What is Bitcoin and Bitclub Network – (Audio in Malay) English Subtitle

this video is to help you understand what is Bitcoin and what is Bitclub network all about we could spend hours explaining but we will give you the basics of the next few minutes the most important thing here is to educate you all about that corn so what is bitcoin bitcoin is the world's very first digital decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin actually uses the internet to send money or value directly person a person anywhere in the world without having to use any centralized entity like a bank paypal or western union and it's completely safe it's anonymous super fast and it works anywhere in the world anybody can use Bitcoin there are no qualifications basically no fees no chargebacks and no borders it really is the future of month so who use it and accept Bitcoin actually there are millions of people that are using Bitcoin and you can use Bitcoin to purchase almost anything you can think of there are hundreds of thousands of businesses and accept Bitcoin you can pay for plane tickets hotel rooms electronics cars coffee and anything else if you can think of it we can show you where you can get it with Bitcoin another huge market that Bitcoin impact is remittance that is money being sent to friends and family from state to state and country to country all around the world most people don't realize that between 600 billion dollars and one trillion dollars get moved around the world every year the way we are all used to doing this is to prevent paypal and companies like western union all of these entities charge fees and we have to trust them western union moneygram and other companies like them charge from five percent up to as much as thirty percent on average it's about ten percent worldwide that means we are talking about these of 60 billion dollars 200 billion dollars per year with Bitcoin everyone is access with no approval needed a typical Bitcoin transaction has a fee of about two and assets this is an absolute game changer most people don't know that only about one and a half billion people have a bank account a visa or mastercard that leaves about five-and-a-half billion people they don't have access to any type of banking all of their assets are in their homes there's a robbery of fire or flood a typhoon or anything else like that they lose everything and did you know that more people have cell phones with internet there are people with running water and electricity in their homes all of these people have no way to protect their assets and they can't do commerce through the internet now they can with Bitcoin because bitcoin is it's only are controlled by any person government or company there is no central entity that powers Bitcoin but there needs to be something that power sentence it's actually powered by thousands of people that have specialized computers power the network security network and verify transactions this is called minus the big question is if they're basically no feet why would people spend huge amounts of money on computers and electricity if there's no money to be made this is where we can all cash in on average every 10 minutes a new block of Bitcoin is created and given someone that is mining in the beginning it was 50 new Bitcoin being created every 10 minutes after 210,000 box which took about four years it dropped 25 new Bitcoin for block after another children 10,000 blocks which should be the end of july 2016 will drop to 12 and a half every block and it will continue to have about every four years for the next 225 years until 2140 at that point there will be 21 million bitcoins and no new bitcoins will be produced from that point on so bitcoin will always be rare Bitcoin started january third 2009by Toshi Nakamoto when it launched it had no value it wasn't actually about money it was about providing the idea of can we do a transaction without needing a third party and can we have a decentralized form of money that anyone anywhere in the world can use with basically no feet at that time there were only a few people involved in mind they were collecting all of the new bitcoins every 10 minutes then on a 20-second 2010 the first transaction happens 10,000 bitcoins were offered for a pizza when that happened all of a sudden Bitcoin had a value then demand started and more people started asking about Bitcoin but the people that had it didn't want to sell it so cheap remember bitcoin is rare like gold at that point people started offering higher prices to buy it it actually took over a year and a half or bit going to go from being an idea to being worth ten cents for one bitcoin at the time of this video being made it's been five more years and the price is gone from ten cents to about two hundred forty dollars that is a multiple of 2,400 five years ago if you would've ball one dollar worth of bitcoin you would now have 24 hundred dollars if you would have bought a hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin you would have had 240 thousand dollars over the past five years bitcoin has been the greatest investment in the world that we know a lot of people think those days are over that he are wrong here's why right now they're only about 10 million people that have a Bitcoin wallet we're talking about a technology that has the potential to be bigger than the internet with billions of people using it the internet is used by everyone now because it's easy 25 years ago it was actually very complicated now there are thousands of companies like google youtube facebook and gmail and make it easy to use billions have been invested in these companies bitcoin is the same five or six years ago is very complicated to use bitcoins but now there are over 1000 companies from around the world and make it easy to use the smartest and richest people in the world are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in a Bitcoin company to make easier for the masses to use this is why we are still in the beginning of this Bitcoin revolution in the past few years hundreds of millions of dollars has been invested in Bitcoin sort of company in 2012 about 2 million dollars with invested in 2013 95 million dollars in 2014 361 million dollars and through September 2015 already 456 million dollars has been invested that is over 900 million dollars in the past three years here are just a few of the people and businesses that are investing in Bitcoin companies bill game sir richard branson the new york stock exchange goldman sachs USA banks BBVA the guy that started paypal ebay and google also MIT university is very involved with Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology here is where the magic happens imagine you have a certain demand for goal and that month that much gold was mined the next month the demand stayed the same but half as much with my the price would skyrocket here is a picture of the daily transactions this shows the demand and what is happening with Bitcoin demand is rising and yet the amount of new supply is going to be getting less and less of course that means the price has to go up over time so far there has been over 14 million Bitcoin created with the value of over three and a half billion dollars all of it when two people involved with bitcoin mining and it's not going to stop here is why people are joining big club network most of those smart rich people that are investing hundreds of millions of dollars believe the price will be over ten thousand dollars for one bitcoin in the next three years if you just buy bitcoins and sit on it for the next three years i think everyone believes that it is an awesome investment remember over the past five years it has gone up by a factor of over 2,700 to go from Georgia and forty dollars to ten thousand dollars is only going up by a factor of 40 1 if you join the big club network mining pool instead of just buying bitcoins and holding it three years from now you will probably have to 28 times more bitcoins so let's say you were going to buy 15 and a half it going as investment and the price went to $10,000 you return about 3,600 dollars into a hundred and fifty-five thousand dollars but if you take that same amount of Bitcoin and put it into mining with us three years from now you could have 25 to a hundred Bitcoin and if the price went to $10,000 you would be sitting on $250,000 21 million dollars remember the pizza that was a $25 investment that turned into a 24 million dollars don't be left out of this it's real and it's working for one hundred percent of big club network members around the world there is so much more in the world of Bitcoin that we don't have time to explain now there are many different revenue streams that our members will be able to profit from like Bitcoin ATM a payment platform for businesses to accept bitcoin and we are watching our own coin that we only give away to our members and we are creating demand for it to make the price go up over time the same as Bitcoin big club network has huge potential don't miss it [Music]

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