what's going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video for you guys full of information today what are we talking about ripples XRP price mooning we're also gonna be talking about the frozen tether that could have caused a Bitcoin price to drop and tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space but guys before we get started with that if you want to enter chance to win some free Bitcoin all you guys have to do is number one be subscribe to the channel and have your notifications turn it on number two give this video a thumbs up and number three leave a comment down below saying something related to the video also if you guys are interested in making money trading cryptocurrencies even while the market is down make sure you check out the first link in the description or the first link in the comments for the cryptocurrency trade alerts group we've been having tons of successes still the person who's made the most made to Bitcoin in one single day guys to Bitcoin one day we've had countless other people make an extra 100 200 300 400 500 1000 dollars in one day that's absolutely life-changing we're all gonna be adding trading BOTS in there I'm going to be adding a trading bot in there for everyone who is a member that has been making me so far roughly 25% every single day so if you want all the information you want to see how all that works and you want to see every single one of my trades so you can make money with cryptocurrency like I said even while the market is down make sure you do check out the first link in the description or the first link in the comments now let's get started with some news so France this is what I'm waiting for the rest of the world to do so they have crypto friendly or crypto friendly ICO regulations they've just announced that so France has adopted a new set of regulations for initial coin offerings or i ce o–'s french minister of finance and economy bruno lemare tweeted out the events so here is everything that's going on basically what happened is they've established a legal framework that allows french institutions to use i cos as a means of raising capital because we have seen that it's pretty it's very cool for a firm to be able to raise capital using the ICO method I think it's a method that got pumped up obviously at the end of 2017 everyone was doing it and everyone was trying to have their own token everyone's doing the ico there was throwing money at ICS that really didn't have a place in the ecosystem but if this is done correctly it is a revolutionary way of raising capital so what's gonna happen now is this is going to allow French financial authorities to issue permits and approve companies looking to use i ce o–'s as a means to raise capital so what it looks like to me that there's going to be a committee that obviously you apply to be able to do an IC o—- and then if you get accepted you can go on with the IC o—- so basically it's going to be a vetting process keeping everyone safe in the meantime obviously like like we already know a lot of I SEOs are scams and those that aren't very few of them succeeded by the ones that people were investing in at the end of 2017 so what is happening right now they're going to create a vetting process so so to keep people safe to filter out the spam and then after that allow people to invest in IC o—- something that I think like I said a lot of the world still needs to adopt in the u

s for example a lot of I SEOs majority of IC owes any IC oh that's probably any sort of decent is going to stay away if they do accept I am USA investors I would be cautious as to if they're just trying to get the money and run but either way I think the world still has to get this the US has to get this so that we can get some good I SEOs for US investors because I SEOs do have a do offer a unique opportunity to make a lot of huge returns very very fast if done correctly if you find the right IC o—- but if you can't invest them because you're not good because you are in the us that is an issue now we're also seeing this I'm surprised it took a look it took this long for it to happen so we have a lot of stable coins that are pegged to the us

