Bitcoin is only at $8000- have a strong hand! The more crypto-dividends the better! Two 2x forks?

hello everyone this is Adam Meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to tonight in bitcoin today is November the 16th 2017 at least it still is on the east coast of the United States buy-and-hold alright this is my second show of the day have a strong hand people remember on Friday 4:30 pm

Eastern Standard Time is this week in Bitcoin we're gonna have one golfed on and BTC bene and crypto Medici 4:30 pm Eastern Standard Time on Friday that is 1:30 pm on the west coast in Los Angeles all right Bitcoin is the world preserve cryptocurrency people remember that and it is it spud pumped today we're going to talk about that in a second on Sunday 7 p

m I'm going to be a blender in Bear Sheva Israel there's gonna be a meet-up there Bitcoin meetup thanks a lot for people who are setting that up remember this is a fun Friday even the eve of FUD Friday who knows if it's going to be a fun Friday or not I always have prepared with a strong hand for fear and uncertainty and doubt to be spread about Bitcoin on Friday the Thursday was a day of a quite a lot of happiness Bitcoin night hit eight thousand dollars it does it all-time high but it's on days like this you have to remember this is not a time to sell because this is just the beginning you have to have a strong hand and keep it at least until the having of 2020 okay we're talking five digits one day maybe next next year who knows when and this is not a time to say oh I did so well it's it's over no no first of all it could drop a thousand dollars tomorrow but think long-term don't think about tomorrow think what what's it gonna be worth of 20/20 around the big point having or around 2024 just try to hold on the Bitcoin as long as possible so on days where it's doing really well it's you know it's maybe even harder to hold on to your Bitcoin than on the days that it's doing poorly and I've said this before but it's it's worth reminding everyone about so let's get to the news real quick oh let's get that oh be classic be classic the fork of be cash or the crypto dividend of the cash excuse me a 7 blocks have been mined so beat classic or maybe more now beat classic is real it is real if you hold be cash you're gonna get a crypto dividend okay it's like it or not you're gonna get it we're going to talk about that later remember you can get my attention by using the super chat also check out the links section below I'm if you're watching this live I need to update all the links and I'm going to talk about in the show but if you're watching this taped everything that I talked about will be linked to below all the crypto dividends this I'm going to explain the crypto dividend situation again in this show so everyone is clear on what is real what is fake and how many they really are you can email me at a dimitra's or help calm if you need a crypto consultation these things aren't free though when you do a crypto consultation with anna meister they're not free these videos are free but the crypto consultations are not free so just just to clear up we've got a couple of misconceptions out out there but if you do have information about crypto dividends you can email me send me and of course follow me at uh on tech ball at lula at tech ball eech be alt on twitter and yeah cryptography tee t-shirts below you get a $10 you get a 10% discount with the maestro discount code get your tresor at crypto h so you want calm all sorts of affiliate links that deal with getting your trays or for a discount below alright so here is yet there are a lot of fake Forks out there we need real Forks you'll the real crypt of dividends are great and I'm going to get into that later but I just cannot understand why people have this mentality like oh they're too many we don't need any more oh it's just yeah there's only been two but okay we'll get into that later and like you're saying oh I don't want free money I don't think you're a big point holder if you say you don't want a crypt of dividend I really don't think you're I don't I don't know or you're crazy I don't understand I don't understand logic we'll get into that in a second but here here's some news about the the crypt of dividends already exists support for be gold at tresor is planned on monday first draft transactions went through already and we're testing it daddy's from slush all right so tresor is gonna be be gold ready on Monday here's another tweet this is from this is also from slush due to lack of replay protection classic that's beat clash doesn't need any changes in Tresor if communities set up from a community set up bit core not big quarter crypt of dividend from the the github from preform version classic will work out of the box in traceur wallet alright basically beat classic will or beat clash whatever you want to call it the crypto dividend of be cash will work on the Tresor but be careful and I don't understand exactly how I don't know how clear it will be so stay tuned for a little bit of clarification on that pound that like button we got a lot of live viewers here in the middle of the night on the East Coast very good alright be gold update here first tests are conclusive but still need more work release is scheduled for tomorrow that was from ledger HQ they're saying and that's Friday on FUD Friday it's gonna be big old ready apparently so check it out I think people were I I guess this music gonna be able to split your be gold on the ledger tomorrow or maybe just store it there but on the treasure on Monday so check it out check keep an eye on man