The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 24

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the beyond the bitcoin show today is September the 15th 2018 long-term thinking uncomplicated strong hand hey you guys like this pal map like button shirt I haven't worn it for a while this is from a buddy down in Perth Australia Nathan I can't wait to get back to Perth one of these days hanging out with Nathan I love Perth one of my favourite cities on this planet ok people always check out the links section below disrupt meister comm is where you can see all my vid video as all a thousand of them over a thousand get at res or t-shirts at the affiliate links below and again if there's one show i have to recommend it is yesterday's this week in bitcoin show farzam for south africa andy hoffman and caitlyn what's her face was all i could never forget forever last name it was such a great this some people think it is the best this week in bitcoin show of all time so don't even watch this show I'm doing right now go straight to this week in Bitcoin show but no it is time for the beyond Bitcoin show and I'm going to start off with a a steam it post I wrote over two years ago and it was about something that was supposed to happen two years ago the shmita the the shmita was a BS doom porn thing that this dude came up with and people actually thought it was going to happen total total not I said months beforehand you know don't even waste your time worrying about the shmita thing and I want you guys to read that steam it post so you couldn't I mean if you haven't learned the lesson yet you'll learn a lesson like you gotta be emotion and not war anchor yourself down worrying about insanity but I am going to read you this so again what there are people though who did worry about this who did think it was going to happen and had and I thought other things are gonna happen and this is just to remind all of you what could have been if you were in motion in 2016 instead of being a doom porn person okay because I give specific advice in this thing from over two years ago okay and by the way the person who came up with this shmita nonsense also says that Yost could be bigger than Bitcoin again if you still believe this dude you're believing a guy who says Yost could be bigger than Bitcoin it's to me it's all nonsense but here we go and this is a quote from Adam Meister from over two years ago the sad thing about Jeff and his crew is that they actually are fans of Bitcoin instead of focusing people on that real thing Bitcoin they like to talk about Satan Bilderberg and Schmidt –is which in the long which in the long run are complete BS distractions and waste of time here is some real advice don't worry about what a bunch of rich people talk about at Bilderberg you have control over your own life not them go to coinbase calm and buy some Bitcoin and do something instead of hiding instead of hiding in fear and read newsletters and talk about completely distorted religious concepts of a religion that you do not even believe in in the end of the day there is going to be a 2017 2018 2019 etc will you be some broke toad screaming about conspiracies that should have happened in 2016 or where you have actually have done something to attain some wealth the choice is yours and yes I understand that some of you are so gullible that you think there is no HIV or the government created Bitcoin but for those of you who are actually redeemable this post is for you I hope you snap out of it soon and I wrote that and I believe in June of 2016 I'm at Bitcoin was about $700 then okay and there are people out there that get caught up in all this nonsense and are broke toads just like I said but the people who listened to me or not okay they're in motion pound that frickin like button here is a Josh ko house cent $199 and he says Jett in the super chat thank you for the $1

99 da he says Jeff Berwick telling people to buy silver for food yeah great I mean whatever what that you even know that he's telling people to do something still you've been wasting your time I haven't gone to the dude site in a long time you got to be in motion I mean being on paying attention to that and again people out occasion will bring him up to me and such so I mean that's what I gotta say I always refer them to my classic shmita post on steam it from over two years ago now and yes the shmita was supposed to take place around this time in 2016 around Russia Shana Yom Kippur whatever it was total nonsense but again people want to believe in conspiracies it's an easy way out of reality yook it's easy to scapegoat and blame rich people for your problems and make up all fantastical stories about how is the rich people who did this to you or it's another group that did this to you when you can't even do a thing to help your darn self and that's just pathetic it's pathetic the people who believe who want to get caught up in that nonsense and who cannot take personal responsibility personal responsibility is a new counterculture again pound that frickin like button all right so moving on uh I was I think it was last show I was talking about you know drug addiction and alcohol addiction that you're a slave if you're if you're addicted to that if you get if you base your whole life around alcohol drugs but one thing I didn't bring up that's just as bad as gambling gambling is addiction it's an addiction you're a slave to gambling you're you got to keep going again and