Bitcoin Technical Analysis [15/09/2018] BTC technical analysis price prediction 2018

hello my dear bitcoin traders and welcome back guys let's have a quick look I actually didn't plan to make any videos today but I just saw what's going on today with Bitcoin which ripple a theorem I'm gonna show you them quickly so that's why I had to make a few clips guys extra for you on Saturday so let's have a look guys quickly here like I just said so Bitcoin guys right now building a nice both like here so it's not I mean on the fundaments normal I mean because we are consolidating as you can see also here nicely so first one was BitFenix this is coinbase yeah so very very similar volume everything is looking okay and we are right now like in inside this nice range and much more to the upside here and once we break this we have we have the wicks here 6600 guys this is the psychological now so if we can break about this we could see definitely some follow-through let me also show you quickly ripple I made an extra video for ripple yeah you can go and look at that but it's very similar yeah so very similar in fact I think if we get a break with with Bitcoin ripple we'll make even more percent but let me show you even the better candidate I think that will be aetherium yeah so with a theorem guys I also made an extra clip ascending triangle I actually go triggered in here myself I wasn't even in front of it so we made this beautiful ascending triangle as you can also see the direct correlation of a theorem to Bitcoin also ascending triangle here guys also breakout coming here with volume you can also see the bonds are strong so in the direct relation to Bitcoin also in US dollars yeah so bull volume on a theorem is looking very good right now but of course the Bulls have to prove yeah so we have to close the hourly right now we have to close above this range of 225 so that's what I'm showing you so should Bitcoin get a break here guys I think a theorem would be even a better candidate to play yeah but that's the case so nice book like what's going on guys on the weekly let's go to the bigger picture here yet again as you know this week I made the big big video on Bitcoin huh so on a very very big picture like where we are right now is this is still a core trend like a core bullish trend or is this a core bearish trend if you haven't seen it please go back and check because it was my most important video because this is just a short timeframe video but go and check that one so obviously guys we got our nice beautiful lower high here on the weekly at 7400 and right now we are indeed this week we are met like trying to make yet another you know higher low but of course it's right now it's still an inside part yeah so as you can see guys I mean look at the zig zag look at this equilibrium it is getting tighter and tighter yeah it is getting tighter and tighter and we will see a break here coming to the 1 or to the other side huh so this is this is in the bigger picture also in the daily like how how does it look like in the daily so definitely we can see the lower high on the weekly here Breaking and on the daily we have now definitely made higher lows huh so we have made higher lows here at 6120 here because we get a nice quite a few you know I mean this is not a lot higher low itself but we get quite a few as you can see inside bars before breaking to the boys side so this is now the higher load this this area now and we will see if we can get follow-through if we cannot manage to break this guy's yeah if we cannot manage to get follow through on this bull flag but we break and we fake out which is possible always never forget fake outs if we fake out here come back and then break underneath 6200 of course this will be very very bearish yeah this will mean that we can definitely go underneath 6000 if we cannot manage to break above now yeah so keep this in mind on the bigger picture but right now like I just said Bitcoin the bull flag on Bitcoin is okay yeah on Bitcoin it's okay on aetherium it's even stronger also with much better bull volume so I hope you had some value guys from this quick Bitcoin analysis update and I still wish you a nice weekend otherwise if you had some value please give it a like yeah if you're not seeing stuff like this please make sure to follow me to subscribe to me and otherwise we will see each other on the next Bitcoin analysis update adios amigos wherever you are on this planet ends you

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