if you own those tools if you don't a ledger and again go to the philia link below crypto hwy comm and by those awesome storage devices because clearly they care about a crypto dividend and it's just so funny you see there are some trolls out there on on twitter that are just like oh you're doing why are you even worrying about this trees or the and they're trying to say like why are you acting with this why are you helping this bad player be cold is not a bad player dudes you don't grasp the concept they are a state in the united states and bitcoin they love bitcoin they want to make another version of bitcoin so and people get a free and they want to distribute their coat they're all coin in this unique way they're not trying to be bitcoin or just an altcoin it's a unique thing and not trying to hurt anyone I'm not trying to hurt you maybe you don't hold bitcoin you feel threatened that Bitcoin holders are getting wealthier thanks to friendly for crypto dividends and even unfriendly for crypto Dimon's make us wealthy so maybe I don't know maybe you there's you're sad I don't know I don't know I don't know what to say maybe you need an adam meister crypto consultation to get you pumped up dudes you want to have energy because remember it's like 6:30 in the morning where I am and somehow I'm up to make the second video of the day alright so you get a lot of energy when you're adam meister and you live and healthy alright so yeah again follow me at tech ball on twitter that is really important because my twitter account i'm gonna try to be like a crypto dividend this besides giving you all the awesome news throughout the day because i can't i can't make ten videos a day i noticed some people are trying to make ten videos a day to it's really interesting but that's kind of a joke so uh if you get it found that like button so yeah my my I wanted to be like a lobbying guy for friendly for crypt of dividends if you're if you're involved in a crypto dividend you need marketing dude so contact me I'm gonna I will spread the word about your Bitcoin crypto dividend become our maybe other ones too even because it helps the people who are holders I want to encourage holding it is very important savings and thrift have been forgotten by Western society for some reason well because they are hyper convinced hyper consumerism they've just they're the eighty percent are blinded by all the pretty pictures on TV oh god the oh the pretty picture if the mindlessness of the eighty percent and Adam your video quality is so bad I can't learn from you I mean it's like it never ends but then the twenty percent are like dude I made a lot of money because I like bought the Bitcoin when I was watching your your video and 2015 yeah I know you did I did too it's pretty good feeling but some people will never learn so anyway yeah I and we need more marketing in this space we need more social media proper social media outreach and social media use if you are involved with these coins you gotta go you've got the opportunity to use marketing and social media to directly contact the people that will make your coin legitimate you've got a you're gonna contact the storage devices the wallets the exchanges and put the pressure on them and get other people to put the pressure on them so that's what I'm I want to help people out with that when I retweet it my followers my growing legion of followers they retweet this stuff they start talking about it and they're you know they're a lot of the people out there who follow me are very logical they're just like yeah we want free coins we're gonna there and and people who don't even follow me that's that's the nature of people they want free even probably in the 80 in even people want free stuff too they want free coins that's right they think by trading they're gonna get free but they're actually losing but the point is this if you've got something you're giving away for free that's helping holders I want to help you and you need to be able to reach you got to be better at marketing people you got because they're there summit and again yeah there's that I'd like the beat classic people could be better the big core that up that friendly for that's on the fork that was a crypt of dividend airdrop their marketing could be better they don't know English well some of these that's another thing some of the people doing these Forks are from in China or the beat the big core people have to be in Eastern Europe or something it's some weird way they do English over there anyway enough of that follow me attack vault pound that like button all right so people are saying there are too many Forks and they say there's confusion and they don't want anymore fuck first off there have only been two crypto dividend Forks of Bitcoin all right be cash and be gold that is it that is all that has happened in terms of Forks of Bitcoin where holders have received crypt of dividends now and it's not so it's not easy to pull off so when you hear all these so talk is cheap when we're talking crypt of dividends okay when you hear people talking about making a reddit thread or making a Twitter account that doesn't mean anything that you don't count that as a crypt of dividend you count that as someone talking about a potential one all right then we have big core that was an air-dropped crypt of dividend but hardly anyone even knows about that okay so there's your crypt of dividends and again some people gonna be well there's all these other airdrops also blah blah blah okay those things were so complex is so little they don't count all right you gotta make it easy at least