so there are some people that are on this border where you know instead of betting on the football game now they they've gotten into this altcoin thing and it's just pure gay they don't care about anything that's all coins stand for what bitcoin stands for they are just camp it's a casino to them and guess what a lot of people are going to join the cryptocurrency world because they are freaking freaking gambling addicts but I want to say they're slaves they are slaves to their addiction it might look nice and fancy that they're encrypted currency in there but but they're just if they're just using it as a replacement for you know gambling on the Ravens or or gambling at the Atlantic City casino again they are slaves and it will it will beat them down okay don't move away from your addictions people because you you do not you are not in control of yourself and you are nothing but a slave to those addictions so think of it I know it sounds very brutal but you got to think of it in that brutal way so you can move on another thing I think this is controversial I know there are a lot of when I was younger I like video games I thought it was you know it was fun to play these video games I knew they weren't real I I didn't get caught it didn't become my life and I moved on I think we have a there they're a group of grown men now who are very much in to get into uh it's a video games and to us you know as a pastime that's fun that's great but you cannot let it become your life and let it be a substitute for reality because again hiding from reality I mean again that's what you do with drugs it's an addiction you don't let video games become your addiction your escape from reality and reality is it beautiful thing people life is a beautiful thing there are hard parts of life don't don't run away from it don't face it head-on take the personal responsibility and you get real meaning that way when you take that personal responsibility when you run away and hide in in various addictions you lose a lot of meaning you lose a lot of meaning and you lack confidence on a certain level and again there you know there's there's some give-and-take with the video game thing you can enjoy it I'm sure just as you know some people go to the baseball game every once in a while they're not addicted to baseball and it's a fun pastime again sitting on your butt for if you're sitting your butt for hours and hours and hours and hours that's getting you physically sick too again I think a better fast time a pastime is uh you know running or just doing something when you're physically in motion but again the video games can you know kind of trigger the mind to a certain extent but again you can't take it too far and let it become your life and just let it take over because and let it be a substitute for reality I'm just pointing that out there I know there is some crossover into the cryptocurrency space from the from the video game space and and again I think if you're doing too many video games and now you're into this space you know transition into learning about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in and becoming wealthier and becoming more independent so you don't have to spend all your penny all your money on video games you'll have some you'll have some extra money and maybe you'll get into some other things and your safai away from video game alright so let's go into the superficial outrage mob you know again I've talked about this before I mean we there's so many outrage mobs out there and it's just for it's just for superficial purposes just the fit in the appearance they want to appear like they fit in they don't even care what they're about what they're outraged about it's all superficial so yeah if you ever encounter someone who appears to be an outer you know someone's trained someone's outraged you've just done something and a bunch of people are ganging up on you say how could you yeah whatsit who does it hurt and I'm just saying you guys are totally superficial and meaningless all right great app Josh called sends another dollar ninety-nine he says great episode yesterday appreciate your work Josh thank you very much I mean I'm really glad that you appreciate it yesterday's this weekend Bitcoin show the guests were a plus why can I never remember Caitlin's uh last name well sometimes it's just unbelievable it's the most common last name she was so great on the show I mean it was an honor to have her as a guest on the show she's such a smart woman and really understands the intersection of traditional finance and Bitcoin I mean better than her anyone out there III have to say alright so yeah check out again check out yesterday's show I know this is supposed to be the beyond Bitcoin show but we've we got yesterday's this week in Bitcoin show was some people are saying it was the best one I've ever done and I would have it how many of them have I done like eighty this week in Bitcoin shows something like that again I do it every single week and this is the 24th beyond Bitcoin show I've been doing this for 24 weeks Wow alright superstar we talked about that let this thing statist well let's just say status I don't wanna you know get you political here there's a lack of confidence that they have they need to act you have to give that very patient with its status people you have to infuse some self-confidence into them so they can change their ways they think the government government should provide so that so they don't