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what's up everybody hey YouTube how are you doing my name is Charlie Kelso I'm just an average guy sitting on his couch letting the robot make money on my day off thought I would come and show you how it's done how I make extra money and show my plans for the future my projections and how much money I'm gonna make by next year and give you a little estimate about how much you can make if you got into this as well I'm really not here to sell anything I don't need you to sign up or join or have big seminars or send me money or anything like that I'm basically showing you how to do this because it's really hard to explain to a person just in person without showing them so that's why I'm doing it there's a referral program too but we'll get into that in a second so anyway let me get started it's almost midnight GMT and that is when the new rates took effect for the following day so I need to get my Bitcoin changed into bitconnect coin and then I'm going to lend it to the robot you can do some more work for me which is always good all right I'm still a little rusty with while not rusty existence and I'm new with this screen capture software so make a few mistakes here and there anyway here is my bitconnect screen if you look at the link down there in the description you're gonna see a referral link this is me charlie Kelso right here if you click on that link you do not have to use my name you don't have to use anybody's name you can just be on your own it's good to have some help from somebody that knows what they're doing you know otherwise you can just watch youtube videos and figure it out on your own but if you need somebody to give you some pointers or help you out or help help you with anything put my name in there and I will definitely help you out so what I did last Friday I funded they sent three hundred ten dollars to this up hold account one of those online wallets this is basically you need an online wallet to get Bitcoin unless you can find an ATM there are ATMs just go on Google Maps type in Bitcoin ATM you may be able to find one in your area the fees are pretty high so shop around with that so I had three hundred ten dollars a night USD wallet and I sent it I already did this because I want to make this video kind of fast I sent to nut to this card which is this is right here this is a Bitcoin wallet if you want to keep it on there but I sent it right to see here let's he credited I sent it over here to my bitconnect wallet and there it is right up in this corner here you can see so what I'm gonna do real quick is I'm going to exchange that for bitconnect and after that I'm going to make a loan from right here and it should be about $300 worth I sent three times but there's there's exchange fees and stuff like that one you there's what you have here's of exchange fee exchange fee is not that much on uphold it's only 075 percent it's higher on coinbase but the network fee last time I sent from coinbase it was kind of low this one is at point zero zero seven BTC so that became out – let me just copy that real quick and I'll look at the price of Bitcoin you can see the most recent price of Bitcoin here forty three forty seven so I'm going to copy that zero zero zero seven times forty three forty seven that was my feet was about two thirteen something like that so that's not too bad depending on what the price of Bitcoin is that fluctuates so but usually that usually this network fee is about the same on uphold and like I said on coinbase I saw it lower but usually it was around that same amount but so these are the only fees really that you incur your exchange fee and your network fee now let me go back to that page here I am going to just click on exchange and it's going to take me to the exchange I'm basically just gonna click on the easy button so I'll show you that as soon as this page loads up ding ding boom boom alright this is the BCC exchange you can trade on here and buy and sell but what I like to do is loan it to the robot because I think that's where the maximum profits are at I'm not a very good trader I get to do it a little bit with light coin in the past and I did make money but it's kind of nerve-wracking and I prefer to let the robot do all the work for me so alright this page is loading slowly gotta be a little bit patient with it all right over here I am going to click on all and so that's me some reason it's going slowly now click on all it should be populated that's this amount here is all of the Bitcoin that I had in my Bitcoin wallet I'm going on there's a couple different options here you can do last bit or asked I'm just going to go with left again this is the easy button and I'm just going to click on buy back to Neptune and confirm and it's going to give me a little tiny pin alright your request to buy let's see if it's up here yet it looks like see how there's a tiny bit over here left over most of it is there let's just refresh that real quick and when I say reach what real quick I hope it is real quick no it's been slowly I'm wondering if it's well I got a lot of programs on I got a couple spreadsheets and I got this recording software so hopefully I won't have to edit this out and let's go back up here and is that others law well let's see how much I got in there right now put 0 to 8 by 2 okay I'm going to copy that and I'm going to multiply that by 1 36 38 where's my popular closed it all right times 136 this is the front rate of picnic line when they're doing wrong here I have that much that kind of law doesn't seem right must I do I'll be there yet all right this is me here when that finishes then it's done sometimes it takes a little bit of time here so hopefully that will not take too long I should head of should have a lot more than that in there so it's still doing its thing all right this is me and it's filled units total three all right let's see if I can cancel that for some reason it's taking too long I got some but okay I try some more still have this much Bitcoin left over here I think this over here is what I had in there before so I'm gonna try it again hopefully this won't get total fail click all and bye first let's look down here hmm all right then ah looks like successful there 2

