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THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! English of course Yo, yo what's up everybody? All right, can you guys hear my voice, okay? I am popping this chat out now What's that hey guys hear me Hmm Yeah, awesome all right all right good good good This fan What kind of bar charts you guys want to see real quick We got a couple minutes before I put the countdown on We need to be this Open frame Drink trick to the beating Alright, let's check out trick real quick Make sure you hit that like button guys it does help us out in the algorithm

We got about 16,000 people I need to see this video now so every light we get does help and you already know once we get above 75 lights I will give away some free cream though I Think I'm gonna go to a theory of us and out on a Bitcoin today and get Hit with all them things so I will start giving away some free ethereal Not what the fees aren't as bad you guys can get more money? Thank you Aussie, I do appreciate it priests priests Hey, let's see ya Beast mode Look it's really great Good Mmm That looks pretty good doesn't it? It's really good Yeah, this thing is ready That uh sell-off might have been exactly what we needed, this is a definite by down here Am I getting on some of this today Yeah, I think I will Yeah, this one's this one salad you guys this one's gonna be one of the biggest probably one of the biggest gainers of 2018 I would imagine This when I hit like stellar dated last year, and then it also Right there That's interesting this was new to the market No, I just didn't have a stain that offend, but it hit in September So what we can expect let's do this real quick Wow look at that Yeah with this one it's really just a waiting game to see When that Let's try to get these a little bit brighter Nice if it popped out more Let's stick with it Yeah so with this one It's really just a waiting game to see you know when a market decides to take it up But it's ready lights about a blue You know what to do The Train is in the station And it's boarded last call right now all aboard the cash train The money the money drink all aboard the Money Train next stop cash down When you get all of those three lines Laying on top of each other you know one two three It's not gonna be long before you know you get a breakout Right That's what you want and I guarantee you if we pull it to 21 up it has to be laying down inside it inside an air somewhere – Hmm so yeah, I would imagine that once this thing once that seven crosses back over that 21 or Once that 21 gets down and recharges inside the 231 Then this thing is gonna be ready to take off more or less once that 21 and that 77 come back together That's when you get the big swings you see that when they come together like that Look at that right there all three lines kind of came together went flat and reversed So that's that's a you know something to look for Yeah, trig is legit It started AutoFix Don't even worry about it man

Don't even worry about all right make sure you hit that like button everybody I'll go ahead I'm gonna people we got what we got we got 95 right now What is it Thursday? I gotta start doing these earlier? 50 people 94 33 lights Cool um All right, so I'll put Our timer on and we'll come back in like 10-15 minutes and get started with this Bitcoin cash deal Yeah, we coming back with me cash so don't even worry about I'll talk to you guys like big king You Check-check you guys hear my voice, okay I'm back in the chat We are ready to get this party started Good All right So we it looks like we have 72 likes you guys We got a hundred people watching on the air make sure you hit that like button if we get over 75 in the next couple of minutes Somebody will win some free crypto from me Make sure you do that, but that's helped us out And the rest of us will get this going Good good good good Oh, yeah, let's post it on the Facebook group That's probably why we only had that number of people So what I'll do is out post it and then I'll run through a couple more charts That's that when we give our Facebook people Man Lance you are saving a day every day So what we'll do is I'll post it on Facebook and then You guys can start sharing it, and then I'll do some charts, and we'll come back and pick up where All right, so that's the post right there make sure you go on and Share that and then we'll just do a couple charts, maybe two charts and then We'll pick a winner Thank You Jarrett had to appreciate that hmm Hmm Thank You, Leonidas, Oh daddy, that's so cool Stickers road Thank you so much hmm That's awesome Thank you this teddy

Hopefully you making some money You've been in our group for a little bit Hopefully you've been able to you know get en el Centro eating You know make a little bit of money to support the Snickers fun Thank you again Ah Let's see um let's go ahead And pull up training you Know we'll jump on a chart or two what? That's interesting 450 oh how do I find that make Bitcoin racing yeah, that's a cool name? Okay k I don't know about Bitcoin physics verification Maybe depends on how many people they have you know later on I guess I'll be right back All right, let's see it Wow Wow That's pretty impressive right there Wow and they're still buying that's crazy that Is crazy Three hundred and thirty five thousand And Counting is this taking like how do they how do they have this inflow does Bitcoin cash deuce taking I? Got like four No, that's the balance no I Just want like This is ridiculous Hey I'm done some let me tell you something I'm sure you value your opinion, but I don't get dumped gotta hear Peace be gone Right rats coming out of hiding must be must be uh Feeling pretty good around the holidays Let me see some Peopie normally be calling people out looking people's Channel up on YouTube seeing what you watched But you wanted them one of them one of them cats they talking about on on these channels subscribe to I'm not doing them I can't be talking crazy too many people hear my voice nowadays

