The 1 Bitcoin Show- BTC is Pokemon FUD? Trezor coin exchanges, Lightning tasks!

Hello everyone oh this is adam meister the BitcoinMeister the disrupt meister welcome to the one bitcoin show today is September the 19th 2018 strong hand to furrow of gratification long term thinking uncomplicated well one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin well today well it was Yom Kippur it's over the fast was easy for me I hope you had a good fast and now it's uh it's time to talk some Bitcoin show is I'm pushing this it's almost the end of it's almost midnight here on the East Coast had to get this show in before midnight and I'm just finding out you know what happened I was away from Bitcoin for twenty over twenty four hours okay and again I said this story in Russia after Rosh Hashanah I'll say it again it is good to take some time off a Bitcoin it's just good it's relaxing it's great it shows you there's a real world out there I didn't saw it all of a sudden I'm hearing oh there was an exchange got hacked and look the price the the Fiat price went from up to down up and all these traders got wrecked so what again you all of you I'm not saying all of you should have been at Yom Kippur no of course not all of you should have been holding you should have had your strong hands going so all they did I miss that all of it that I miss that all of this happen makes no difference to me still have the same amount of Bitcoin I had before wouldn't have been worried about if had I'd been paying attention yeah exchanges get hacked are you unfamiliar with that concept who the heck keeps their money and who that keeps their coins in an exchange after watching this channel so much pound that frickin like button alright so but in the real world um before Yom Kippur started a guy came to me in synagogue and he said he just starts talking to me who might be said who are you madam Meister and he asked me if I was related to some other Meister's which of course I'm not and he's got some type of photographic memory with last name seriously the guy was a pretty smart guy and I'm it's important to remember that so he asked me what what do I do so I I just like well this is an opportunity to bring up Bitcoin as I do Bitcoin he's a Bitcoin he's come on man a widow no one knows the value of a Bitcoin it's like Pokemon it's like pokemons he kept saying this to me pokemons tease he's comparing Bitcoin the Pokemon and I and I just like I wasn't really getting it and I I was calm and he was he's a cool guy and everything and he didn't mean disrespect but here's the thing he's a smart guy but he watches the mainstream media Annie he you know he's pretty he's got a family and whatever so he hears you know these generic thud about the most I mean the simplest and mindless of FUD a smart person can pick up if they are ingrained in mainstream society where you know they're just paying attention to the news and everything so I just said hey do me a favor man just you know look it up watch my channel you can remember my let you got a photographic memory for last names you'll remember me look up adam meister and everything um but again he it got me thinking how early we are in all of this okay said as an intelligent man he's comparing it to pokemons still and he's like it I heard it went up to you know 60,000 and it back down houses have value and I try to correct him on the numbers and it was again the services were about to start I couldn't get into a big discussion about this or anything uh and over again the reason I'm sharing this story is because it's a bullish it's a bullish story but at the same time he makes you wonder you know and when I'm doing a channel like this or all of us in this space and it's it's not for newbie and it's you know we're not reaching people like that guy we're not reaching people like that guy and I've got to commit like Teresa got a person like that guy you've got to have a channel that's dealing with whatever he's interested I don't know if that guy who watches YouTube I mean it's clear that he's got some mainstream media stuff going through his head to comparing it the pokemons I don't know where he read that but I'm gonna give you a shout-out to someone like that big towel okay then should Mick Tao has a meet towel channel okay and if he talks about Bitcoin a lot and that's and he gets people interested in Bitcoin who never would have searched Bitcoin out on their own now Allah unfortunately and it's it's shameful many people many men on him on his site are just like totally brainwashed and they're like oh there's a government conspiracy and I mean it's some of the comments are horrible and if you can look past the comments by these people who are never going to get out of their doom it is very positive that you know some there's no doubt that vention mcdowell through his midtown channel has gotten in touch with gotten people into Bitcoin and so I don't know how you know I okay I got a contact people with baseball channels they should be talking about me cow we got a I'm not Mick telling there should be these are we talking about bitcoins okay I think it should be I think something I'm gonna try to do I don't know how I'm gonna try to do this is this a New Year's resolution here this is the Jewish New Year you know you know some other channels that I watch maybe try to bring up Bitcoin at them and say hey can you just mention it can you just list the Bitcoin address because we got it they're gonna be a lot of people to miss out on this thing and they're a lot of smart people who unfortunately again are stuck in this mainstream world but still might be into other niche niche subjects and we've got a I mean here anyone watching this right now if you've got another passion if you go to another patch that has nothing to do with Bitcoin tell them about Bitcoin tell them mention it on their Channel tell them the list of Bitcoin address I think that's the best way to reach out to I content creators out there is like hey you're not making a lot of you're not doing well you too doesn't pay you a lot just was the Bitcoin address and mention it and try to learn what it is and tell your users who are interested in cars or baseball or football to be interested in in Bitcoin also so again okay that's Adams little taste of the real world I'm sure all of you have a similar similar Fudd stories again and he's not he's not trying to spread fun fear that uncertainty he just has a lot of doubt and by just talking about it he's spreading doubt which is uh it's unfortunate but hey maybe he'll maybe he's watching this right now how you doing dude all right so what else do we have here yeah check out again I'm on Twitter on tech ball te CH B alt then on steam it I am bitcoinmeister I'm just reading some things I've wrote all these stuff a little pieces of paper here's the Pokemon I talked about all right yeah and again it was great to take some time off even when I'm taking time off a Bitcoin it gets brought up but anyway that was brick before services and that's been over 24 hours ago and I did not know the price for over 24 no I did know the price one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin pound that frickin like button alright again mister up meister comm my archives over a thousand shows there the last few shows it been fun check them out this week a bitcoin with Catelyn long was awesome I'm still planning this week a Bitcoin will Friday don't know what time its gonna be I'm leaving for Santiago Chile at 7 pm