26 all right doesn't seem right okay must be lifestyle I think I have a little more to go jump into six so some of that still being filled I think 22 six times one thirty six forty four and this is funny because I told you it's gonna be so easy 136 that's very cool you do have to be a little patient with this stuff okay it looks like I got over $300 worth right there so I don't to worry about the rust there's is still a partial amount of my bite there it looks like this little thing here is where's my order it looks like I have enough I had a tiny bit in there before so now I am going back to the dashboard click on this thing over here this pops out if you click on this anyway yeah my little end bit connect yeah okay said I'm still kind of a newbie at this so if it looks like I'm kind of fumbling I am I admit it but you know what if I can figure this out anybody count it is not that difficult all right here we go invest bit connects I'm going to type in 300 and it's singing 219 I'm going to click on pay from bitconnect wallet please verify the terms okay and confirm that and success alright I just want another $300 so I'm gonna show you holy let me show you before and after real quick well I can't oh I didn't show you before so I have to do here click on dashboard again to refresh it close some of these other windows oh yeah I should show the total investment there 1980 well I could have showed you before but well obviously I just put 300 in and you can see here active investment is 1980 it was 1680 before total earned today $354 so all these money I put in started with 100 a couple weeks later I put another 1100 in a couple days ago I put in a hundred and ten so that's not all just from one go now I'm gonna do a reinvestment this is the profit that I've earned over the past day I actually did a it was a twenty dollar investment reinvestment earlier today so I would have left that alone this would have been 30 so this has to be in multiples of ten so I'm just going to type in Tim you can click on all if you get referral bonuses there's going to be a line here to show you that or if there's a leftover amount there'll be another line there and you can just click on all if you want to do everything and confirm that and that's that's really the hardest part of it that's how I make money sitting around on my couch or wherever I happen to be you you can do this from your phone you know anywhere you have a valid internet connection and you know a decent phone you can't do it on a flip phone of course obviously so let me look at my transactions and I'll give you a quick view of that and try and make this a shorter video than last one that I did all right so you can see right in there bitconnect while I still have a small amount that's the left over because I I have when you do a loan it has to be at least $100 and in multiples of 10 after that so that's why there's a fraction of amount left in there this you can exchange when it's I think it's a $25 cut off to get the change back to Bitcoin which you can put on a credit you know make a Bitcoin credit card or you can send it to your banker whatever you want to do with it from there so I'm going to go to my lending wallet and I'm going to click on length I'm going to show you everything that I have actually lent down here at the bottom this is my first investment a hundred dollars a couple weeks later 1150 all these others ten twenty ten ten ten ten seventy ten twenty twenty thirty ten those were all reinvestment so this was all profit that I remain invested this 110 right there was a bonus from work that I didn't know I had coming in so I dropped that into a loan and then these are more 20 20 30 10 20 those are reinvestments here's the 300 I just put in so how do you see how much money you're making every day seeing your lending wallet and you just click on profit and it's going to show you exactly everything so this loan that I just made it is 6:45 pm so tomorrow 24 hours from that time that I made that loan that's going to show up here that $300 times whatever the percent is and since it's before 7:00 p

m it's going to be at the point zero nine percent so that all comes in every day and just a cruise and adds up and you can do with it whatever you like so here's one twenty two dollars and forty three cents that was on a really good interest day of a one point eight five interest and I got an extra tenth of a percent because it was over a thousand in ten dollars okay so where do you get all this numbers from you can go to almost any page on the bit connect that Cove website go down here and look for volatility software you click on that and it's going to show you this page it's going to show you actually a day in advance how much interest payout you're going to be making so you can see here one point eight five there's another one point eight five one percent there and if you wait until midnight Greenwich Mean Time you can see when the new numbers come in right over here is does 30 September this is where it started at and it's gone up pretty well right here it's right now it's been pretty level around 13 14 percent and that is actual payouts that will come in in the following day this one here is from yesterday pays tomorrow so whatever it is that comes in right now at 7 o'clock will show up basically a day and a half two days later and you can see over here you can kind of get a good idea this is the last 30 days rate of interest if you had invested a thousand and ten dollars and if you wanted to project it out for 30 days let's calculate that see it gave you the average interest point nine six plucks a bump of a 10% if you had over five thousand and ten it's going to bump it to whatever the average interest is plus point two percent and so on that goes up another point two five four over 10,000 but this is money that you would be making let's leave it at only a hundred to give you a caneva very basic your profit would be $2880 after one month if you did nothing with the profits you could take it out daily if you want but I wouldn't suggest that because of the exchange fees so let's say hundred dollars over the course of one year 365 days without ever reinvesting you're still making three hundred fifty dollars that is super good money I don't care what you compare it to good luck matching that so let's look at a thousand and ten dollars over one year and that is around thirty nine hundred dollars profit and that's without reinvesting so let me show you what it looks like if you do reinvest actually these are my personal numbers right here this is what I project to have one year after I started which was August 20th that are making my first advance investment of $100 and I'm looking at making an income of one hundred ninety seven thousand dollars a year by basically by August 21st of next year I'll probably start taking money out a lot sooner than that I mean I'd be making five hundred forty one dollars a day and it actually it's more than that because this spreadsheet that I made is kind of ballpark numbers it doesn't show you specifically exact amounts here's another one I made that's my bit connect goal-setting spreadsheet alright so if you have one thousand and ten dollars to invest today or whenever whenever you whenever you can figure out the whole Bitcoin thing which is you know there's a little learning curve there if you've never done before it does take time to get money into one of those online wallets coinbase or upload condors there's plenty of others but you got a chaperone and depending on what country you're in there's different degrees of validation time that it takes to clear your bank and things like that so it's not like you can just click write down today and drop a thousand dollars into this unless you have Bitcoin already or unless you have one of these wallets set up already and you have that money in your account so all right if you had invested today or you know whenever whatever like like I said whatever you wanted to do that with one thousand and ten dollars at the rate of average rate of 0