Oh Boy alright Bitcoin cash is cool list Let's check that out real quick How many likes we got we'll go ahead and get this get this thing started Mmm look at that hit that nail on the head back um I drew this chart a while ago – OH – oh I drew this chart at that yellow line I'm pretty sure that's why I drew that damn yellow line up there cuz I said I was gonna start leaving myself a indicator of when I draw the chart – so I drew – start at this yellow line If this was a nice area of support right there We bounced off of it Now the only problem with liske is that 77 is gonna be coming down pretty hard So if we don't get if you have it This may be a good area for you to sell it at let me show you where right there Cuz it's gonna hit that and then it's gonna bounce right back down Right when cryptos fall like this especially when they fall into quicksand They do something like that right so if you have it This is a good ceiling for you to sell it out there, right? It's not gonna do something like that It goes straight through cuz essentially that white still has to go through that 77 and it's gonna get rejected the first time it tries, right? Just like it there right there first time it tries to go through that 77 it gets rejected second time it clears it right So that's all we're looking for But over the next month this thing should be okay, but in the next you know week a couple weeks probably like right there You know it's gonna sit sideways do something like that Maybe do that and then come down Right, but for a quick trade You could jump out right there and Put your money somewhere else that way you don't have to wait to 18th to get paid That's its other stronger coins than this That was a big breakout and a big breakdown now It's gonna need a big flat line in order to regain that energy Let's see Another way you could do it is uh? To Just measure the time that it took to break out and break down And that's about the time you'll need to flatline so this is the breakout That's gonna breathe

Uh break down and then it's gonna be the flatline So if anything you can cut that in half and say that This thing should have some pretty good momentum by that point in time Which is about December I think but I don't want you guys have went that long to make money so the next time it don't suck there Just jump out of it You know make some money somewhere else and then come back and buy this thing right before It shoots off here that makes sense Cool I Got to do a whole video on the theory of me, so we'll do that We'll do that this week done Actually not what we do our four horsemen on Sunday I'll go through a theorem This is this is specifically a Bitcoin to Bitcoin cash comparison We'll go ahead and get this get this thing started make sure you guys share it Hopefully we got enough people you know from our Facebook community now Why why, would you guys why would you guys do that that doesn't even make any sense Don Pablo come on Pablo? you know I'm going to hear you started notification um so yeah share this share this link right here, and then I'm gonna jump down and pick somebody in about 30 seconds Look at that that's a clean chart right there, man That's a beautiful chart Cool I like that too red white and blue like the American dream But uh tomorrow when we come back on if you guys want quite Specifically, you know just throw a little something in the tip jar miss Debbie You let me know What coin you want to see tomorrow? And I'll make sure I get that posted so tomorrow if you next time you're on Miss Debbie You know just uh Say what tardy one make sure you like star it or put some emojis by it too like to see it And then I'll take care of you on our next the next video together

What's up big shot? Right yeah, yeah, man, you know I'm saying they mad at me because they lost money But they still say they're living in a Mama's basement now That's what I don't understand They say you know how much I pay like two g's a month for rent I'm saying it means these these reddit brats living in a mama's basement for free you know steel steel hating on the play There we go Come on cousin I Appreciate it Right did white why are we doing? This? We don't do that we don't do that Where you do don't do that again This ain't no soup kitchen Brian is a classroom Pull up a chair sit at home learn how to make some money don't expect handout Here we go That's all I'm saying man from the project's to the penthouse you know The Facebook link should be right there Towards the top of the group so if you click on the group you might have to click on This little tab right here Recent activity click on new posts, and then you should see me Pop up pretty close to the top because I'll just post that Nice Dwane ready to make some money all right, let's do it There you go, that's good Live from the USA helping you get paid every day This is the bus of Bitcoin the crystal of crypto is your boy be cake and if y'all like me you must not like money Thank you for joining me everybody today is November 30th and as you know Bitcoin is sick north of $10,000 as You know all day every day Ya boy, BK make money seven days a week and today Hopefully you're able to do that with me if this is your first time tuning in Congratulations, baby