have to they can't do it alone they can't live their lives alone they can't rely on themselves so they are lacking that self confidence we 20 percenters we know we know we can do it alone we don't need the backing of the government we don't need a backstop we don't fear being alone we don't we don't have a concern about fitting in the people who lack the confidence to do things on their own they they have concerns about fitting in they have a fear of a failing and a fear of being alone and you got to get over it you got to have the confidence yourself too so that you don't get stuck in these paradigms you know in these where you think I need the government or the government has to do the government has to do XYZ we are not smart enough to do it on our own we're not talented and no you are talented enough to do all right so speaking about politics you two weeks ago on this show I talked about a guy named bado O'Rourke down in Texas and I said you were gonna hear his name more and more and that if he wins his election against uh Ted Cruz if four states set for Senate excuse me for seven in Texas that he will probably become present United States in 2020 I know and it just I knew to have a lot of people that just sounds crazy well here you go washy so Washington Post has an article I mean The Washington Post is a tremendous paper not based in Texas obviously Steven Cobert blast Ted Cruz for Late Show ads during beta o'rourke appearance yes that's Steven Cobert the host of The Late Show blast Ted Cruz during beta o'rourke appearance so this did you know that and again there you go The Late Show and again I don't watch The Late Show I would never watch that don't watch TV but a lot of people do and they this is their Steven Cobert is interviewing bado O'Rourke on a tremendous nationally televised show that all sorts of 80 percenters all over the country are going to watch and Texas this is amazing free advertising for this guy Beta Beta O'Rourke or whatever yeah he's a white man who pretends he's Hispanic he's not Hispanic but he has a Hispanic nickname so he can you know get Hispanic people to vote for him in Texas and it works and it works even more when you're getting the I mean this is a it just shows you the mainstream media how biased they are and and how they try to manipulate the 80 percenters and how they probably can manipulate the 80 percenters so again you know two weeks ago you probably never heard of him now if unfortunately you're washing the The Tonight Show or whatever the darn thing is called you saw and you're gonna see more and again if he beats 10 and the odds of him beating Ted Cruz continue to increase if you get that much I mean how much would Ted Cruz have to pay to have advertisements on the air during the Tonight Show that's a lot of money a lot of free advertising this dude is getting by getting a free day what about Ted Cruz on the freakin uh and again I don't you know whoever wins whatever to me because I control my own destiny okay but I'm just I'm just D I'm just warning the people in an event in advance you know plan ahead here because Boehner work he beats Ted Cruz next thing you're gonna you're gonna hear he is going to be running for president and he will beat Donald Trump he will he will because he's pretending to be Hispanic and he will he's again I gave the reasons in my other show but again prepare you just got to prepare you gotta prepare you got to take personal responsibility for yourself and just you know you could complain all you want in the future or you could take personal responsibility and plan hey alright so here's another another a lovely person from the the left side of things from from the statist side of things this is from the New York Times know this yes Wall Street and big tech watch out for Elizabeth Warren this is a quote I interviewed the Massachusetts senator last night in Washington for a timed talk on the 10th anniversary of the global financial crisis on the on her mind was raining in two of America's most powerful industries or wanting to pay on wanting to break up the big banks she said oh yeah give me a chance so again here we've got a person Elizabeth Warren who is a scapegoat ER who is blaming the big banks for people's problems you know it's the big banks fault it's a bit and they need to be by force she wants to break up the band I knew some of you hate the big banks okay your prerogative whatever does it should the government go around breaking them up say no you can't be a bad you gotta split into three now or something okay you can't be as powerful even though you know people willingly took out mortgages with you willingly gave you money okay hey it's scapegoating for the problems of the people people she's not about personal responsibility she's not about saying you know what people you made some mistakes maybe you should avoid these banks so let me tell you something if you rely on yourself and you don't like these banks just buy Bitcoin okay you don't have to play with them anymore but to you know she is just again pandering to the 80 percenters pandering to all the weak people who have to blame things on other people cliff to blame things on the Jews are blame things on the banks and are blamed things on X Y & Z it's your fault dudes take personal responsibility be a grown-up because it's the it's the chill that never-ending children of the world who she appeals to and again that's most people out there that's most people who cannot who