you can't make it and the big core one wasn't isn't that easy but it was easy enough the first time around the second time around it probably isn't so certain people certain people do fully they don't get it fully first off freedom money is great all right so if you're like some crypto snob out there no I don't want to I know what's a cryptid dividend well then just ignore it but you're you're free free is great second gold and holders don't even know about this kind of thing so when people are like oh it's diluting the brand and styling the brand there's so many crypto dividends it's most people don't even know about that it can't even get free stuff that bought it from coinbase and had their stuff at coin base and and or whatever there's a people who are involved with gbtc there's there's a lot of in they maybe can I mean if they knew they'd get dividends they more people would buy in the Bitcoin and more people understand you get crypt of dividends when you own a Bitcoin more people would would buy but people don't even outside the space people don't know about again so it's not diluting it to people outside the space was the people outside space don't even know they exist okay third you know 80% the 80% traders out there they like new stuff and whether they like it or not they're a big part a Bitcoin traders are a big part of Bitcoin I I say don't be a traitor but then going in and out of all coins with Bitcoin it adds to the value of Bitcoin it makes Bitcoin more of a rock okay and they will trade anything and they will buy anything so why not create anything through uh through crypt of dividends I mean people are like oh no this who's gonna buy this vehicle who's gonna divide it what's it do what's it do who cares they could have but they are gonna buy it that is the the some people call it irrational exuberance some people call it the abundance that's going on in the cryptocurrency space whatever you want to call it the traders are gonna buy it people want to get in on the ground floor all and some things like this so again crypto snob people in our bubble are cut off from what is going on people really love the notion of getting something for free and getting in on the ground floor on a free coin you can see it with B gold in the tweets out there and the excitement you know that it's emanating from these tweets from just regular people who do not have a lot of Bitcoin who don't have a lot of money who are just thrilled to get this stuff for free they actually want to buy it they want to mine it they just want to be involved with something that's new and it's somehow connected with Bitcoin because they feel like well this can be the next Bitcoin now I'm not saying it's gonna be the next Bitcoin but this is this is the excitement that's built up when you do a crypt of dividend why this is the way everyone should be doing it if you want to create some Allpoint make sure you're forking it for something people and I'm gonna get to that later yeah that's what I was this is the best way to I'm reading my notes this is the best way to format all coin people already okay yeah and so people already very experienced with cryptocurrency Bitcoin holders alright many of the many people who have Bitcoin not all but quite a few a big chunk of them are very experienced with cryptocurrencies are the most experienced people with cryptocurrencies and suddenly they get your altcoin for free and then they either put it on the market or they hold it they either talk it up or they say nothing about it so it's great it's not like you're just creating this all point out of the blue and hoping people find out about it no you're creating an all coin from Bitcoin and a lot of smart people are finding out about it a lot of people who are very active in the space are finding out about it so that's a unique ax aspect of doing doing it the Crypt of dividend wave forming you're all coin that way and of reason why people shouldn't be looking down a crypt of dividends and there and just I mean I'm giving reasons right now why there aren't too many crab we need more crypt of dividends okay it again it strengthens the real Bitcoin it it proves which coin is the best and that is Bitcoin that's the one everyone's working off of right now there's obviously a be cash one it adds legitimacy to your I mean well the big cash one is a grandchild of a Bitcoin which is really cool too but yeah it's strengthens what who the kami is what the real Bitcoin is again Michael Jordan was the best basketball player ever and people people like to wear number three because number 23 excuse me everyone loves the to wear number 23 everyone tries to fork off of a Michael Jordan they try to be Michael Jordan he was the best and the more 23s you see out there the more these strengthens the Michael Jordan brand and it reminds everyone that yeah he was the best one people don't want to copy weakness they copy greatness okay a fork is the ultimate copy attempt it's the ultimate it's if it's a the same thing anyway so it's a picture it's a snapshot of the original and then they change it a little bit all right seven the people who belittle this are not thinking outside of their little boxes they have forgotten what savings accounts were or do they still have savings accounts out there that holding and thrift used to be rewarded and they are again here in Bitcoin and in cryptocurrency so you just it sometimes you got to step outside your own little world I know there's some people it's like a crypto snobbery type of thing like oh um or another altcoin oh it's it doesn't do anything what's the use case of it what's