You are now rocking with the best my name is BK my friends Call me the crypto trader, and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I graced this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result and today is no exception So if you are just now joining us make sure you turn the notifications On click that bill right there up under my name and come back tomorrow to get some money cash money live on the air Today what we're doing is we are jumping into our Facebook group the number one Bitcoin group in the world as Mark Zuckerberg about me He'd know my name and we have 17,000 of my best friends shout-out to miss Barbara and the in – pink shout out to my man Big Mick holding it down You know I said I just thought people write whoever up here BAM shout out that is due to big Brian holding down pics Young Saeng and and and Crypto some yet in the building I'm gonna start doing that just shout now whoever come up here I don't know this dude Oh Hey, what's gone how Big Shot? I was like I didn't even see your picture 17,000 of my best friends come together seven days a week To do one thing make money stay empowered keep it positive You know create a sense of community in this crypto verse right come on in the doors are always open I do these videos You know on a mission to change the world one Lahav stream at a time right and that's what we're doing every day So again, thank you for joining me

Let's go ahead and pick our winner Let's see who is gonna be I like the number seven so I'm just gonna start at the top and count down seven one two three four five six Big Mike Seven Big Mike that second time when it play on what you stack in the deck That's awesome and Big Mike Yeah, good job So thank you Big Mike so I think we just messaged me earlier today I think I just sent you some money today I'm at the senior-most so there you go Big Mike Bitcoin winner in a day BAM Just like that is that easy to get pay you guys again make sure you click that build Right there outside of my channel to come back with you tomorrow and give out Mike you gonna have to send me a theory in wallet cuz I'm give another theory I sent that money on today They was taxing me on the network, so I'm gonna send in fearing that is a little bit cheaper You know I'm still falling on budget out here Just trying to make it You know safe trying to make it out a diamond in it right, but again come on in you guys 17,000 and growing the YouTube channel almost sixteen thousand subscribers Twitter almost six thousand followers So again, we got a global community you guys the market stays open seven days a week so the boy BK is on the charts Helping helping you meet you know saying bye Eat me profit by profit I mean cash and by cash I mean crypto there you go BAM This is what we're talking about today guys um let's see here

Do I have the thumbnail Where is it? TC oh There goes right here, I like to I like to introduce myself over a thumbnail so here we go Hmm fake one ten thousand, right It's still looking strong you guys right now There is no doubt no joke no question about Bitcoin is the Sun but again but again? We saw a little bit of a testing you know around me Eclipse this summer And I think it might be a moment and parity in the nut two year distant future That Bitcoin cash makes it makes its resurrection that it comes out You know comes off the horizon for another bright day right and so, that's what we're looking at is as traders You know we buy in red and selling the green That's how we always make money so when one asset is extremely high Right and the market highly values that SF Well as traders We need to be looking for the next opportunity and right now It looks like that next opportunity is gonna be over here at least as this one cools down You know and goes off You know over – over – over the other side of the ocean this one is gonna rise up And replace it at least for a short while and by that you will see what I mean in a second It will increase in value faster than this one will Over this next probably two weeks time right, so let's check out the charts and see how that's gonna come together So this is what we have on Bitcoin and again, if you're just now joining us

I know we have new people every day Coming across these videos so what I've done for you guys is I've put together a playlist Called how to chart like a boss it is another link It's a link in the description and it's in the number one comment of this video So all you got to do is watch that playlist Probably the first two or three videos on that playlist and it'll show you exactly what we're doing here You can see my chart doesn't look like anybody else's That's because I don't think too many people was making money like I'm cashing out With these moving averages so to method we use this patented intellectual property that you both your boy develop You know I paid it cost a bit of boss, but you get the profit as a result it's called the boss method it consists of three moving averages a seven a Twenty-one and a 77 you see little brother He was gone in school for a while, but he came back home for the you know I'm Sam fit up for the holiday, so that's why he's back home screen right now We got the lauded land we got the 2:31 You know that's the sheriff so these you know the two brothers live in the house with my granddad 77 years old he watching them all – topic in – 31 – 31, it's really just the area code They live in so that's like the law of land That's like the county You know that's that that's the border for for their Residential development, so that's like their zip code 2 3 1 up What uh? What area code that is you know so that's the law tool and they can't really break that so when they are uh? They're under that two three one that means it's a bad situation that means essentially you know the law of that matter They have to go inside for a little while maybe I like that might do some crazy never even know but here we go How to chart like a boss once the first couple episodes And you'll know exactly the method behind a man since it's pretty good It uses fractal harmonics It uses numerology It uses a little bit of quantum mechanics and a lot of bit of Statistics This how it works white over blue, you know what to do and that Is by whenever you see that white go over that blue that means? It's time to cash in you know and buy whatever it is This is a four hour chart you see me using a 343 But if you have a free account you can use a four hour and basically it kind of looks pretty close to the same Right and also I have my own indicator shout out the crypto pro tools for putting this together but if you just go up there and type in BK back, that's us right there crypto Pro Tools BAM so you can just click one button literally you are a Few clicks away from being able to be financially empowered for the rest of your life if you appreciate that Opportunity just hit that thumbs up one time and I do appreciate you so here

