OS University – EdTech Blockchain Platform Explainer

Introducing the Open Source University – a unique global platform built on the Ethereum blockchain to bridge the gaps in an educational market, worth trillions of dollars Universities and online platforms generate thousands of new courses every day

Graduates often struggle orienting and verifying the right opportunities while companies spend huge amounts of time and money on recruiting and corporate learning and development How to organize and optimize all of these challenges? Welcome to OS university – the future of learning and career development The platform connects three key players: Academia – universities and other learning content providers, Businesses – looking for new hirings or raising current employees' qualification, and Learners – the people seeking continuous education and career development Blockchain is used to securely store certificates, diplomas, skills and other achievements B2L smart contracts handle the recruitment processes such as candidate sourcing, hiring interviews and bonuses L2A smart contracts handle collective research programs, contributions and rewards distribution

B2A smart contracts empower the Learning & Development marketplace where businesses can pay for custom training courses or group existing courses into programs for internal education and internships Meta data about educational content is aggregated through smart contracts into the OS University distributed platform All payments inside the platform are made through crypto currencies, yet there is a unique one the – EDU token Everyone who uses it will benefit from 0% platform fees, while transactions with other crypto currencies will be charged with commissions for using the platform Part of that commission is converted to EDU tokens and burned immediately

As a result, the value of the EDU tokens grows The more transactions go through the system – the higher the token price EDU tokens are limited to 48 million and are sold through a crowdsale campaign The funds that are raised will accelerate the platform's development Join the crowd sale and be part of the world's biggest educational marketplace where education and career development have no boundaries

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