the dis well it's it's free no they don't have a good development team uh who it doesn't who cares the again we are living in a time of abundance in cryptocurrency people buy anything all right so if I'm getting something for free then anyone is gonna buy that these 80 percenters are gonna buy if they're gonna give me more Bitcoin for something I'm getting for free wow just wow what a time we're gonna look back on this one day and be like I'll remember all the free Bitcoin I was getting in 2018 and 2019 from these 80 percenters and lik like I mean now look at my yacht I mean it's gonna be awesome maybe people will name their yachts after the crypt of dividends of old they're like yeah the Beagle got me this one because all these people I got three Bitcoin because of all the beagle that was purchased from me earlier what point three Bitcoin from all the the beagle that was Curt purchase for me I saved that point three Bitcoin and then eventually I bought this house in this yachting 2028 or whatever okay found out like button so alright Schuette let's talk about this to Emma Bitcoin to em which said that they are that they are the true QX Fork that's going to happen on Friday all right so this guy I contacted him at Bitcoin um you could go to Twitter Bigpoint um he's clearly in China she doesn't speak very good English English very well excuse me it's been English very well look I can't speak English very well either can i but it's it's late or it's early so I'm communicating with this guy in China and clearly the guy was involved with 2x before in some way okay he's got a financial stake in 2x maybe he's got futures he kept complaining about the futures market okay that then they got by canceling 2x the futures market was messed up he wasn't happy about that and it appears that this project again Bitcoin to a morgue I will link to it below eventually I mean it's a way to make sure people involved in to X futures market get something but is this is the real 2x it would not it's it's it appears that some miners are going to fork to X tomorrow the original way with no replay protection maybe they'll add replayed protection later but this guy from China the 2m guy there there there he says he's creating a coin at the same block height that 2x was originally supposed to be at so I think he's trying to be 2x to get the rightful spot of 2x so somehow his futures Holdings will be properly he'll get his money out of it but he's not the real 2x here he's forming a good so here here's on his site and this is not the worst thing in the world people if 2x Forks tomorrow and then if he this guy takes a snapshot tomorrow and Forks in two weeks well we end up with two crypt of dividends that are trying to be 2x I mean he's calling it Bitcoin X sometimes his site is not consistent but this is what he says at when 494 784 height achieved Bitcoin XT mole take the snapshot of the blocks exchanges wallets take internal snapshot okay and by the way he keeps trying to tell me that the if these exchanges promised to do 2x beforehand they have to list his corn he's trying to he tried to tell me that and that's not true really they they don't have to list any 2x thing but if they listed 2x the probably list of 2x that's forking as 2x tomorrow not he is which is taking a snapshot tomorrow because step 2 is deploy test network it will take 2 to 3 days so he's not gonna be live tomorrow if test networks are stable deploy the main network it takes one to two weeks to finish all the works all right so he and then he says thanks a lot the core team legal team they finished a lot works and committed mining replay attack protection code this helps Bitcoin x-team to finish Bitcoin segue to M in shortest time alright today November 16 2017 is the independent day of Bitcoin 2 X B TX B 2 X comes back to Bitcoin 2 X investors hands only you Bitcoin 2 X investors have the right to decide the Bitcoin 2 X success or die okay he says investors over and over again so again it's a wet he is an investor he that he feels like that since 2x didn't happen investors are getting cheated they're getting cheated and this is just a way his way of helping out investors so who knows if it's gonna really happen or not if he's gonna go through with this he seems real serious he wants attention he contacted me he contacted Jimmy song let's wait and see if he really takes a snapshot tomorrow and then he really goes through with all these things and there's a test met in a week or whatever it is interesting but he's trying to make the Q X that's like be gold basically it's going to involve GPU mining and so again tomorrow we also might see some miners do 2 X the regular way they were supposed to do it and I'll talk about that a little later so we could end up with 2 2 axis Jarrod Ulric and the super chat super Trek question I know you're not supposed to leave BTC on exchanges but Vinnie and others think USD teather could bring down exchanges your thoughts well you just answer the question a Jared thank you very much for the ten dollars by the way thank you very much I appreciate it and anyone else can do a super chat yes I see Vinnie is tweeting about this and maybe I should get into a little Vinnie talk now – Vinnie is this market they don't leave your you don't have to worry about this if you don't leave your coin zone in exchange alright so don't leave your coins on the exchange people there's no good reason to do it especially down with all these Forks potential Forks in a McCoy if you leave it again you leave you're causing coinbase you're not getting your B cash still its Hilla or your B Clash until January