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hello everyone I'm Seb from The Magic Crypto World and today I'm planning to talk about my investments if everything goes fine I'll be quite well situated by the end of the year well his relative depends what is good situated and well situated for everyone meaning is a relative thing in bit petit in less than three weeks that saying well let's say three weeks I've reached by reinvesting an initial from an initial of $300 investment plus then I'd mind for about 50 or 60 I was being able to reach a thousand total invested so simply what I'm doing I'm reinvesting all the time ethereum versus ethereum is a good opportunity for me it works I'm so excited about the the fact that I'm already at a thousand dollars without any federal so I haven't got any referrals whatsoever well I have three but they are not active at all as you can see people looking around the whole thing you know is always like you have some outsiders and there are some people who are doing it the reason I'm excited because this was a goal and I didn't even think that I'll reach this goal that quick so I'll keep you updated you guys with a month update so on 14th he will be a month that I'm doing so this is very promising for me here I have my compound interest chart for a bit petite I've directly left so they pay for weekends only 1% so those bonuses so I didn't count them in this spreadsheet you will be able to find the spreadsheet in the description below and if you have a look let's say you start with 2 ethereum in 10 weeks time which is two and a half months you can reach 14-15 ethereum quickly, easily about these! if you have a look at the whole thing about these numbers here don't worry about them is just a sketch for myself how and every day how I'm adding reinvesting the coins and the MIN means mining so this came from mining ethereum so in three months time which is 12 weeks you can easily get to 20 ethereum from 25 so it's easy to to have a look at the whole thing two and a half ethereum as the initial investment and then you get to 20 in let's say twelve weeks a bit less than three months so it's very promising for me it works I'm happy with it is a source of passive income for me so basically you get compared to bit connect and all the others where you initial will arrive into your account only once the capital release day is coming which is in some cases 299- 239 days etc here you get a chunk of your initial investment every single hour so they pay for 4

5% but you get back from your initial capital as well in that 45% so it's good it's like in bit connect you get a hunt you put in a hundred dollars and you won't see the hundred only almost in a year here you get back so you can reinvest! Imagine what potential is hiding in any of this I'm happy with the whole thing and really it works properly for me if you want to give it a go with a small amount feel free to do so you will find links in the description below for everything what I'm talking about now in the upcoming time the Regal coin I went into the whole program with I think I bought 500 and something coins now they are on the exchange I have one direct referral I don't know why I'm doing the most possible to be able to show this opportunity to others this is a very promising lending platform which is at the moment at 1230 n– but what I think is that once this I mean the whole the whole platform will be fully functional because for example as you can see the exchange is on development at the moment once the whole function the lending it works actually and percentages are not that bad actually they pay quite nice compared to a bitconnect which is this seven days there are 72 average we've lived better days as than these and the six-month went down as well 30 days to 089 I don't say bitconnect is not a good platform I'm still well invested in it but Regal coin gives you the opportunity to lend your amount let's see: lending! of course! oh yeah I love the street signs but anyway just a little bit of things! So lending if you can see here compared to bitconnect lending scheme dashboard hopefully this doesn't let's see the Authenticator which is if I can get a quick yay right so as you can see in bitconnect if you want to lend bitconnect if you invest under a thousand you have to lock your amount for 299 days this is lowest time amount which is above $10,000 is a hundred and twenty days it gives bonuses and stuff that's that's fine is a good working platform and that's why I'm diversified in on many platforms in case if the worse case scenario is coming compared to that regal coin offers you the opportunity to lock your amount only for 99 days when you'll get your initial investment back this is as well as a in bitconnectt but here you have to wait only 99 days and above 10,000 they give you a different source of bonus so they make an average for 11 days which is about 0