dollar I'm surprised to see we haven't had more trying to peg to another currency now I get obviously the US dollar is a very big currency it is a major currency out of the world a lot of other currencies actually depend on the US dollar doing well right and how that well and just overall on the world economy the us plays a big role but they're now trying to create a yen a stable coin so Chinese blockchain fun to raise 13 million dollars for Japanese yen stable coin so the Chinese entrepreneur in charge of a 15 billion dollar blockchain fund will seek to create up to three new stable cryptocurrency stable coin pegged to various fiat currencies the South China Morning Post reports Tuesday September 18th so this is interesting to see I'm kind of curious to see how this is actually going to play out I know a lot of people are moving into the stable coin hype I think stable coins obviously offer a great bridge in between having you know people who use fiat into coming to use cryptocurrency at so volatile I think it's a great bridge in between and something I don't things being yeah I don't think it's being used as much as it could be but we're seeing everyone now want to create a stable coin we've seen obviously the Gemini the Chairman had twins want to create a stable coin we've had you know talks about exchanges creating stable coins everyone now that the ico hype is down it seems like everyone wants to create a stable coin so we're gonna have to wait and see how this actually does play out still like I said I'm surprised it took so long to get other currency stable coins but this could be a huge failure who knows we're gonna have to wait and see but looking at the market so aetherium and ripple had they searched 10% within minutes in abnormal market activity I don't even know if we can say this is abnormal guys you know it with cryptocurrency how many times have we seen something go up or down especially the last few weeks go up or down ten percent or more in just a few minutes maybe even an hour so I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about it's a big point do this countless time we've seen several crypto currencies do this countless times I don't know if we can call this abnormal anymore honestly it feels more normal than anything else if it's not doing this and it's just trading sideways I'm starting to get worried and being like wait what's going on now why are we just trading sideways like we have been for so long here this is the type of movement where I was like okay thank God cryptocurrency still volatile oh thank god we can still make money trading right so but if you're human ripple surge like I said if they're your most the one more people question because there was no real reason for it now Ripple's XRP there was a little more reason for it to run up is it a good reason we'll talk about that just a bit but there was a reason for it to happen well aetherium looks like it was a group of a group of investors a group of very rich investors first of all so as you guys can see hence the abrupt increase in price of aetherium was more likely caused by a group of investors pushing for a corrective rallying after aetherium recorded a steep decline from 220 to 190 it looks like they are trying to have a bottom for aetherium is it going to hold not if Bitcoins bottom doesn't hold if bitcoin does continue to fall if bitcoin does hit lowers lower lows a lot of people do expect it to happen and obviously I'm keeping the trade group updated with all that information so if you want that if you want to see the market breakdown which is a little delayed in the groups I wanted to wait till we had a little more price action but now that we are seeing it I'm going to come up with another market breakdown so we can strategize the next few weeks / month so if you guys are interested in that again make sure you do go ahead and check it out there's a lot more than just trades in there there is just complete breakdown to the market understanding what's going on all coin picks long term holds short term trade everything is in there guys honestly I think you guys really enjoy it but like I said I think in theory I'm I think people are trying to make a bottom for aetherium we're gonna see if it's gonna hold personally I still think aetherium might have some room to drop and again I'm gonna be announcing in the group where at what level I think it's how how far is going to job what levels I'm looking to pick some up to enjoy the nice swing now X RP x RP we're gonna talk about at the end of the video why it's going out but like I said there is an actual reason it's just just might not be the best reason right now tether was frozen so was frozen tether and that likely dragged down the crypto market that was on Monday so tethered coins were frozen for several hours on September 17th due to technical issues experienced by omni layer the underlying protocol of for the stable coin backed by the US dollar so a lot of people are now saying wait a second wait a second USD T got frozen and that caused the market to go down there's a few things I think tied hand-in-hand to create the mark going down we talked a little bit more about that yesterday as well this could be one of those reasons now if we take a look at the market we are just at a 200 billion dollar market cap with Bitcoin dominance at fifty four point nine percent yes a lot of things are in the green today looking pretty cool aetherium up one point six eight percent Ripple still XRP up almost 20 percent some of the biggest gainers are XRP steam is number to our door chain-link hollow golem a good cryptocurrency up a percent nano as well having itself a nice little run one that we consistently trade in the group and consistently make great great profits on to continuing to buy when it's low and selling when it's high it's working very very well the exact figures the exact range we are buying in and selling at again is all mentioned in there and shortly after that guys like we see the green there is obviously more green than red in the market today some of the biggest losers aurora's down 27% mix-ins down 68% 6

4 percent and Tasos is down 58 percent I wanted to talk about tassels because I said yesterday when it was up a ton that I was not looking to get into it because of the fact that I thought it was going to dump if we look at the last seven days look at that there was a huge run up over here obviously and then yesterday we saw we saw eight rise due to or a few days ago actually don't remember how long ago was when they announced their may know that when the main that launched well 170 million dollars was erased from that that's why you never buy the news usually usually what the saying is you buy the rumor you sell the news in this case you buy the rumor you sell the news because it erased 170 million dollars from the market cap in just one hour after the main that launch because well it launched so the price went up everyone made their money lunch everyone sold so XRP like I said what is the reason for it going up well a few things one we talked about yesterday the potato the crazy theory of $589 per xrp that was going out now obviously not even the people at ripple agreed that was a very very crazy prediction to make I think that was also by year's end which is just you know I'm all for crazy prediction in the long run saying well we don't know where things could be in 10 20 30 40 years and I agree by the end of 2018 though $589 I'm not gonna make a john mcafee bet here I'm not doing that but you know III don't think it's gonna happen but they did say this was because of X rapid X rabbika cause the crazy price increase now again some people like ripples some people don't like Ripple that is a hunch percent up to your own opinions I'm just saying that it's up a ton because one the theory and two of the fact that it hinted that the cryptocurrency product which is X rapid will go live in the next month or so so in a few months time I'm gonna say it's safe to say one to two months it might be going live we might be seeing X rapid and actually see what it can do see what the effect will have on the price how that's gonna be before the end of the year apparently so that's why the prediction for $589 by the end of the year was the thing still don't think it's gonna happen but of course people here the hype people see the crazy theories they're like wait 2000 X return on my Ripple on my investment every one thousand dollars will become two million dollars right I think that was correct I don't even know if that was correct was that correct 200 B – yeah two million dollars for every one thousand dollars I'm not surprised people are throwing their money in here unfortunately right I wish I was surprised that people were throwing their money in here because of how crazy it is but I'm not surprised because that's just how a lot of a lot of people work but still guys that's gonna be it for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don't forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below in order to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin and of course be subscribe and have your notifications turned on so you can check back in to see if you did win so you can go ahead and claim it but guys thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys tomorrow for another video

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