or your be gold ever who knows but yeah Heather I haven't read the full tether article yet okay but the numbers I have done you know and so Linda and I were talking about it he is not where Ansel Lindner is not worried at all about it bringing down Bitcoin okay I don't I'm gonna have to read the article tone days was talking about it also that sheer numbers Bitcoin is huge in numbers Heather is very small if tether is like totally fake it's not gonna bring down big coin could it bring down the BitFenix which owns it right it's BitFenix that owns it right yeah of course if there's some major tether panic there could be a major BitFenix problem but big Phenix did they were hacked once and they came back really strong now people are saying that's because of the tether I don't know they're they're good with finances can we conclude that at least they want to stay alive they're trying to be legitimate on a leveling so I wouldn't it shouldn't be a big worry in your mind if BitFenix goes away or doesn't go away okay it's not gonna bring down the Bitcoin ecosystem we it is strong enough now these exchanges are all about all coins – it could hurt all coin again if it news came out that a major exchange did collapse yeah the price of Bitcoin would go down for a little bit but it's not like 2016 it's not like 2013 when it creates just creates horrifying panic and really hurts Bitcoin so I I will read the article maybe I'll comment on it some more in the future um again he's on my to-do list it's interesting you brought that out Vinny's tweets now are very negative that cannot be denied I I don't fully understand why he's kind of embracing the carrot the bad guy wrestling character that seems like what he's trying to do and I I think it may be one of a certain level it hurt him um IRA bomb that when he he called you know back in the fall in the spring around March when he said you know people should sell Bitcoin and bring it down to three hundred dollars because it just dropped down to eight hundred or where you know it's going it's fall and he was saying you need to teach miners to do the right thing it was it was a way it was it he had some logic behind what he was saying I don't fully remember it now but his he was really good with predictions before that everyone was loving him and then he didn't get that prediction right and some people actually followed his advice which wasn't advice exactly and they lost a lot of money including mention McDowell who often reminds everyone of this invention can do that that's great that mention does that because it teaches you a lesson you can't follow a guru blindly you can't have a we can and sell so I think I think the underlying tone of our community is that people don't like when you say to sell Bitcoin especially when they all of a sudden comes right charging right back up because when Benny said to sell it or when when he said he was selling whatever he said which was not a positive Bitcoin jumped to 1300 all right instead of going down more right around that time period so people were bitter toward Benny at that point and some of the bitterness has kind of made him into this bad guy wrestling character now and you know he's got personal interest he did his own ico he admits that he's into these I SEOs now and he talks I see owes a lot so maybe he just doesn't care about Bitcoin as much and he you know he he's got friends on the B cash side he's key he is a networker he is a businessman a connected businessman he cannot alienate certain people and maybe he sees their point of view he sees things from a different point of view and I don't agree with his point of view I think he's got a flawed point of view on the whole be cash to ax thing I think this 2x thing falling apart in on a certain level might hurt him too might bother him also because he kept warning about you know all that this 2x thing is more serious than you think it is and then it was a complete joke at the end of the day and there was nothing to worry about so I again he's a successful businessman he's a smart person and for the reasons he has my respect and but I don't agree with his tone anymore I don't agree with this bad guy wrestling character that he's coming off being in our space so if he's watching this I don't know you know go your own way you you do go your he does go his own way you got to give him credit on that he's a real man he does what he wants to do and he hasn't any he's just he doesn't like haters I can tell you that who likes haters and he doesn't ignore haters but he's stronger than those he's strong he's a strong guy and he sticks he sticks to what he believes in whether it be right or wrong and he is wealthy and that's a sign of his strength that he he's persevered through where you know he did grow up in South Africa and he's become a rich millionaire in in Silicon Valley nuts so he's got a certain strength the success strength in him alright so that was that was a little bit of handy but people do like to hear about Vinnie and that does pertain to everything that is going on because Vinnie is a big player in everything all this he adds to the drama and I don't think there should be drama and I don't agree with him adding to this drama because there is nothing though bitcoin is number one bitcoin is the one and you know we're gonna have these unfriendly Forks these unfriendly players you best ignore them and not worry about them you take them seriously you take king of the trolls and be cash seriously are a busy be cash isn't going away it's well funded we're gonna get into that in a second so you take them seriously but you