We go right here guys What about blue? We made some money right this thing has been running? But quite some time right forty percent in 15 days a little bit more than that right down there 46 percent fifteen days, that's a lot, man That's a lot That's a lot That's a lot And normally once it strength that high Normally has to self-correct at some point if we throw out the Bonacci up here You can see that white just went under that loop for a brief second so one or two things are gonna happen It's hey they're gonna break out or it's gonna Break down right and this is what we're gonna do to try to figure out, which one Let's see if this works Let's try to jump over that gap real quick BAM look at that

Oh my goodness I make that look so easy Don't it We're coming down at least to the 2/4 possibly to the 1/6 right and Like I said during this time this is where We expect Bitcoin cash to make its money yet if we just throw a cycle line up here bam bam That's gonna be our window of consolidation Before we throw before we phase into the next cycle that goes to them mmm second week of December And then we can even extend this out to Midway to the second cycle, so yeah between now and the 16th Bitcoin is gonna be gearing up for either another run up or potentially a consolidation all the way down to about 8200 right but long story short it has to at least Come down there And that is 95 it has to at least come down to 95 to get some traction in Either direction either if it wants to break out or break down so that's what we expect and I'm not talking about a candle you Notice I turn my candles off That's because you know I don't deal with candles I deal with energy I deal with resonance I deal with Coexistence I deal with a communal understanding and that understanding is the market right so I don't care What well pumped and what will don't you know on those candles? What news event blog tweet? or you know project up update you guys they dictate the market know the intersections control the market the Candle the chart makes the news relevant not vice-versa so therefore I am telling you between now and The 15th of December we will either be down here somewhere at 88 or we will be up above 10-5 that is built into the chart and Definitely by about Christmas time

I think Christmas time You know we might be up here because people can feel pretty good around the holidays and especially with you know between Black Friday, this is actually when the most money is being spent Between Black Friday, and the holidays so we might find ourselves up here north of 10 5 somewhere, right? But that's Bitcoin right so we can expect about a two-week you know Blackout period to where we really don't get much action either way we really just come To a standstill we may break down Hopefully we don't do that but if we do this is what that'll look like right if we break down That'll probably fall Then we'll have to consolidate here right, but if we sit sideways up here We can easily go up You know and test 11:11 5 but if we break down then we'll be down here right cuz then it sort of look like this break out break down and That's where we could our flat line, but up here We can literally Just do like a little sidestep ladder and do something like that right So those are literally like the two paths that we have at this point where they're gonna sit sideways right now Or we're gonna break down right away and sit sideways down here either way It's not an asset you want to go out and be buying right now If you have it sit on it, but if you don't have it, let's look somewhere else You know but a dawn of a new day, and that is in bc8 so here we go you guys you are looking on a 343 Yeah, some some people are asking about the colors what I did was I had a few people that you know I do one-on-ones with And everything and and their eyes don't process the difference between green and orange I didn't realize that but uh actually a Decent amount of population doesn't and so I made it just red white and blue sodalite is the seventh the Reds 220 one and the blue is a 77 and an hour are 231 you know to sheriff you know that Brenda County he's down here in the little cluster columns, right? But when you when you download the indicators tool, it's already updated with the new colors So you don't have to worry about doing it yourself 21 isn't even showing up, I think when when yeah, it's fine nothing we talk to him again If it's not showing up, and this is what you do, right? Click on it boy I'll out come out with a new video that will show you but you just double click it First of all make sure it's a scale left, right? Scale left or scale whatever side your scale is on a scale everything got do to the left But then you just double-click it and click on that little red box so that's it All right make sure 721 make sure that box is checked too So there you go cool This is a Bitcoin cache, right? Yeah, yeah Yeah A lot of people you can you can just double click it in the settings and at 21 Bitcoin cache we see doesn't give us a whole lot of information on the 231 yet, right But it does do one thing it does the one thing Once we turn it down And jump inside of 77 well first of all alone at the 231 white a blob of blue Was back here and it broke down right there, so let's kind of set that as one cycle, right So let's do that and let's say that was one cycle right there you see that And actually we could do that what I did here is instead of doing a full white to blue I cut it in half and did a white to red Because what I think is gonna happen is I think this energy is gonna bottom out right there Cuts itself and that light's gonna go back above that red like that, and I think that's our opportunity With Bitcoin cash is to catch it on a pretty good consolidation run So now we're jumping down to a 77 if you have a free account this will be a one-hour chart, right And now Do your Fibonacci just to get an idea of where all this stuff happens at Bam Bam That's not bad You wanted to take it up there Let's look at it now