9 something per day which comes on the top of of these percentages which is good and The terms, the days for your amounts to be locked 99 days only for every kind of program in independently of what you invest the only thing what differs from one level to the other is the bonus offered per 11 days it's an interesting type of investment that's why this is making this is unique and I think is suitable the volatility software for example you cannot click on it like on the bitconnect so if you if you go and learn more and you click on the volatility software it works but also you can do it from the lending bitconnect many points so from here and you can get there as well you can see the real interests are as well so real time interests chart now is the actual so I always used to go on 12 hours thing and I think tomorrow will be also a not a good day to be but hey ho bitconnect this is a is a platform which is with us from months now and it proves all the time but this one it has to prove so this is the only back point I mean cons about regal coin at the moment you can you can buy as I said one regal coin for 1213 but once the whole site will be fully functional and in the same time it will it will allow you to use all of its functions it will be on many exchanges and it will work properly then the price will rise so there is still a gap between 1230 and 140 dollars so I think by the end of the year this thing will easily reach $50 that's why I continuously invest in it so I still buy a 1213 so to be honest once this site will prove enough then it will be better than bitconnect Another thing what I do with one referral which I have on the left leg I'm all right let's say on the right side I'm not the best you can go into network network tree and you can have a look at the whole thing how is it it's done and hopefully I'll be able to to build up the right leg with numbers because behind so I'll be able to have numbers the only thing why I didn't get any amount is because I didn't put in the landing program now at the moment because I'm waiting for the price to rise I couldn't get in with too much amount so I really have to choose wisely what I'm doing with that small amount and yeah so once I'll get there I'll be able to invest probably at around $40-$50 I'll be able to make my first loan until then I think and this is my strategy many people reinvested already on they are lending continuously this is my strategy this is how I work with it and at the moment I'm not unique in my team with people means those who I'm referred to and my partners who are coming it may be you you'll find the link in the description below for every platform I've showed you so to be able to build this right leg and the whole thing is to build the whole thing up I I have to play a bit more with the numbers I have to wait until until the price is going up or or something like that but my strategy at the moment individual strategy is to hold hold the amount bitconnect the source I'm well invested in this because you can see here this is the amount one I've invested I plan to invest a bit more and to see how how it comes out if I can I can get up to this if I can get up with this to let's say three thousand that means and I said that in my previous videos I don't have so if I just if I just withdraw then I don't have to do to do many over time allowing me more time for learning and giving me more time for this sort of income so I know I've been working even now but I love to do it so yeah and now as I said in my previous videos I have two other sources of income they are these platforms are almost similar or a fork of bitconnect if you want to say it like that and it will be a very fancy word soon as in 24th 25th of November day October or November whatever Bitcoin will have a fork and if the ethereum as well recently it will All right! so hextra coin is very damn difficult to get into it to buy hextra coins as you can see it opens in one hour 41 minutes and something the ico so basically if here you couldn't get into Regal coin you can definitely get into this one even though it's very the demand is very high this week it's still on 0