don't let it worry you you don't see you don't like try to prop them up and say well they could become the real big no they can't become B cash you can't become the real Bitcoin all right but they are gonna be more scarce from them okay but you just have to I'm trying to have people have a strong hand maybe he isn't trying to get it make Bitcoin people have a strong hand in the same sense that I am I mean I think he's saying hold oh oh because – because it could be the real Bitcoin one day or I don't wanna put words in the dudes mouth read his stuff Freitas read his Twitter feed I'll have to link to it it's not linked to currently any lingham look all right so we clash be classic is real it is the photo of the day link to below a really cool James Bond Sean Connery as Sean Connery logo would be clip classic in it I call it be clash again there are two mining pools online for b-class right now we've got a lot you know the longer these shows go the more live viewers that come on I think I don't feel like I feel like that's cheating almost I'm not a fan of that I think people should come on right away if they want to watch it it says a people come people it's really weird in this space if you just come here to like hang out in the chat and not pay attention then don't even watch these videos seriously you're not watching these videos try to learn from the videos these chats aren't places that I know people like to hang out or whatever but like there's a whole group II people to just go to one to the other to the next and they just like curse at each other and say like 13 year old comments that's not what this is about that's not what I'm about I'm trying to teach people here and stuff and so I don't even want your clicks or your I don't want your pounds I don't want your thumbs up or anything like that I want smart people here that are gonna learn and are serious about this thing and you can have fun and stuff but I think it's a sickness that some of these people have that they just they think they're watching these things and they're just like yelling at each other in the chat or playing game it's really weird to me it's strange and it's not a it's not a positive it's not a positive for you you're not it's not a healthy it's not a healthy good thing to do but anyway you're learning a lot about on the psychology of Bitcoin today everyone and there is big psychology but behind cryptocurrency there eat you know and the guys on the be cashed team they understand that they play the psychology game really well and you saw that last Friday Saturday and Sunday when they were scaring people out of their Bitcoin which is you gotta have a strong hand people so be it speaking of be cash they have a radio ad campaign that's coming out I haven't even I'm not listening to it I don't care that much about it but it just shows you when you have a centralized cryptocurrency with a wealthy leader but he's paying for it can you eat rolls is paying for it I believe if they're gonna be able to cause some trouble they're gonna be able to cause some trouble so you if you hear a be cash radio ad don't panic have a strong hand no it's not easy to have a Bitcoin radio had because there's no king of Bitcoin so if you want to pay for a big coin radio ad be my guest I wouldn't do that don't do that buy more Bitcoin with your dollars or like try to feed yourself with your dollars but again try to get Bitcoin feed healthy through of course alright so what do we got here all-time highs you know they don't even hit you know we hit an all-time high it doesn't affect me anymore because I just i'm social long-term thinker that you know an eight thousand dollars is this nice round number yeah whatever whatever we've been through this but why don't we hit seven thousand dollars an all-time high very recently this you ain't seen nothing yet people ain't seen nothing yet and coinbase says institutional investors are coming a link to their custody at : base comm so people think that's helping pump up the price that they've stated the obvious evo they've been creating the service for the obvious i'm so good for them core debates can do what they want to do they created a service for institutional investors or whatever it is i don't you know that means probably there's gonna be even less cut the customer service might go down for the individuals just a warning because the enema just be prepared for that if you're involved with coinbase because the institutional investors have a lot more money than you and if they actually get institutional clients they they're going to be serving them before they serve you so maybe they'll need to hire some more people of your coinbase hey that's interesting but people have a strong hand when big coins have an all-time high like this have a strong hand it's not time to give in yet people man this is just only the beginning only just to start as the chicago they're the band i linked to that before all right quick so with this show is running so long today quick and again if you're watching this on tape hey man I cannot help these things going long there's a lot to talk about so just if you don't like long shows stop watching now and tune back in later I mean it's that easy or just don't watch me at all it really doesn't matter if you don't want to learn you don't want to learn and it's free so again people don't appreciate free things I appreciate these free videos and I'll I loved watching and learning I always try to learn one thing that's what you when you're involved in a conversation or you're watching something on YouTube that's educational try to just have a