Why Cryptocurrency is the Future [Blockchain Technology THE NEW INTERNET]

welcome back to crypto lands my name is Matthew Timothy if you're new here to this channel I do cryptocurrency videos every single day so if you're into that consider subscribing today I wanted to do a video talking about disruption and adoption and this is freaking awesome I was talking about the disruption in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and when I got started with cryptocurrency 3 years ago I didn't even know about all this but like blockchain technology is gonna revolutionize everything and I'm not just saying that but look here there's an article coming out I've been saying this by the way if you go back to my other videos you will see I've been saying this blockchain technology for the taxi industry and it will go like this for the the real-estate taxi for everything you can use this like we don't need the centralized garbage anymore telling us what to do pushing us over and to me that's living upon life but hey that's just me blockchain technology in local transportation or taxi industry is only the continuation of an evolution that has gone on for centuries blah blah blah they go on to say that taxis are still there and blah blah blah here benefits of decentralization the introduction of partially decentralized taxi systems like uber and lyft are introduced some necessary competitions into the taxi industries this has provided community commuters with more options leading to reduced fares and better quality surface however despite the extent of decentralization is that is introduced by these systems they are still governed by a single database and run by a single company blockchain takes it a step further as blockchain implementations are speeded speedily sweeping across every industry signs of the technology overtaking the taxi industry are clear already for an industry that has been continually evolving over time across ages moving into a new face will not be a surprising development at all according to Thomas Fela belicus founder of A to B taxi license taxi drivers are essential for the industry for purposes such as security and appraisals the situation in the markets is an inspiration towards the creation of the platform designed to connect customers with professionals accredited drivers directly providing a mobile application for customers to find a licensed driver as well as a driver to manage their business more effectively efficiently will go a long way in creating a sanitized taxi industry it is an essential tool for both the security of commuters and motivation towards quality service implement implementing the concept of tokenization or using blockchain based app apps to manage local transportation systems is a development that has been long coming it's really that it's likely that many taxi servers based on blockchain or tokenization will spring up this is largely due to various benefits of blockchain offers especially in the area of personal control and the decentralization for example imagine traveling to a new city every where the local currency is totally different from where you are coming from and you need a taxi service to make you to take you to the airport or to the hotel from the airport to the hotel using a blockchain powered service automatically eliminates the need for any form of currency conversion as the value of the token remains the same and is available all over the world making this a technology for the common man this is freaky not this is what we've been waiting for basically and this is the future this is where we're going guys and yesterday I was talking with a buddy three years ago ëthere IAM was 72 cent right now it's 462 dollars right now the opportunities are immense we are moving into a future that is gonna be totally different from anything we've seen before and we are still early believe me when I say this we are still early a 462 dollar etherium is freaking cheap so that's basically what I wanted to share in this video I'm freaking excited about this and freaking excited about the future with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology if you're not in it already shame on you and yeah I will see you on the next video probably tomorrow and until then stop settling and start living the coin life please

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