Now on BLOCKCHAIN! First test version of BMCHAIN platform released

Good evening my name is Andrey Mokeyev, I am the leading developer of the "Analitica Insight" company Today we will present the beta version of the BMCHAIN platform

It works on blockchain already We took the Steemit fork as our basis and added our functions and mechanics to it Also we completely rewrote the client app of steemit so it is the BMCHAIN client now We made it on Angular 40

Now I`ll show you how it all works starting from the registration process and up to posting, giving a Like and charging bonuses So this is how the platform looks like Let`s click on Register button, and here we have an option to register using the social networks, and using the email Now we register using Vkontakte If the account get confirmed for the registration, you will be asked to write your new login wich will be saved in blockchain and your private key will be shown here

It is necessary to save this key, since afterwards you could transfer your money only by using this key It is saving nowhere just displaying in client app in your browser Enter our private key once again and click on End of Registration button Now we`ve become the Registered user We have no post and 2 basic points of Reputation and no tokens

Let`s try to post something! We'll take some existing post We can also add pictures to our posts Here our post is and it is already published in blockchain You can watch it Can give a Like to it

Can write a comment All of this are being saved in blockchain Some time later you will be able to check your bonuses for this post This post that I`ve just wrote is already have two Likes Here is written that it had earned two Rubles for two comments

And in the post list we have the last three comments displayed The last three comments of the upper level In this case only first comment is displaying This is how the beta version of the platform works You can find a link to this platform on our official website – bmchain

io and use it to register and try the platform by yourself All the tokens on this platform are for testing while the beta version is going on But there are some bounty programms for those who help us in testing most actively and make our platform become better Thanks for watching!

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