9 one percent interest you get a bump of a tenth of a percent here as you can see it would go up to one point zero one percent if you reinvested every day these amounts ten dollars you can see that over time those numbers get more higher and higher and higher because you're reinvesting and it's compounding the reinvestment amounts have to be in multiples of ten that's why you see your ten twenty ten dollars and fifty seven cents or whatever so in one year you have a yearly income of one hundred and one thousand dollars you would be making $1,900 a week and two hundred seventy seven dollars a day again these are ballpark numbers because those rates fluctuate all the time and most likely what's going to happen after you invest a thousand and ten dollars after you see this money rolling in you're going to put more money in let's say now you look at it and you talk to your spouse or your friend or your your dad or whoever and they say you know what let's drop another $300 a month into this well now your yearly income just went up to 183 thousand dollars with just that much let's say if you don't have a thousand and ten but you do have enough to invest $300 a month you're still gonna come out a hundred and ten thousand dollars this is estimates again and I'm just clearly no a financial adviser but but instead of investing a thousand and ten you your total for the year would be three thousand six hundred so you can see here that the more you invest sooner the more that you're going to make in the long run if you spread it out over time you're investing more and that's not gonna be as much so I did a little two-year estimate this is uh if you did three hundred a month every month and to eat and reinvest all the money obviously in two years you're gonna have a yearly income of over three million dollars yeah that's crazy I know it's just it's not unbelievable and everybody says that you know this is that's how do you you know and that's why it's what you should do that's why what you should do is start with the hundred dollars just to see for yourself the money coming in and then a little light bulb goes on and you start running some of these numbers if you want to use my referral link I will happily sign you these spreadsheets that you can use but you do have to make it at least a $100 million investment remember you're not sending that money to me I will get a commission from it from anything that you invest seven percent for a referral anything that you would invest so that's pretty good money and so far I have zero referral so what else did I want to show you I wanted to show you the real time in this chart I showed you that this weird site right now you can see the daily interest chart you can actually go back over the entire history of it connect and see how much the actual interest was paid out okay so these are really good numbers guys look at this one 186 one point 92% super good numbers and as you can see kind of fluctuates between zero and two percent this is just in the past 30 days clip averages out around 29% if you go to six months the average is point eight nine but these numbers change depending on the week that you're looking at if is here's the last seven days was point 95 so the numbers I used my spreadsheet is like point 91 it's a good honest number what else do I want to show you I want to show you this is the Bitcoin price chart and you can see on this page today's open this open number right here is at midnight Greenwich Mean Time so that's 8 pm Eastern Time in the US 7 Chicago time my time and what is that 9:00 pm California time you know wherever you happen to be just figure whatever the differences between Greenwich Mean Time and your local time and you can see when this number is determined so right now it's at it's going up four point two seven percent the price of Bitcoin is started twenty four about 24 hours ago at 41 69 it's gone up to 43 where east of the highways for 363 right now for 347 so again you can see these numbers any any time you don't have to sign up to be able to access any of this stuff you can look at these numbers and just kind of run them yourself get on a calculator spreadsheet whatever you're comfortable with you can see here let's see what's this the 27th it was the volatility of Bitcoin it went up 8

1 7% so this number here the 27th is going to correlate with two days later the 29th that was a one point eight five person attack you see here lower lower numbers today 2009 and tomorrow point two one that correlates with these other lower lower numbers were the volatility it wasn't that much so do you ever lose money in this no you do not ever lose money the most the least you'll ever make is zero if you have a loan of less than a thousand ten dollars if it's more than a thousand and ten dollars you get that guaranteed 01% and so on from there so that's that's it without too much making your head spin and there's just so much to see here anyway you subscribe to my channel let's see what else did I want to show you I think I want to go back to this real quick i'm gonna wrap it up here hey thanks for checking this out I really appreciate it subscribe to my channel like this comment if you have any suggestions or comments please leave them below if you hate it do you think I suck I don't mind go ahead and put that in I'll probably gonna delete it but hey it's your opinion that's fine no spam please I delete any spam so suck it deleted wait sorry mom if you're watching I didn't swear it no really I said yeah anyway thanks for checking this out this has been my overview of the bitconnect lending program and how I make money every day just sitting around on the couch as you can see here I'm actually just sitting on couch so Cheers

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