The 1 Bitcoin Show- Final Mt. Gox FUD? Steemit is down! Crypto mergers? Litecoin

Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is September the 17th 2018 strong hand long-term thinking offended by selling personal responsibility is a new counter counterculture I'm confiscating all check out the links below everyone everything I talk about in this video is linked to below disrupt meister calm watch all my old shows there including the last few which were awesome alright so have we hit final mount GOx FUD all there there's some thud stirs out there today and just doom and gloom errs or are just naive people who think whatever there's another late and announcement related the mal Cox it's bad news and I should sell because I'm a weekend and I'm a long-term thinker or I want to make a clink clickbait title it scares everyone about Mac there's nothing to worry about people okay okay here let me read you a Matt Odell tweet which explains the situation distribution of the remaining 137 thousand Bitcoin 137 that 37,000 be cash and Fiat from sales to former mount GOx users is being coordinated yes some will choose to sell when they receive their Bitcoin buy it I expect a substantial amount will not shouldn't create much additional sell pressure alright I mean Fudd stirs are just impulsive people that cannot defer gratification and have no concept of the strong hand the map the people who had their Bitcoin amount gots foolishly in 2013 are going to get their big now most of it some of it they're not gonna all of a some people might have some great debts they gotta take care of okay but a lot of them are gonna be thanking Hashem that they have their Bitcoin they are some lucky ducks let me tell you that there's most exchanges when they get hacked huh you don't get your Bitcoin that you get nothing back so they're gonna be plenty of people that are just gonna hold their Bitcoin this isn't the Mount GOx trustee selling Bitcoin for some crazy reason okay no these are the people getting their actual Bitcoin some of them might sell a lot of them are gonna hold they waited this long why not keep it even longer they've seen it if they care a lot about Fiat even they've seen it go up quite a lot and Fiat it will return to 20k we're one day closer to 20k they will think that okay so now this this is fun but to reinforce this point we've got whale panda out there oh look some more amount GOx bud I disagree of course some will sell their Bitcoin but many won't many will sell their be cash and buy more Bitcoin with it though yeah I would say you know the people that are getting their be cash and Bitcoin they're probably have more likely to sell there be cash but again be cash was worth a lot more at one point they never knew that you know back in 2013 when they lost their Bitcoin they had no concept of V cash so they might just let it roll with that also yeah I don't care you know most people a lot of people are you know they want to get more bitcoins so they're gonna find out well well this is a great way to get more Bitcoin by selling my be cash to each their own whatever my question is this though you know Maradona and I didn't I didn't read into this I'm not contacting them out GOx trustees because you know to be frank I'm not silly enough to keep my coins on a freaking uh on a only exchange I mean I control my own private key I understand what it's all about I don't trust the third parties but I do wonder is mounted oxen give people their there be gold what's the story with the be gold um you know I know uh you know but it was it Barry Silbert fund what does that thing called the gbtc day yeah they sold their people's be gold and gave them cash for it now this is what this story's a little bit different but again are they gonna get their be gold also I don't know it's just another reminder not to leave your big coin on an exchange thank you don't could own your Bitcoin unless you control your bribe private key even if you give it to the the Future Bank of America trustee holding firm they might not give you your future crypto dividend who knows control your private key and with that strong hand that I was just describing above pound that frickin like button alright and remember a new show here every day we got over a thousand shows in the archive at disrupt meister comm and get your treasure or your t-shirts link to below with all sorts of affiliate codes i have down there I am tech ball te CH BLT on Twitter all right news from a litecoin summit no I wasn't there of course I've been here in Baltimore it was yes and it's about to be Yom Kippur tomorrow evening but I did yet had the light coin some people do email me and they said at the litecoin salmon at the litecoin summit Gemini announcing that they will be listing litecoin on October the 13th litecoins birthday there were many highlights we will be packaging all the content from the show and making it available soon stay tuned alright so when Charlie Lee was on my show by the way I immediately asked him I was like you know Gemini is a sponsor of your event yet they don't list litecoin and he alluded to the he alluded to the possibility of them eventually listing litecoin and now it is official the winklevosses the wincle by Winklevoss brothers are going to be listing litecoin on october 13th on gemini so for those of you for some unknown reason who want to buy you know some other than big following with your Fiat there you go I guess you can do that now again for the people new to this channel I really don't care much about like I I only you know I've bought big coin that's my thing people what's your report crypto portfolio it's frickin big coin dudes I I have some other things because people have given them to me but no uh every bit of Fiat I have ever spent on cryptocurrency has been spent on Bitcoin I practice what I preach if that sounds boring to you you're probably impulsive and you're gonna lose all your crypto and yeah good luck so let's move on because a dude The Tortoise wins in the end the tortoise beat the hare he was a very exciting at all he did have a quite a strong hand from what I heard and learn about the twenty20 having if you're new to this this channel and yeah if you're a light coin fan you probably you should know about the 2019 litecoin having you probably don't though alright so glad Zamfir he's out there on twitter he tweeted this and this this made me think can anyone think of two cryptocurrency