on Thursday you'll get a show tomorrow don't worry it might be a pre-taped show you're gonna get a show here so tune in to this channel of course so here Tresor Tresor has this tweet out here feature release our beta servers now allowed you to exchange crypto currencies directly in the Tresor wallet interface feel free to test this awesome feature and make sure to leave your feedback below again everything I talk about is linked in is linked in the notes section below so you can you can click on that I did not try to do that okay and there was a question in that thread where are you guys gonna do kyc eventually this seems like a great way around kyc and treszura employee answered he was I mean he kind of implied that yeah they probably will have to do kyc eventually but so I don't know how they're exactly pulling this off there they're probably doing it through exchanges just making it seem seamless through the Tresor hey experiment with it maybe it's a good deal right now if you don't want to if you want to avoid kic temporarily a baby you could try this out again I don't advise trading your precious Bitcoin for any of these all coins but man maybe you got some light coin on their trade it for something you get exchange it through some Bitcoin for some Bitcoin as they would say all right here's an article from Yahoo NSA link fuels rise in hacking crypto mining alright so there was some NAC NSA you had a leak some hack tool that allows people to well hackers to to use your computer to to mine crypto currencies okay so number one be careful what you're downloading and with your privacy and everything on your computer secondly this is bullish for Bitcoin and crypto currency okay these dudes that are hacking into people's computer and using their computers to mine and there is criminal of course but criminals don't do things for that for the love of it okay they do it for pure greed and money and value so this is just a not you know for the people out there like all cryptocurrencies are worthless there's some people go into some great lengths okay you know getting some NSA leak tool to become crypto hackers okay they're going to great lengths to acquire cryptocurrency it's got some value dude and again you know I don't need criminal validation to for me to understand for me to know that Bitcoin has value but there are some people out there maybe you can if they're like it's worthless well then why are criminals going to these great lengths to mine it if it's so worthless okay to steal like that alright so something else set so check out that below link below if you're interested in hackers and all that great good lovely stuff don't be just just buy and hold don't don't try to go that route that you never honesty is the best policy dudes so well here we go the iPhone you know the great McDowell money Channel and I forgot to link to it below I'll do that after the show it's a very good video if you can compare it to be I'll go out goods tomorrow I'll link to show tomorrow is I won't go into more of this tomorrow the iPhone the new iPhone came out apparently I don't know I don't even own a phone $1,499 it cost and you got to know you guys know that there are more people buying that I fossa throwing down $1,500 for a frickin phone for a frickin phone and then they say oh I could never buy Bitcoin it's too expensive okay fifteen hundred dollars on a phone or $1,500 once a Bitcoin I gotta tell you that phone goes down and value right away the Bitcoin you hold it for a while you think long term buying an iPhone is impulsive okay buying Bitcoin is long-term thinking I can't I don't know why you need the greatest phone and and some of the people of course buy an iPhone or like oh I'm broke but they gotta have a phone I mean again take personal responsibility the reason you're broke is because you keep going into debt because you gotta have the latest and greatest phone all right personal responsibilities of new counterculture think long term don't pay $1499 for it an iPhone get yourself some bitcoins bitcoins much better much better deal than a frickin iPhone alright here is a here's something from what's this guy jail in foster if you notice most ta gurus tech analysis gurus calling for sub 6,000 5,000 4,000 $3,000 Bitcoin etc also our stating that Bitcoin has tremendous value and will be priced accordingly in the next 12 to 24 months it's not worth losing any Bitcoin to try to get any few points lower Bitcoin punishes the impatient that's the main takeaway there people that's the main takeaway from this video bitcoin punishes the impatient all right you know even the guide the TA gurus out there know over the long term what it's all about okay so all you people who think you're traitors or let you you think you'll be getting a little bit of a better deal to the next guy you're impatient you're impulsive you're gonna get rekt and punished it's not worth it this tweet really sums it up very nicely there just another reminder I think long term don't be impulsive 2020 having etc so enlightening network news L&D workcom it's linked to below lightning tasks complete micro tasks earn bitcoin powered by lightning so that's cool micro tasks and so you get paid a micro amount through lightning they call it lightning tasks that's awesome check it out I don't know how much it's working if it's working right right now what exactly the micro tasks are but this is the future this is stuff that we can we have a hard time envisioning right now but yeah people are going to get paid to do little teeny things and they're gonna get paid little teeny prices and the way you do that is through a lightning Network all right what do we got here one atom at traceur help calm is my email you need crypto consultation again I'll see you guys to Santiago Chile soon enough one more Baltimore show coming up before I leave and finally Gemini says Gemini we will be waiving all fees on Gemini block trading starting September 21st 2018 at 9:00 am and ending on October 31st 2018 at 4:00 p

m dude I don't know why they're doing that I guess they're trying to get new customers hey I just wanted to announce that out there don't be a traitor but again if you're a person who's interested in buying Bitcoin and you've got a Gemini account then what is this we will be waiving all fees on Gemini block trading starting September 21st which is uh it's gonna be that's what Friday yeah Friday so check that out if you're a Gemini user see what that means I know some of you guys are Gemini people or maybe have a Gemini account you don't usually use and maybe this is an opportunity to not pay fees I don't know all right I just want to put it out there i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe this channel like this view share this video check out the notes section below and I will see you guys in the chat

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