gain something from a gain something every time you're just helping your brain and you're helping yourself financially out there but um yeah I forgot what I was all right so this Creek Creek the city and people complain about free crypto dividends to I mean people complain about free things that can only help them I guess they're not going to get very far in life the people people who complain about free things that help them they're they're not gonna get far they're just not gonna get like you you on the other hand who appreciate free things that help you you're gonna do well I know I've done pretty well from appreciating free things really alright so uh quick quick summary of the forks the crypt of doing it Forks where yeah again a crit a fork is where ever even if you hold a small spigen a bitcoin let's say you own a small spit you're going to get that same amount of the fort of the crypt of dividend okay when when you're when a crypt of dividend Forks away from Bitcoin if you have point one Bitcoin here you get point one of that fork alright that's different and so be cash and be gold are the only times that has happened you own point one Bitcoin you got point one be cash you got point one beagle that's it those two have happened already you've heard these rumors keep smart people people saying the two words Bitcoin silver it does not exist all right it was a thread on reddit big coin cash plus is a Twitter account that I talked about yesterday and it is a webpage that's kind of mocking be cash they say that they're gonna do a crypto dividend friendly fork test net first on December the 5th I'll believe it when I see it okay they haven't updated their Twitter in over 24 hours for me I'll go on the side of a joke for now so again people say there are all these criminal dividends out there I named you two that exists I just need another one that's totally fake another one that's possibly think but all you know they have not happened yet so then let's move on then there's be clash be classic whatever you want to call it Bitcoin classic that's another name for it it is it does exist because all that is is the continued eight the continuation of the original be cash fork all right so now we're in be cash land people get your mind the be cash land for a second so if you hold be cash you will are entitled to be class to be classic it is the original B – it is very real is the grandchild of Bitcoin now alright or maybe some would say that be cash does the grandchild at the current be cashes I don't wanna confuse people but the point is if you hold Big B cash and there are a lot of people who have Bitcoin who got B cash who have not sold their B cash yet there's some of you out there for faulty cash if you help B cash before Monday you are entitled to this be clashing now there's no Republika play protection right now okay so there's issue so the exchanges are gonna have to work through all this stuff but there's already in mind there are two mining pools minding the beat clash it's like an ethereal classic situation back in last year in 2016 when a theorem classic was born this is the exact same thing aetherium thought they were forking everyone was going to follow their way the old way was continued that was what happened with B cash so now we have B classic so be patient if you're a be cash holder you're going to you're be you're gonna get this and put pressure on the exchanges to sell this thing seriously I'm gonna do my part on my and I have done my part on Twitter but through social media through retweeting me if you want to put pressure on these changes to sell this be classic because it is in one on one side it does make me cash more legitimate but be the big hash people don't feel that way trust me they don't see the logic they should embrace VP classroom they should and maybe they will and man some of you are saying why are you giving advice to the enemy Adam whether you like it or not there there are probably a lot of people involved with the clash a big B – who are smarter than me okay so they're gonna think about this okay if you think there's no their people and be cash that can't come up with what I'm saying then there are a lot of people over there that are smarter than you I'll guarantee you that okay because the stuff that I'm saying I mean you gotta think but they have people who can think also alright so anyway there this is one over social media now people are using this as a way to kind of prod the B – people and in each show and it it does in the end of the day it shows that there's still one Bitcoin this Bitcoin is gonna have this grandchild that you know when there's confusion over B be cash would be Cash's won't be classic is because that is the original what they did is you know they went away from their original the original blockchain the original chain so now there's a little bit of Venus there and in the end of the day they are the real in the end of the day they are the real B cash because everyone's going to call the real because real be cash but it's funny this B clash aspect of it they should embrace it and just say this is your crypto dividend your game we're going to do replay protect they should they should do the replay protection and so everyone will be happy to get a free creation they shouldn't twist it around and say hey you know what we're good sports about this we're doing replay Chanel you're gonna get this free beat clash crypt of dividend that's it hold would be cash that's how they should twist it they're not going to do that right away though but someone probably won't think but anyway the point is let me get