communities who have a chance of doing the first crypto merger now what is a crypto merger that's a good that's a good point that's a what is the crypto merger it hasn't been defined yet what a crypto merger ii anyone can define what a crypto merger is i have in the past suggested that the be private people and the be gold people should try the joint market with each other but maybe it could be more than that I'll say this whoever pulls off the first crypto merger and I think defines what it really is yeah they're gonna pump it'll be it'll be a positive so hey if you're some crypt if you're some altcoin out there you want some publicity come up team tag-team with some other crypto call it a crypto merger you know give it some technicalities and you'll be it will pump maybe you'll form one coin out of your two points I don't know that whatever that's what a real crypto merger is going to be hey man that's what that's why this space is so exciting we don't know some of the things that are we don't know most of the things that are about to happen in this space in the next five years again we could not have predicted crypto dividends um two years ago no one would have predicted that um so yeah anyway I I do think the first crypto merger I wouldn't be surprised if it does involve a a crypto dividend be gold be cash be private who knows maybe all of them at the same time a try crypt I don't know we'll see hey that kind of thing excites me it's awesome III think the more creative you get the cooler this space is going to be and good luck good luck to anyone and one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin try to get that first Bitcoin that's the name of the show value your wealth in Bitcoin all right now speaking of a way I would get a new Bitcoin is steam it you know I post all these videos live on Steam it unfortunately for I think about eight hours now steam it has been down so this show is not on Steam it right now because steam it is down do you live is up but steam it is down here's a tweet from Steam Network funds are safe we have not been hacked we're working on a fix we'll give more updates as soon as we can I think that was six hours ago there haven't been any updates since then that's linked to below if you're concerned about steam and or steam or about that tweet yeah check it out good luck to steam it I I want them to get back up I hope nothing has happened that's disturbing they have an update at least that Twitter account has not been updated for a few hours so hey in 24 hours from now you know what actually my next show will be in less than 24 hours from now cuz I gotta get in before Yom Kippur starts but yeah hopefully we'll everything will be great with steam it again we'll see all right Arjun who's been on the show before is a great smart guy coming out of New York this just reminds us all all you people out there who just love to hear about buzzwords and you buy up the you buy up some I see yours some altcoin because of some buzzword you don't even understand you got to keep it simple stupid kiss anybody recognize that tongue you know gene Simmons he was Jewish he is Jewish he thought was he's alive he's done some things that are wacky you know marrying that woman yet being with that woman ridiculous talk about used anyway so beware of buzzwords let's get back to the tweet at hand not just kiss when you say vibrant community I hear bag holders when you say financial primitives I assume jargon is disguising complexity when you say utility token I think securities fraud don't let fancy words investors and founders invent misguide you okay so don't let fancy words that investors and founders invent misguide you that's beware of buzzwords basically so that's a nice way as a nice reminder there are Jen thank you very much check out his tweet pound that freaking like fun all right what else do we have here there's more oh yeah I'll be in Santiago Chile starting Friday for two months all right then uh what else do we have bang that Bell button if you want reminders when this show goes live hey another thing you can do on on YouTube type in bitcoinmeister one word and search for it just do that alright so let's uh let's put this all in perspective here people you know these you know all these ups and downs all these people fiat freaks out they're worried about trying to weaken your hands all the weak hands out there let's put it in perspective and this is from Paul BTC from Bitcoin talk local bitcoins and mount docks so where crypto is now makes it hard to be really bearish if that does put in perspective dude I was here in 2013 with mount docs and all day the Bitcoin talk for of local Bitcoins would still exist obviously when those are discouraged things and and now look how much bigger crypto and big point is how much it has grown since 2013 and when you look at it from that perspective from a veteran's perspective not some newbie perspective little bit I paid sixty thousand of the world was near now you gotta be a long-term thinker you got long term into the past long term into the future how could anyone be bearish about Bitcoin how could anyone long term be bearish about Bitcoin it is the future and again if you are impulsive if you are short-term you're going to get rapped here man if you can't defer gratification this space is not for you because what do we say here this is where the big boys play and Ken Bozak just said $4 of 20 cents in the super chat dude I don't know what 4/20 means but I know that he said the pound that like button and I love Ken he is great he was just on the cruise that ridiculous gimmick cruise I'm glad to see no one threw him over the deck and that he didn't end up in the ocean although I I definitely think he could swim around in there and someone would have jumped in after him because he's got a lot of buddies out there and stop but glad to see him in the super chat okay everyone remember now if you're watching this taped some little squares or come up on the screen those are my old shows click on them i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister thanks a lot can again remember to subscribe to this channel share this video like this video do all those things pound that like button i'll say hi to you dudes these these news are my buddies in melbourne i'll see you and and hopefully I'll be in Australia in 2019 seeing the chat right now

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