what's going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video for you guys full of information today we're gonna be talking about bitcoins price crashing Royals can be looking at the XRP to $589 theory and tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space but guys before we get start with that if you want to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin all you guys have to do is number one be subscribed to channel and have your notifications turn on number two give this video a thumbs up and number three leave a comment down below saying something related to the video also if you guys are interested in making money trading cryptocurrencies even while the market is down make sure you check out the first link in the description or the first link in the comments for the cryptocurrency trade alert group we have market breakdowns in there we have a ton of all coin trades that have been very successful as well as some leveraged trading for bit mechs and Kraken whatever other thing you use for leverage all that in the group and so much more guys tons of tons of information for you guys to learn from and all every single one of my trades I put on there so we've had people make up to two Bitcoin in one single day and countless other people make an extra 100 200 500 even $1,000 in one single trade that is absolutely crazy I've been super super happy with the results and I can't wait to see more of you guys in there so if you are interested in making more money trading cryptocurrency make sure you do check out that link now let's get started with some news the first one is about decentralized exchanges so john mcafee he tweeted the demise of centralized exchanges is at hands he actually tweeted the demise if centralized exchanges his hand is at hand but I believe he was trying to say of will were well we're gonna forgive him for the spelling mistakes but cuz I do agree I think decentralized exchanges are going to be huge they pretty much tie hand-in-hand with the whole decentralized you know the decentralized part kryptek her that everyone loves the whole the whole decentralized movement um having a centralized exchange does have its part off see there are pros and cons but I do think more and more we are going to see decentralized exchanges become a much bigger part because they are just a small fraction of what of the exchanges right now they're just a small small fraction all the big exchanges are they're all pretty much centralized and we're gonna start shifting eventually I think it's gonna happen I think investing in decentralized exchanges and the group does have my list of top ten all coins some of those maybe have relations to decentralize changes maybe not I guess only people in the group are going to know also dogecoins founder and Elon Musk are trying to tackle the whole Twitter thing so you guys know there's a lot of spam bots on Twitter I always try and help people it happens on YouTube as well but Twitter I think is where it's worse I try to help you by telling them how to you know avoid falling for these things but still these things are there because people are falling for them so Elon Musk took it upon himself like he always does when he sees an issue just the true definition of an entrepreneur right there Elon Musk reached out to the founder of Doge and said if you can help get rid of the Annoying scam of scam spammers that would be much appreciated so apparently they came up with something they're talking with Jack and the Twitter team on how they can actually go on and implement that guy's these scams are making like I've heard of scans making up to a hundred thousand dollars in a theory of every single day guys every single day from scamming people that just shows you how many people are falling for this and it's all the same thing it's all that you send me what you send me in aetherium I'll send you ten ethereum back it makes no sense I don't know how people are falling for this but they are and it's sad to see a hundred thousand dollars a day guys a hundred thousand incident st now actually a lot of you guys know the reason I have been uploading less the last few days is because I was at the cryptocurrency conferences two of them one one that was the like coin Summit one of them was block world in San Francisco and it was the first time I went to an event I got invited there I was on a panel to do some Q&A about you know being a cryptocurrency youtuber and it was absolutely insane there's so much there for you to learn there's so many cool people to meet there's so many it's just a lot of like-minded people talking about things that they really like in this case cryptocurrency so I do recommend a lot of you guys go ahead and check this out see if there are any meetups in your area see if there are conferences in your area I for one I'm going to try to go to a lot more of these and that includes traveling you know different places so I can go to different ones in different seas and hopefully meet some of you guys along the way that would be absolutely insane honestly uh that's all I would ever that that's all I could ask for right now is if we could go to some conferences meet some of you guys hang out talk cryptocurrency that'd be really really cool but I do recommend chance amount and since it's the bear market guys a lot of these conferences are giving away tickets for free in the bull market everything was packed everything was crowded and it was expected that it cost money to get in now that's not happening as much there's a lot a lot less people there meaning in order to fill attendance they're giving away tickets either for free or for very very very little money so I do recommend checking that out one of the things that was announced at the light coin summit is the support from Gemini exchange so and another thing that