95 so 95 cents and what I think that this will rock it's a strong platform they have a white paper, you can build your team they have different sort of lendings I cannot see any sort of point where I can show you how to lend since it's not clear at the moment but from the white paper you will be able to see so this is the hextra coin what white paper it's quite fancy I don't care for example if this side won't go for long if I can make the same what I did with regal coin with this and I've put a hundred dollars in it I will put a hundred dollars in here but if I can get there where with that one so I can make about 10-15-20x gains so if I can gain 20 times more that's quite that makes me happy so for example you got in with a hundred and you make mm or you get in with a thousand and you make twenty thousand or ten is a good point so even if I would sell my regal coins now I will be still on on a 12-time multiplier as a profit I think is a an acceptable profit margin and I'm happy because of that so you can see it's mineable it is on scrypt algorithm it started at 09 so this is what I am saying you are not late guys you are not late at all there will be twenty nine thousand twenty-nine million coins the ICO is only nine million so they will have some backup which is good I mean at the same time what this makes is that will so the reason why they do this will do it this way is that they don't allow people to buy in excess they don't allow whales to come in to this thing with a few millions so if you can have a look the biggest both amount is four thousand and five hundred here there are some big numbers but you can't see too big ones and this is what it makes the coin sustainable and stable in the future so I have very very optimistic thoughts about this coin in the future prediction so the ICO will end in 23 days and from then they will start to build up the sides to to get into functionality they will get to exchanges let's see roadmap so the coin offering they will have in October already they will have a web wallet they will may have a DDoS attack protection which is very good and it makes the whole thing for a quick they will start the lending program in 2017 November Nova exchange in November so basically on those 50 coins Wow I've invested in I'll be able to make some profit probably I really hope so December trade on the exchange program so the program here you'll be able to trade hextra coins which is another crucial point in in the coins' price in December they will have iOS and Android wallet they will be listed on coin market cap on 2017 December but I believe with this November 2017 they will may be able to get there November they predict the price to 20 quite visibly but then they will go to coin exchange in still in November which is another point in December they targeting their price to 50 is optimistic but it has a potential it has the whole structure of the thing is is made as they they don't have whales in it remember Moneta ICO they have whales that's why they keep the price where it is at the moment and they accumulating more so this is what they don't want they improve the security in December they will get a new system mining they will have a mining pool by January so you will be able to mine with script I think L3+s will be will shine in this I believe because it will start some features wallet top 20 on January 2018 top 20 on coin market cap end of the year 2018 proof of stake and it will pay the best interest so you'll be able to stake you will be able to stake I think in the meantime but it will pay the best interest and what they predict their price by the end of 2018 is a hundred and fifty dollars so if I will behold I will hold this coin until then let's say I'll get in with a hundred and I'll multiply that with a hundred and fifty dollars I'll get 15 grand no bad but what if I would get in with a thousand one hundred and fifty thousand dollars so I should consider to invest more another thing is that it's still on 095 and I believe that only for this week and then the price will go up to zero point no to one dollar per coin investment opportunity trade invested me mining affiliate I'm just looking for something which would show initial coin offering which would show how yeah so they will sell in between 15 and 3 million coins so time and a half million coins for 095 and now they are at 2'100'000 so there are 900'000 coins I think they will keep 450 for today and another 450 for tomorrow I think and then from Monday they will go with a $1 price it's hard to get in at this price I'm telling you guys it's it's it blocks it the site goes down and they have a DDoS protection the cloud CloudFlare what did they say up above here sorry guys anyway they have cloudflare I don't know the name but anyway whatever they have a cloud organization looking after that their site and it's still going like this they will have these times so if you live in New York four o'clock nine o'clock in London and so on so forth poor Dubai they have to be up at midnight Hong Kong at four o'clock Jakarta at 3:00 it's not that friendly they should have some windows for those people as well not to have them to be up in these times early times tell me if you agree in the comment section below lending and affiliate program lending is to invest by your own Hextra coin to get the return on the daily basis from the management of Hextra coin lalala if you invest more than one thousand and ten Hextra from the guarantee the additional benefit will be added to your daily return this is their interest so they will keep the longer time periods as in bitconnect but it's still shorter because it's 239 days and the jumps are the same as in big connect let's have a look if it still let me in lend bitconnect yes so the so the jumps in numbers is the same as in the connect is but the times are shorter so here with 60 days here with another 60 so basically the whole thing is shorter with 60 days and this is the point where you can get a 0

3% daily on your investment which makes it better than regal coin if you lend it if it lets me know that I detector I've almost said something we don't have vehicles street signs I love these okay it was ironic alright so let's get into the party lending okay so a 99 days here you can get a bit more than 014% this gives you 03% daily if you invest 10'000 dollars and you get your money back at 99 days so this is the point where I think it's a it's a nice combination of bitconnect and regal coin I think this is a good product at the moment if you get into the $10,000 above investment this is the affiliate program you'll find the link in the description below if you want to build your own team you will be with with us with me in my team and we will drive you to everything you want to know but this are the numbers what you can expect hextra coin landing program is a nice visual thing how is it works you will have a mobile application it will work both on Google Play and Appstore you'll be able to handle everything with at least this is what they say website application they will have the let's see come on right so they don't have the V exchange on on their phone application and it's it looks like have everything else apart of the exchange on Android or iOS which is good I believe considerations this is risky yes it is risky that's why I've risked 100 and strongly thinking about the thousand I don't know I'll still decide and then the thanks okay actually we use their support me and my team to see if we get answer and we've got answer from their marketing team which is positive so I can't wait to to get into the whole thing today will be in an hour and 26 minutes I was talking there's talking too much about it but the reason why behind it is that I really like it but this platform will will work well for me I'm 100 percent sure at the moment in terms of ICO then we'll see how the whole thing will succeed this is why I'm on hold to be honest with regal coin these will be with hextra coin for the same time amount I will be investing when I feel so but from the ico point of view is a very good opportunity here you have a much easier time when you want to get your WNC western coin so this is the the other one which just appeared as I said this is risky as well but I'm gonna test the water at least with a 112 coins okay this is the crowd sale this is how it works now I think they sold out already that 095 level so now they are on the fourth crowdsale and 105 is the next point where you can get in for a 1,200,000 WNC coins okay my network here is unbuilt i'm waiting for you guys yet is unbuilt yet so hey right ICO CrowdSale dashboard you can lend let's see if I click on this it doesn't work reinvest no they have a web their website oopsie-doopsie western coin the ICO which is looking amazing well at least this looks fine and the whole thing looks fun don't get me wrong but the they have a different thing about the whole investment they will have a role let's have a look at the roadmap crowdsale exchange in November already they will have the exchange the lending program and they will have a marketing campaign this will all help the Western coin sorry to get up in price that's why I'm investing in it and then in December they will get on novaexchange exchange coinexchange live coin etc