love this scapegoat so she's doing a good job for herself politically I mean again cheesy Elizabeth Warren knows how to appeal to these 80 percenters knows to blame the banks because everybody shut the 80 percenters they wanna skate they cannot take personal responsibility and they sit there and they complain they complain they complain they complain and they they nitpick on people they nitpick they nitpick they don't change their lives and they get caught up in conspiracies and stuff it's as simple as buying Bitcoin taking personal responsibility and just moving on with your life moving a bad thing happy you learn a lesson from it and you move on you move on alright so something that I am very I am interested in I have mentioned this guy before what's his face face from James O'Keefe from Veritas well there's a video I've linked to below and again everything I talked about that New York Times thing is linked to below on Washington Post thing is linked to below but this Veritas up preview is also linked to below and there he's going to do something on the deep state and one thing that he pointed out in this video that a more federal workers died and her fired okay that's how hard it is to be fired as a federal worker so I'm I'm hoping this deep state thing exposes some of these useless that none of them should have jobs at all I mean this bureaucracy has become so gigantic it's such a leech and I can't wait to hear what some of these leeches have to say again so some people are I'm sure they'll be saying bad things about Trump and that'll get all the Trump people excited whatever whatever for me it's just the exposure of how useless their jobs are and what are they even doing at their jobs if they have time to to come up with these massive plans to embarrass the president to bring the president I mean what they're having paid to do that what are they being paid to do why do these jobs even exist so I'm hoping it exposes the uselessness of it of the entire government bureaucracy which is gigantic I get which you're more likely to die than to get fired if you're working for and again I don't know how you know some of you people who work for the federal government everything I I just don't know how you can do it and be a big point holder get out now people come on why do you how can you be part of this thing I can be part of this monster so I do look forward to James of keeps because he does do some great work over at Veritas videos so check that out here's something for my buddies down in South Africa oh yeah again you know Nathan who got me who got me this pound that like button shirt who had this uh he again lives in Perth he's originally from South Africa and his family was originally from Zimbabwe and there's actually quite a lot of people from Australia whose relatives were first from from Rhodesia then from South Africa then made it finally over to to Australia to Perth especially a lot of people from South Africa move beautiful but anyway here is a foreign policy calm article China is buying African media silence I wrote about Chinese oppression in a South African paper powers later that cancelled my column so in a previous video I talked about how you know that South the Chinese the Chinese government funds a lot of infrastructure um it gives out a lot of loans to African governments and is very much involved with the South African government they're not doing this for free okay they're not doing this for free they're not doing it out of the kindness of their hearts okay and they gotta be paid back in some way so here you go they don't like what they you say in media that they stay on parts of the media it um in South Africa they don't like what you've got to say about them you're not gonna have your column anymore okay and this goes back to again what why is some of the land where some land is being taken that's being threatened to be taken away from farmers in South Africa where is it gonna go and some people say the just is something the Chinese wanted the Chinese would want you know this is some good some great land again if you were in South Africa this is just another reminder that your country's government is selling itself out in all sorts of ways is corrupt in all sorts of ways you have to realize this by now and you have to have insurance get into Bitcoin it is uncompensated oh they can't silence your Bitcoin they can silence them there's papers apparently there apparently all right so again pound the freaking like button like the shirt says from Nathan who got the heck out of South Africa that's how he uh you know you that's how he was in motioning good good for him I know it's not for everyone to leave South Africa and it is a beautiful country and if you are in Johannesburg you can be quite successful and you can you can you don't necessarily see what's going on on those farms I mean I can see that I can see that but if it happen on the farms what can happen in the city in the streets of Johannesburg alright sub Santen okay beautiful Samson I enjoyed my time in Sandton and again if you watched up to the video from yesterday one of my guests farzam will be hosting the event in Johannesburg did the blockchain event which I believe will take place in Sandton it was at 2018 it was in Sandton when I was there and I uh there was us Farzana I was talking to him and and it's why the chem Bo came down from this is Bob way and of course Lauren camera off pal Matt like what in Southern Africa you know I