The Interview at Russian Blockchain Week

What technology will be the most popular in the next three months? in three months? I think it will be the artificial intelligence And not just in three months

It is in high interest now And it will make the revolution in the nearest future That's cool But what is the artificial intelligence? Is it about robots? Yes, kind of And there is a probability that in a long period of time the humanity will become an atavism and will have to step aside

We should start to worry about it right now Do you work with neural networks? Yes What neural networks are? This is a one part of the artificial intelligence What they are for? What they do? Not a lot yet Artificial intelligence, which we are developing, is like a little amoeba crawling to the ground It doesn't have good eyesight and hearing yet

But it is crawling to the ground right now And it will learn very fast The first ability which our amoeba needs — the ability to see things around Then the amoeba will become more and more complicated organism with the complex logic It is not a natural process, not the evolution, which happens in a very long period of time

We develop this artificial intelligence by our own hands right now That is why this process of learning will go really fast

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