happens is you get first access to the news a lot of these things get announced at the event so at the litecoin foundation event at the litecoin summit event they announced that this will be happening so I was there I heard it it was live from it was live from the litecoin summit I heard it their first instant oh you basically get primary access to the news so if your favorite cryptocurrency is hosting an event definitely something else to go ahead and check out now let's take a look at the overall market before we talk about the price dumps and the crazy theories market cap is at 194 billion dollars and a Bitcoin dominance is at fifty five point eight percent well you can see just before I made this video we had a huge dump in the market literally a few minutes before I recorded basically the market was dumping while I was showering before getting on here and making a video it was a I I came back and was very very surprised at this that I saw happened and again a very short period of time Bitcoin price is now down to six thousand two hundred and seventy nine dollars some of the biggest movers are Puma pay of three hundred thirty five percent well well at least not everyone suffering in the bear market am i right at least not everyone suffering definitely a pump and dumb guys most most probably a pump and up I don't know why else something would be up three hundred thirty five percent Aurora is also up thirty three percent of funfair Tasos and a handful of others before we get to the biggest losers of the day which is certainly a lot more than the green there's a lot more red than there is green mix indentical and holo power Leger Nano one chain gasps a lot of very good cryptocurrencies at are at a significant discount right now will they continue to fall we shall have to see what the price of Bitcoin does cuz everything falls big coin but like I said Bitcoin took a massive massive 200 to $250 just basically wiped out of its price in the span of a few minutes one of the things that could be happening well there's a lot of news coming around now about that one billion dollars of a 1 billion dollars worth of BTC you know flowing around people expecting it to crash turns out mal GOx does what it was not the owner of this a lot of people thought maybe it was mal cogs no apparently it is just a whale who has a lot of cryptocurrency that's what's looking like right now so Malkoff expected the predicted the market crash since these this 1 billion dollars about to flood the market and with a three billion three to four billion dollars in volume we have daily right now if everything gets sold in one day you can be sure we are going to have quite quite the dump we're gonna see how it plays out obviously in the wallet just has been transferring it we don't know exactly what's gonna happen we don't know if everything's gonna be sold at one time where we don't know if it's gonna be through an exchange or how it's gonna happen we don't know any of that so we're basically just going to have to wait and see but that is yeah well 1 billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency from a whale this is why we have so much volatility I talked about this the other day this is why we have so much volatility simply what's happening is people who bought in early and basically just left it there forgot about it whatever it may be that they just you know just didn't know what they were getting into maybe maybe they did maybe they truly believed in it maybe they thought it was funny I know people who bought dogecoin you're to go because they thought it was funny and then what happened after that was obviously it it had a nice little run so they made some money off of that and I wasn't in on dogecoin at that time I thought it was funny to hear them that they did it I personally didn't go ahead and do it was still so this is happening now people find axes they see how much it's worth now they're like well you know what I wouldn't mind having an extra billion dollars in my bank account wouldn't hurt me right so I'm gonna go ahead and sell the Bitcoin that I have so that's what's causing the market volatility right now there is a lot of people who bought in early they're selling now why they why are they selling now instead of at the $20,000 well who knows I'm sure some of them did sell the $20,000 maybe they're selling it in pieces maybe they started selling the $20,000 I don't know exactly each person's going to have their own situation but trust me if you bought Bitcoin if you've got Bitcoin when it was free even right with the faucets back in the days if you guys got Bitcoin when it was worth just 40 cents six thousand dollars twenty thousand dollars yes it does make a big difference but securing a billion dollars never really hurts right never never really hurts if you have a billion dollars in bank account now let's talk about XRP let's talk about ripples talk about the crazy 589 dollar theory keep in mind it is worth 27 cents right now so what's that that's basically telling us that's going to 2000 X more than 2000 X to get to this this price now this was a theory launched by a bearable guy one two three more of a joke of anything I don't believe it's going to be I don't want me to take this as a price prediction by any means you hear you're hearing me say it right now it's not a price prediction for ripple I just wanted to get your guy's opinion on what's going on do you actually first of all do you guys think this is possible if you do let me know that in the comments down below right now do you think this is possible other than that there are a few reasons that they said was oh there are a few reasons they said that this could actually be a thing so there's three possibilities of occurring according to the XRP community the first and most widely discussed method is the launch of