That's better check this out so when we take it up there to that light under red We get this part of the chart that literally flatlines right there on the 05 That's where I talk about the resonance and like the balance right the equilibrium, so now all you can see you can see all That's happening right now We are literally Catching and consolidating right there at the bottom of the money zone This is probably one of the best buys best values on the market right now Because it's a billion billion billion dollar market cap and when it catches on that 3a2 statistically It's morning much much much more likely to get up there to 1/2 that it is if it went down all the way down to that 2/3 so basically once it breaks above that 6 1 8 Then the next step is Usually one Oh Yeah once we break above the 161 date We normally test that one – This is basically a quick Consolidation right it's gonna go all the way down to that 2 3, then it's like a full cycle reset And we gotta build our way through it But this energy is flowing very very very quickly so you can see this thing going up to that 1/7 inside of the time that we expect Bitcoin to the consolidating, right And That's what you can expect very Conservatively in this cycle so if you buy it down here And I might do this just to show you guys how to do it, but if you buy it down here I'm gonna make another thing right here I'm gonna do this I'm gonna buy it down here, and I'm gonna place a limit sell basically fire sale up there To where the minute one candle one week when anything hits that point right above that six one eight? I'm out, but guess what it's gonna fall back down to 05

And I'm gonna buy it back down there on 05 and I just make 15% like a boss Right so this is what I do you guys this is why they call me too freaked out traitor because I? Don't care if it's a handful of dirt if I can hold that dirt for a couple days and sell it back to the market For more Bitcoin and I pay for it I will do it seven days a week And you can see the energy the resonance the cycles they all come to a center point of equilibrium Right this cycle is a complete extension and replication of a cycle that came before it and is an extension Yet-to-be of a cycle coming after it while I'm doing is showing you guys how to correlate that? Coexistence right and that's Bitcoin cash You can see it's a much much much better buying opportunity over the next two weeks For Bitcoin cash than it is for BTC this does not mean that I think Bitcoin cash is you know? I'm gonna overtake BTC or any of that crap that they try to get the crypto community divided for I think people forget that just the fact that you are in crypto point-blank period We have come together over that so let's agree You know that this is doing much much more for us than the USD ever would and let's leave it at that Let's not subdivide ourselves with crypto máxima listen Bitcoin minimalist and all these crazy Effing words that the bobble heads on TV want to classify you wait because the minute you accept that label That's what you become the minute you allow them to put a box over you and you walk into that box those four walls are All you know your life is allowed to be so do not Walk into that box don't fit inside of a box stop look around understand the situation Let's say okay We're developing a new economy You know let's see where that road leads us because we all know that the last Road didn't give us too much Right as if it was that great

We wouldn't even need you know this thing called the blockchain We wouldn't even need a trustless economy if we could trust those Empower right now that would not be the case, but it is so do not label yourself Do not subdiv I understand that united we stand and The more money we have the more our voices are heard so that's why I give this now Let's do you guys because I plan on making a lot of it But I don't want to be the only one with a voice out there so two more Voices we have the more amplified our resonance becomes So that's my mission That's what we doing these charts every day We show you how to make money if you appreciate that like subscribe and share as always there'll be more to come Batman said Let's go ahead if you're in the chat right now shouts a country out I want to give you people some shine if you just getting set up you know I'm saying just trying to just trying to figure your way around these markets I do have a few products available for you these will be updated Come the first at a year so what you see right now is available right now, but just understand it Everything's gonna be updated I'm revamping this website Hopefully bigshot

