Bitcoin IOTA Ripple Ethereum Analyse [15.09.2018] Chart Analyse Prognose 2018

Welcome to the crypto chart analysis today with both bitcoin as even the oldcoins are doing bullish formations love people and above all ethereum after it's over the last days how nicely beaten you are just a rising triangle both in dollars as well as in the third combination to Bitcoin see you soon Welcome back live crypto friends and one in advance i love people had a big extra this week bitcoin video created so too big analysis has so much get credit on trading like before everything in English speaking so share i have never had so many clicks and videos as well that that was mine personal record and so if looks it has not seen schott people like to see you because you already know us really the big picture where we are So we are still in one main movement in a bullish or is that already a bearish main movement and so on, but how said today the short picture I wanted there is no video making people but when I saw where it was so the nativity scene we catch we catch right now with bitcoin I will you still the old art still we can see that we are at almost all bullish patterns so have one or the other way and the break Of course, a lot of people with him That's why we could bring start love people with bitcoin bitcoin we can see it nice so I have it in English right now already posted everything bitcoin love people bull flag we are in this range we have upwards with the Shade we can already see the 6600 psychologically yes so we are in this range as I said volume is is clear is average, so to speak for the simple reason that we are So consolidate when we break here should then definitely upside potential quite similar to Bitcoin dear people is ripple so it is also quite complete similar to what she was doing what the bulls As far as I was concerned, I had it before ripple booked we have this beautiful one so what is has become holy here, so to speak we have become so part I made this film live in the video and I have a nice one of them get book and love the book people we can already see this bull flag here over the exponential moving intersected 12 and 26 and even more beautiful than these two are just ethereum and there I was also triggered by myself That's why I want that, too show love people I did not see it at all before that has been developed So beautiful ascending triangle what we got from ethereum is clear after ethereum yes really has been beaten up so yes So ethereum is beaten up Dear people, we can see you on 167 yes and of course we have a nice ne therefore several times grab in the ground here you know that look I would have the Soil is a soil soil lower here but you can not talk that way nice to wait but what you get here you can not get it yes and talk Although I get a nice here beautiful rising new season with the lower part So what is an ascending triangle we are always making higher and lower lows but always So again we have that again same cover yes the way it always is again the same we can see beautiful you are here today with those with the shadow up but I would say pay psychologically and 25 I have it especially in English-speaking birth So it would have been great in the hour chart so shows over 25 closed We closed here so it was happening at the 24 so do not do anything yet everything still in the green area, so to speak yes, you can see the volume I was surprisingly we broke out have to look like this now See the consolidation scherzo here The volume is definitely a lot less so again in 4 hours chart definitely good political volume and very important people also in the direct correlation to bitcoins exactly the same scheme so also completely I agree an ascending triangle which we followed have broken up here too beautiful I will probably be bullish volume you do not actually see it So yes it is clear he is ready been beaten that way now show a bit of a reaction from to see the bull and I had that in my extra too at feri in the extra large medium video shown if he did not see that just like bitcoin we have us also the big big pictures viewed today and so definitely you can take a look at it that was me just people he is to classical is very similar taste so only with a short line mentions here completely similar blow but the volume So it's not enough for me but personally you can clearly Of course, that's why you look at it In short, the patterns are the formation are here at almost all the same bit stronger so picture of the really are the same and the last Candidate I am showing you iota or dear people had however are aware because we have a beautiful Nice combinations look that was Well, that's what I want to show today Clearly people when watching my videos You've read, you know risen from 40 to 80 cents I was us have it doubled beautiful champion what we had broken here to the top mast with almost 50 percent yes, where I killed myself too then we had this equilibrium here before he fell down bitcoin So as can here just thought is of course also iota total and So after this beautiful steam after this break from this equilibrium look at what happens people yes we make everything bigger here look at you then we fall under it, so we are come down here to 53 cents her and already set up here pullback so yes to make the 60 cents we are, so to speak, a v-shaped movement Of course we can not do it here to go over it we come here so I was we are climbing people and here go down again and have a look Look what happens again v shaped recovery yes where is the v shaped recovery look at this with the shadow point on 59 99 years so exactly the 60 cent we can do it again not to go over it today and now look at what happened under new construction 592 shaped recovery This time we are just over it than then, of course, so im asking now that is what it is just happened last days so will then of course in the bull flag So bitcoin is not erupted Of course, here we go over the We can already see 60 cents 61 75 but still we do not need over does not do anything we get in connecting people you see that is of course a nice bull flag yes So we will make that move definitely have this beautiful bull flag with the 60 cent as one neckline love people so it is really cool, I say combination we will just have at or so were almost three times v shaped formation forth so v-shaped recreation included now one bull flag that means we should go over the 60 are going today and definitely so should go over the sentences and still close I do not mean, you see it volume looks at everything Nice cooled in four hours States we are cooled in the hourly chart we are bottled in 15 minutes Great cooled so all green light No problem at all if we are here I should say about it We definitely have potential with the shadow those 65 reach yes So that would be from the 160 you That's another almost seven percent even if I even out functionally as we speak so to speak aquarium broken here so definitely love nice games potential but again necessarily so watch out so be careful you do not fake, we can Of course, fakes get something also strongly from grandfather will bring So Bitcoin must of course here to see on the spot so we have to see continuation at bitcoin then is of course the probability 100 percent given just that imitates So yes, it's going to get bad from the screen do not even depend on feri detours So sure if I'm such a bit stays strong though, even though we do then can not necessarily pronounce still could always be yours see continuation because we just like that weak was people but otherwise clear not all of them are beautiful grandfather bitcoins move here waiting and, of course, what happens to people you know in the daily or in the wenchenchart still like I told you lower high here, get wonders beautiful now we see that's it I just showed in the big video people are now in this wonderful people so we can perfect with this zigzag our equilibrium here too with the bare one Eye recognize our beautiful beautiful wave and people she is getting tighter and tighter so we have the 7500 up now just the week candle is one in side bar in the daily chart definitely higher deep made yes so the higher low made people here at the 6100 so or 200 In this range we have indeed some inside but still based we get the continuation and that So this continues to do this a higher deep so a few have done higher but deep of course the bulls have to do that now well speak yes if the bulls that Of course, people do not speak when we speak then come down again then yes is the probability extremely high that we have the 6000s too In short, people break decision is the decision Sales are approaching, and Librium is getting closer close and we will see a decision yes I would say so happy so end September should be the latest october really here then a decision give yes I hope you had one use people as I said I wanted Do not show it to you shortly missed the extra made for you issue actually had and will be surely has a benefit then please thumbs up is still possible that helps me people others too people see that otherwise if the ideas like Comment because he does not know me yet then please follow me necessarily yes so you have such beautiful information See you before you break people necessarily follow because otherwise you see that not so else you might see a video the next you see not and therefore give care stop always take care and lose otherwise we will see each other in the next bitcoin +1 analysis video I say adios amigos and another one nice weekend from munich servus and

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