the exchanges to sell it – sell it and once one exchange does it and this we saw this with Polonius and et Cie back in 2016 again suddenly you know we people had heard someone's continuing the etherium the old aetherium change someone's continuing it and then all of a sudden Polonius started selling it and it was to the moon from there I mean everyone then then the other exchanges picked up on it and all of a sudden it was worth something so that's why we want people to get involved it's shaken towards one exchange does this be clash thing a lot of them are going to do it alright so okay next on the crypt of dividend list is 2x just 2x was supposed to supposed to happen tomorrow 2m is trying to be a big old version of 2x basically a GPU version of 2x and then tomorrow according to Bryan Armstrong a small number of miners may attempt to go forward with a fork with a 2×4 k– so there might be a QX in existence tomorrow and then this 2m guy might do his own version of 2x also based on the same block height okay alright so if you control your private Bitcoin key and have never and have never split any coin away from it okay you just had Bitcoin you never split the be cash you never got to be gold that means you're entitled to be cash beagle and B clash okay because they all exist and you never got rid of your B cash if you have B cash you are only entitled to be clash again if you own beat hash before Monday you're only entitled to be clash based on the B cash holdings holding Bitcoin gets you be cash and be gold alright so those three are the big three that exists the B clash exists but it's not easy to get soon it will be though now so then the planned the ones that might happen are the or 2x by the original 2x people 2x by the 2m guy all right so there you go that's what and then you have the proposed Bitcoin cash plus which I call B plus which seems very gifted so that's not very many and then you have big Corps airdrop that you can if you want to get involved that get involved at that's not a lot of crypt of dividends there all these other people talking a big game Bitcoin silver Bitcoin bronze Bitcoin you're rating a Bitcoin and a Meister they don't exist you don't get confused just just focus on what is real out there now and so my conclusion is we need more real ones talk is cheap all we have right now that is real is be gold and be cash and the clash which is basically for the be cash people all right did that help clear things out of people did that that did that clear it up a little bit all right and the other thing people another thing about be cash people I get people like to make this out to be a war and so again my advice is to people is not to worry about be cash ignore them as much as possible don't let them for doing to selling your bitcoin is the most important thing but then you gotta take a worldview here also and understand that they're not going away and so there is someone that says the Lightning Network supports transactions across blockchains I think with this announcement be Cash's fate may be sealed alright I think it is awesome that the Lightning Network supports transactions across watchings I think that is great for Bitcoin if for people who understand Bitcoin but think about in Korea do they care about that at all all those people that just pile into the altcoin flavor the month no do gold and whole people care about that no they don't care about that at all do the traders really care about that some might buy on the news but not not so much so if you think something like that is going to destroy be cash you don't understand the entire tremendous ecosystem is made up of 80 percenters who don't care about things like that and really shouldn't care about things like that on a certain level that it's a cool thing it does strengthen Bitcoin it doesn't kill some all coin it doesn't destroy some off coin it really it really doesn't mean in the long run we'll microtransactions it will it but people you'll be able to buy coffee because of the Lightning Network maybe but king of the trolls is still a billionaire and he's still pumping pee – so the – and there's a bunch of people in Korea who just buy anything and and there's a bunch of people in Asia who gonna keep on buying anything there's all these new people who are gonna keep on getting into the space who are gonna want to be involved with the next Bitcoin and even though Bitcoin is the only real Bitcoin they're gonna buy into these people who are marketing to them whether – whether it be be cached so technological innovations are great for Bitcoin but most people don't care about them and they're not gonna do it they're just not gonna get they're not going to end your issues with a certain altcoin so the best thing to do is just when a Bitcoin innovation comes up be like that is also for Bitcoin let's let's try to spread the word so the price of Bitcoin goes up so more people buy Bitcoin let's not worry about what it does to some altcoin over there let's ignore what those guys are doing over there and let's have a strong hand when they try to do something when they try to do something have a strong hand and I think that's all for today so pound that like button people I'm Adam and the Sun is coming out i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember to subscribe to this channel like this video share this video dude check out the notes section before below I'm going to clear up everything there and link to all the real crypto dividends and proposed ones so free coins are great for the holders I will see you later

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