which is good now they will be listed on coinmarketcap blocks was taking wallet by December desktop Wallet Android and iOS wallet partnership with make merchants they will be basically they will offer a product behind the whole platform this is the the attractive in this they will be sort of PayPal so hello monetha I hate Moneta in terms of ICO they've really sold all their coins in 18 minutes and a half went to a whale so that's why no so if they will make a payment gateway and they will be such something like PayPal horizon that's good you can have a look at the website they have a proper introduction of their product and how will they try to operate in the future and I think is a good thing i really suggest you to do so to look after the whole thing you'll find that link in the description below of course staking landing I'm just looking at affiliate program they have the same 8 3 5 whatever percentage lending ok so they go from 105 and 240 days right 500 and 1,000 you already get 005 percent plus it makes it unique 210 days then for 6 months if you lock your amount for six months you're gonna and you invest between a 1,000 and 5,000 you're gonna get the 01% bonus so on so forth and look at this they have a product for a $100,000 and above oh my god I don't know when I'll get there but once I get there I make sure that let's make it a goal if this website will run for a long time and I will get you involved in this and I'll be able to build up the whole thing my goal is to invest $100,000 or above for 60 days with a bonus of 035 percent a day Oh darlin so that means is calculator so 00035 by 100,000 is $350 no matter what so basically if their volatility interest trading bot or I think they probably don't have I have to read after this better a bit so they will get interest from from payment gateways will see and trading bots or both together anyway so volatility interest will work for 0 I will still be getting $350 a day plus after 60 days I will be getting back my own invested amount Oh darlin this is so all every sort of program what I was talking about now is different pit but it has it pays from your capital as well from the first hour then regal coin it locks you for 99 days and they demand more if you want to get bonus but 99 days for every flow even for a hundred dollars is a very good time so each are good in something hextra coin we've seen sorry we've seen thank you okay so we've seen that they they pay 0

3% after $10,000 and they give your back the money in 99 days I think this is the and you get interest 015 which is in bitconnect 01% but they in plus after a $1,010 so this is a shorter period of time and it gives you a proper interest bonus scheme which is good it makes it unique the Western coin with this program the $100,000 and above in sixty days this is the lowest time amount I've seen in these platforms I think probably there one that that many $100,000 loans but who knows if thesesite grows and it gets to exchanges and you have let's say you get in with 10,000 and then will let's say only you make only 10x multiplier so you get in with a1,000 and the coin will be able to be to sell so you buy 10,000 coins and you'll be able to sell the coins not sell but the value increase from $1 each to $10 only regal a coin is at 12 at the moment just just reminding you so if we I mean if this happened would happen with a sorry right then you already have $100,000 this one's thinking about I don't have $10,000 at the moment I don't have it but hey okay another thing is bitconnect but tangibly I talked about it how it works what my plans are with the bitconnect I put a bit more in it to be able not to do overtime just for for show I've put $5 in it a few days ago and now it's a ten these guys this site is a very risky one so it's just for me it's just a game I don't I don't use it it's just five dollars I went into it if you want so you can try you'll find the link in the description below I don't suggest you to go into it with too much even though they paid 12% apparently and there are withdraws who knows I think listen if it goes it goes if not know we'll see so these are the hyips which I've invested in this is how I make some some amounts of money in regal coin I did and I really hope these programs will work fine as well so in a nutshell this is what I invested in see you later guys have a good weekend if you liked the video I know we've got too long hit the thumbs up button if you didn't like it hit the thumbs down I appreciate all the critics negative and positive ones and Happy Day! (for you) See you later!

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