love you speaking about Southern Africa Elon Musk he is a native of South Africa obviously now he lives in the Silicon Valley area I guess in San Francisco we're out west here in United States and I am in Baltimore for the next few days before I go to Santiago Chile on Thursday and I will be there for two months but Elon Musk interview with Joe Rogan I watched the entire thing it is a long form in her interview what's it two and a half hours you can learn a lot from it but the media jumped on something that happened for about two seconds Joe Rogan likes to smoke marijuana apparently which is silly I think I think it's ridiculous and he hands Elon Musk a cigar made of tobacco and marijuana and Elon Musk takes a puff of it he doesn't even inhale it okay clearly doesn't inhale it and he later goes on to talk about how he does not like marijuana he doesn't think marijuana is a good thing for thinking people okay but again everyone picks up on this one clip and it's just it's a reminder of the mainstream media I just you know they have very I can't pay attention for more than a couple seconds but most people can't they're all these people out there to say you know the long-form interview is going to destroy the mainstream media no it's not no it's not any percenters can't pay attention to that 20 percenters or are gaining a lot of knowledge from these long form interviews from the good stuff that's on YouTube 24 centers are bettering themselves 80 percenters still want the same mumbo-jumbo pretty short little clip stuff that they've gotten for years and years by watching the news they still want those little little hits okay there's two minute things that had pretty pictures and pretty women and controversial things with somebody take it a pop of marijuana who didn't even take a puff of marijuana I mean again it was like in his mouth the smoke that was in his mouth I remember when I was in college and like I just got there 17 years old these people are smoking cigarettes and I'm trying to be cool was I'm a freaking 17 year old kid I take a fricking cigarette and I start smoking it I wasn't inhaling you know I didn't know how do you frickin inhale it and so when a girl even said to me like you even tell a joke and that's what he did we did to like a kid like a freaking kid with a cigarette or whatever and again he's he's at the same time he again it was a great interview he is in the position himself in a bad position though he deals with the government his company deals a lot with the government he possibly has a clearance and you can't do drugs you can't touch drugs if I was a government contractor if I was dealing with the government I had a certain type of clearance that he has apparently and I did that as just a regular guy I that would be it I would be wouldn't be able to deal with the guy I would lose my business with the government and again you shouldn't do business with the government it's unfortunate he does business with the government but and Carl denature and I link to this below really ripped on him for that he's Elon Musk is a genius that was not a smart thing to do now again the people were blowing it out of proportion on just say well Tesla sucks because he did this he was on that show with the boss real Rogen idiot or you know I mean Rogen is not an idiot but again when you've put yourself into that position you got you gotta be careful so that wasn't a smart move on his part it also wasn't the smartest move in the world people started calling him on his cell phones saying you know you should have done that immediately he started and he said on during the show yeah these people are calling me on this my cell phone saying I shouldn't have done he should have said you know he's an interesting fellow he's an interesting guy it's an interesting video and Carlton is yours post about this is interesting also because again if you're gonna deal with the devil the government you're gonna have to play by their rules he didn't play by those rules so he could he did jeopardize some of his comfort companies revenue but again he is a big and this shows you how government can be unfair he's so big that they can't take away his status with them okay they can't cut him off now he's providing you know this the space service that no one else is so maybe he's got him by the nads also a little bit again this is why you don't want to have anything to do with the government you want to be in the Bitcoin overlay get yourself in the Bitcoin it's all very interesting again for me the two and a half an hour interview you learn a lot about about Elon about artificial intelligence it's a good thing you're the one the one second thing where he's puffing on the cigars it's basically ridiculous on many different levels that it's but again that's all that the media can focus on as they have no focus because they're short-term thinkers all right and they're just appealing to the masses who just need controversy and means something easy that can understand a large smoke pot instead of you know Elon talking about complex issues for hours you know regular people can't eat that up alright so I'm speaking about what the mainstream loves wood just gets them going on in North Carolina there was a big storm what was yesterday when for every day that I've been back in Baltimore every day last week at least like oh if you turn if you had the news on in the background and on for I was around people who turned on the news I don't watch the news