice spot to eat hit my man Brandon Smith up but some uh some delights you know deli delights Canada Lancaster PA Nolan's dinosaur you know my nonstick worry over here Chad Weller xacti you already know and Condon New Zealand there you go that being said everybody it's that time of the day signing out boats boy became no matter where you stay the zero Bay California all the way back out dude dirt money good night good morning in good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time like subscribe and share leave me a comment down below let me know what I'll coin you want to see I'm gonna do a couple comments I will just start painting some all coin charts and we'll keep this content roll and I'm doing a video everyday I think I'm up like 15 days in a row I've done a live stream so if you appreciate it hit the thumbs up button hit the subscribe button come back tomorrow I appreciate you till we meet again stay cryptic y'all please

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