We can put that together You know next couple weeks, but I want to I want to roll out a whole new deal I'm have an alert notification service You know it's gonna be a strange line Onboarding to where you know our 15,000 people can finally make some real-deal money right, but for now this is what we got Crypton list proper package and a dream team right Trip that bliss is really a walkthrough of what the future of the blockchain looks like in the top 10 Companies that are building that future one of those coins I believe it was number seven just broke out this Week for probably 30 40 50 60 percent, so I'm crazy like that It began with a so if you follow the markets You know exactly what that was if you bought it Congratulations That's how you make some money Dream team this is just imagine if you had LeBron Steph

You know Kobe with the fro, you know I'm baby Shaq you know back when he was a You know wearing wearing Mickey Mouse ears at Disney World you know This is a this is the young guns the next generation right the next generation of greatness $25 a lot of these coins are only one or two dollars right now, so imagine buying LeBron James rookie card for doubt right That's how a lot of these coins are on that list some of them a lot of people have not heard about so you don't Need a lot of money to make a lot of profit It's all about percent return Writing so so that list is what that's set up for And lastly the profit package is really just the movers the Shakers and the money makers this team bring them bringing home the gold medal Now you know for the past couple years, so I don't expect that to end anytime soon These are the legends in the game they are seasoned multi-billion dollar Economies you know so if you're less risk-averse and just want some sure deals you know to buy and hope this is the list for you right and Then we have our 101 and this is when you know I allow you guys the opportunity to really Reach out and get some calendar found with me I open my calendar up to you and together we go through What it takes for you to be successful, I'm trying to show you guys right now Try to get some face time real quick, but it's not letting me It don't like me oh Don't sniff it still work just a load up hey there we go and it gonna do it gonna do oh? Look at that Oh, man, it's kind of dark in here I apologize about that It's a nightlight though That's weird

Okay, but this is where we get some face time Yeah I'm saying where like you know my town becomes your time and together we can manifest a little bit more financial abundance for you, right I Do one a day cuz I this it's a lot to do multiple a day So it might be a weight of a couple weeks You know to get on, but hopefully it will be worth it And again all of this all of this stuff is coming together about a 1st of the year So it'll be a lot more products Hopefully an alert notification service You know we'll keep this thing rollin it's just the beginning you can see it's just you know I'm saying me myself and I Chulainn even over here no more normally she going to sleep, but Shane and over there sleep right now You know so it's the humble beginnings, but uh a lot of great things to come so thank you for being patient And thank you for joining No let's go ahead and show Our Community, that's live on the air again

If you are on the air you got about 12 seconds in that chat room Last thing you know I'm saying this pretty young thing right here little firecracker You know let that let that let that post on on our Community Facebook page I said BK and I are doing a short compilation video What Bitcoin means to everyone if you want to be featured in it message BK with a 10 a 20 second? video explaining what Bitcoin means to you we would love to have all the videos in by this weekend Please include your name and country with your video Thanks so much let's share our voice with the world right so again all you guys got to do is a upload a video to Facebook to the yeah You know number one Bitcoin group in the world you can just do add video, and I'll be able to download all of them I'm gonna put a compilation together over the weekend and we'll live stream You know hopefully a hundred different people you know given given a little a little 10-second 20-second clip Of what Bitcoin means to them I think that will be really amazing if we could pull that off So here we go guys Let's see who we have on the air with us right now Let's go Let's go Let's go Austria was going out Ireland, Colorado Philadelphia, Australia Poland, UK what up Philly? Italy India Canada ATL Yousef going down beach holding it down boss walking on the west coast Sactown pears Auburn Thank You flower-like yes, Tech neither yes, yes, yes 64 yes yes yes Yes, yes 8 is divinity in 64 is 8 times 8 the universe does not make mistakes BK to boss Israel Ireland Australia e to me Louise vu BAM Shout out to I'll leap Put the Louisville on the map dirt money Florida Hz Kansas Tel Aviv male born one more one more one more New Zealand bail with that being said baby

It's that time of the day signing out this is the bus Your boy be cake no matter Where you stay Brazil to bed all the way to California all the way back out dude dirt money Good night Good morning Angus day Thank you for joining me thank you for your time make sure you subscribe right now turn your notifications on and Copy and paste this video text it to somebody you think it can empower each one reach one reach one teach one United we stand and we shall prosper please believe do that for me if you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y'all

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