everyone is talking about the weather about the storm oh my god the storm is a comet and it's coming even if we're in Baltimore okay this is a local weather even is going crazy about this storm that's in North Carolina we're nowhere near North Carolina okay the national media is just getting you know there they're already saying it's because of Trumpets I mean the things and everyone is just eating it up everyone everywhere is worried about the storm they're in a panic prison totally not in motion totally shouldn't could be concerned if you are in Baltimore if you were in Philadelphia if you're me why you should give a darn about this thing okay be useful in your life be productive do something hang out with your family don't be in this panic prison but so many people eat it up people love the weather they love to talk about the weather and how important the weather is you know making money being productive personal responsibility who cares the government take care of all of that I want to worry about the weather I don't want to make a living I want to worry about the lit I want to take care of my kids I want to worry about the weather and it's just so funny even that the politicians play right into it because they know you know they're brainless Voter class cares about the weather so you know Marilyn even like declared a state of emergency I believe because the governor just in case if there's a little bit too much rain he doesn't want to get blamed for it so he loses the electors the election is coming up he's going to win but you know it could be twisted around if a tree fell down and killed someone or something because it rained and he didn't declare a state of emergency that he will be blamed and all the other people will just eat it up because the weather is so important people don't care about a thorn weather okay we're gonna get storms they're big hurricanes you know there's a Buddha about there's about three that day that are devastating or something on average I don't even know r5 a decade on average it happens bad things happen you you got a you're gonna if you're in one of those storms owns you gotta decide is it worth my while to own a house of pain as high insurance when the storm comes should I Drive away if I go drive away I will die that is my choice is I can't blame it on the government if I get injured you gotta make that should I board up my house right again it's personal responsibility here you can't get you can't but if the government didn't warn you it's not the cover it's your fault dude you know where you live you know about weather clearly you know it rains so again don't get too obsessed over it and talk about it and again this is the subject matter for so important to people I guess was Dancing with the Stars not on now so they talk about the weather I mean it's unbelievable it is this is what we're dealing with in the Avett the 80 percenters and there's always gonna be more of them than the 20 percenters so again you got to put yourself in a big corner overlay where you don't have to deal with these superficial people where your job is not dependent on them where they can fire you and one of their outreach but they get outraged pretty easily how could you say this about the storm it my car tire went flat because of the storm oh you're a horrible person because you said this alright so pound that freaking light I want to point out that um when I'm in Baltimore this is the only time I Drive is it only time I I am rarely even in a car let alone driving a car when I'm traveling around the world I try to avoid cars driving sucks it just sucks you know when you're a 16 year old kid that's what you want you want to get behind that wheel you think you're so awesome you're driving you've you're so independent now now I'm just like dude I want to be driven around I don't even want to be in a dark I hate I don't like cars I do not like driving anymore people are because become more and more maniacs on the streets was there just look they're just looking they're listening to their devices telling them where they don't know where they're going no one can read a map anymore here's saw a skill for everyone if you've graduated from college can you even read a map I'm one College trousers mean you're better just learning to read a map than going to college I mean you pay $50,000 a year to go to college I mean it takes two seconds to learn how to read a map and not have to have some voice tell you what turn to make people in their own cities don't know where the heck they are they literally don't know where that was they rely on the GPS and that lived that woman's voice all right B Rock sent me $499 I love my bed thank you for the super chat dude I love my BTC never get gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and desert you that's good shut song by the way you know that was some eighties sorry I'll go be rock if you go into that direction but it reminded me but yeah yeah never give a strong frickin hand dude strong look that's a strong hand pounding that like button there all right it's on confiscate able dudes so here's something here's a tip for life don't be bitter don't be bitter something bad happen to you you move on you cannot get fixated on thing it's so woman you know stole your money store your kids don't be bitter about it you gotta learn are you gonna learn I know you're angry you don't be big this when you're bitter you're obsessed you're stuck in the past you're stuck in