X rapid which will push the price of the coin due to a huge increase in trading volume second is that the increased burn of x RP as fee in this trading volume will drive the price and that also there also exists proponents that believe that fifty eight point nine is the atomic mass of cobalt which is the name of an update that is slated to increase the speed affects our peace so they actually did talk to ripples CTO David Schwartz he said it all depends on how big you want to dream this I agree with this egg when it comes to all forms of price prediction people saying oh this price is just unreasonable I don't know guys you know he makes a good point here again saying that if you if you're told it seems no more rages now than the idea of Bitcoin selling for over a thousand dollars seemed to him in the year twenty twelve so what people have noticed is don't count out possibilities don't count how big dreams obviously back it up with doing your research be realistic don't invest more than you're willing to lose all that stuff but other than that I don't think there's a reason to cap how big you can think crypto how high you think crypto car is in go I don't see why there may it makes sense to cap ripple and you know the three dollar all-time high when that just happened 2017 we don't know what things gonna be like in Twenty twenty seven and twenty thirty seven we don't know how things are going to be played out but he said what if ripple captures bitcoins current market share two dollars what if ripple captures the value of all this is a this was ten months ago guys so keep in mind it was the UH it was bitcoins market share ten months ago what if ripple captures the value of all high friction international payments that are now occurring that's twenty dollars what a ripple captures the vault of the value of an increasing number of international payments driven by the reduction in friction maybe a hundred and twenty dollars so we're gonna have to wait and see how it goes I want to share this interesting theory with you because it has been going on has been picking up a lot of traction obviously anything with such big numbers usually does go ahead and pick up a lot of traction I don't know what you guys think let me know in the comments down below do you think $589 is possible for ripple do you think $120 is possible do you think $20 is possible and do you even think we're gonna see ripple go back to $2 let me know all that in the comments down below I would love to hear what your guys's thoughts are on this crazy theory honestly I'm not gonna stay here and say I think get to $589 um that's very very very very very very high and not that I don't dream big not that I don't believe cryptocurrency this is gonna you know take over the real world and revolutionize a lot of things I just don't think it's fair to everyone watching for me to go out and say that a $589 prediction is correct because it gives us no timeline it gives us no no other indication and price predictions are basically speculation no one it knows exactly what's going to happen with a specific cryptocurrency or with the market or with the world and how things are going to shape up so they're basically only speculation and they're exactly that they're a prediction now the X are now the product will go live in in the next month or so so this is ripple says XRP product will go live in the next month or so so ripples long-anticipated cryptocurrency project which aims to make X our fee the asset of choice for cross-border settlements between financial institutions is finally nearing a production via an actual commercial application so whoo I'm so happy I pronounce his name cigar who heads ripples regulatory relations in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions told CNBC that the firm believes this product dubbed X rapid could launch in as soon as a month of shell are you guys know what X rapid is now the competition stellar it's tell us another very very good cryptocurrency absolutely killing it another one that I am a big fan of and I think has its place and is an actual contender to Ripple guys I think obviously ripple is in the lead right now I don't think it's fair to count stellar out though they are continuing to make developments continuing to make partnerships climbing out ranked number six right now three just under four billion dollars in market cap I don't know is it gonna be ripple is it not both start with X the child the competition of the starting with X I guess is what we're gonna call that we're gonna need we're gonna need a better name for that we're gonna need a better name for that but for now we're gonna call it the competition of the ones that start with X's yeah anyways nano last thing nano is actually made it to cou coin plus trading area they updated the projects listed and nano went ahead and made the cut so good job nano been making a lot of trades with nano actually in the trade alert group people are making a lot of money again and I'm very happy to see the overall results in that group so guys if you're interested don't miss out I don't know how long I'm gonna keep it open still four and I want to give everyone an opportunity to join and make money together make money along with me and so you guys can see all the trades that took me to making six figures with cryptocurrency in one year but guys that's gonna be it for this video if you guys did enjoy don't forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below in order to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin and of course be subscribe and have your notifications turned on so you can check back in to see if you did win so you can go ahead and claim it but guys thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys tomorrow for another video

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