it that you cannot get stuck this bit they're beating you that way they the person who did something to you if you're still bitter about it they're still doing something to you they're still hurting you they're still brick keeping you from being in motion okay so I think it's just good to repeat that in your head don't be bitter don't be if you ever get into a situation where somebody bad happen just from saving your head don't be bitter don't be bitter move on be in motion all right so the five gratification people that's one of my sayings I forgot to say that all right the Ferger that is one of the keys to success in life is deferring gratification all right stefan molyneux in a video of his recently uh and he has said this a few times helping people is difficult okay now you might be single yes again it's not helping it's not hard to help someone well you know to physically try to help someone it's easy to try to do it but to actually help them is difficult because they have to accept your help they want a lot of times when someone's like a in a bad situation they just want an easy answer they just want it to end right then and there and sometimes when you help someone you're you're teaching them you're helping them gain a skill skill that's gonna get them out of that hole that they're in but they don't want to work for it they just want it to come easy they just want you know a giveaway and they think that's gonna solve their problem but that isn't helping them just throwing money in a person isn't helping them they're gonna use that money to probably increase their problem if they're a drug addict they're gonna use that money to buy drugs you can't you know again it's it's knowledge you gotta give knowledge to people sometimes and they're not willing to accept that knowledge or understand that knowledge and it's very unfortunate with all of this in mind when you're talking to show it to know this to know that helping people is difficult do you think the government can do a better job i mean ii think the bou government can do a better job is silly I mean it always D generates into free stuff and that is not help with the government if always all these but the people who need to help have to be willing to accept the help they have to be willing to you know take personal responsibility for their problems be able to work with you okay to be able to want to attain the knowledge accept the knowledge okay to learn that new skill so again if you have tried to help people you understand this that again you know so you see someone's in a desperate situation you're that you're trying to help it and then you learn like oh my god they don't even want the help they really don't even want the help half the time they just want something free they want a short turn answer that isn't going to help them in the long run it'll be it'll be a short term high but in the long run they're just gonna dig himself a greater whole they are not in motion and not long-term thinkers so hey it is that's that's the way of most people in the world though so don't get down if you've tried to help someone helping people is difficult so you move on if then if someone is not willing to accept your help you move on there's no shame you tried that's it again and you're not you don't have to help anybody if you don't want to it's hard work if this gets clearly is hard work to help someone all right everybody remember follow me on the Twitter at Tech ball tch be alt bitcoinmeister on steam it post a new show here every day what do we got here oh here's someone who is in motion there's a guy who came up with God coin he calls it he owns the god coin trademark and it runs out in October and he says he will give it to anyone who will run with it blockchain sacred books or transparent charity anything so again he owns the trademark to God coin he wants to give it away to someone who wants to use it for something charitable I guess or something to deal with Bible stuff again this guy has contacted me a few times and he he's given this thing away so he thought maybe someone out there again this is you know you gotta be a proactive person to be able to accept this and then come up with an idea around it and not just to sit with it so hey if you're interested you can email me animators or help calm if you need a crypto consultation obviously a dimitra's or help calm and if you need help setting up your Tresor again you email me there we set up the appointment love those things they're easy they're they're there it's easy to set up over the phone and everything and it's it's a pleasure to you know to talk to people and over the phone it's not oh well I don't own a phone I do it over my computer you're on your phone anyway um but again you can email me about that guy's proposal the guy coin god coin if you need if you're interested in that cuz he's given that thing away alright final reminders individualism is the achievement collectivism is the default and stefan molyneux also says live by principle not popularity baby that's the way the bitcoinmeister baby principle this is for the 20 percenters baby I'm not trying to appeal to those 84 senators out there we keep it hardcore strong hand long-term thinking pound that like button i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video check out the notes section below i'll say hi to all you dudes in the chat see you later have a great rest of the weekend

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