USI Tech Compounding Calculator Excel Download – How to Earn Up To 300 Percent Free BTC in 140 Days

hi guys and today I wanted to take you through the BTC package calculator It is a really neat tool but it's difficult to explain inside so I thought it would be better to see to explain to you with a video so we're in the purchase system here within USI Tech and this within this we are able to buy bitcoin packages and BTC packages and that allows us to buy Bitcoin more easily because instead of buying a whole bitcoin we can buy a percent of a Bitcoin and they average generally 50 Euros arround 45 pounds or $60 so today for example the exchange rate is one point three to four so we're gonna add these values into our calculator so we bought one package it would be point zero four one eight a bitcoin but we are going to have to pay a fee on top so that would give a total cost to buy point four one three nine which would be forty five thirty sterling I'll just punch these in this calculator it's one package and it costs now updated for today including the mining rate forty five thirty sterling so this is what it is going to cost us this but what we want to do is do an example for say a thousand dollars so thousand dollars would work that out in a sterling so a thousand dollars so forty five thirty in sterling comes to 60 70, we'll show that here yeah that's just accomplishing this in a calculator so $1,000 in packages is 16

4 so we use 16 package as an example this is one we show and have the values accumulate in the USI Tech so take us all to the calculator so we're going to purchase 16 packages in the calculator them so that will be 724 pounds which is roughly $1,000 so we go to the package calculator and input 16 packages so the good thing with the USI tech to purchase bitcoins is that you have an option here to do order rebuy but the first is let's just show without the rebuy So USI tech you invest in bitcoins and then they use those Bitcoin values and balance and they reinvest those in the forex market and they also will be mining with them and then so basically you're funding their model but then they return you an average 1% a day over 140 day life so if you can see here this is our initial 16 packages and you can see here now this is at 1% starting to come in and then we've got no otter revised for our package holding isn't going to change unless we scroll down so it's still 16 packages health throughout there's no Rebuy so as we scroll down you could see the daily increment decrease in the 1% just come down hundred a hundred twenty days follow down to 140 days so after hundred forty days I was 16 package rolled in and as in as daily earnings 209 of a Bitcoin without starting value of 06 invested so that's our percent return so that's quite a good return so we punch that in our calculator so we had 16 units so what that saying instead as a thousand dollars without hundred forty percent and in dollars after that show less so we didn't invest a thousand we invested 971 but the final holding will be that yeah so our total return is this one here one three five nine which the right times so that what's without doing any Rebuy so it's 970 invested gives us so that's that's good for the start but then let's turn on or to rebuy because the money helps us fund even more quickly let's just save that switch back over here so the same investment 16 and packages average thousand dollars so now let's turn on 100 hundred percent rebuy and we count it again now the difference this time it doesn't cost you any more of all you've allowed with the system to do you turn this on in your system settings this calculator is just giving us an example of it you see you so our options as they become enough to buy another package they drop in as a package so then I really is goes down there but with another package and and this helps then as it gives you value more quickly or increments more quickly so as we go down you can see now the packets are dropping in so they've gone from 16 to something come to 18 so in hundred forty days they're all gonna start earning at different points in time but you can see you are holding as increase in soar by 30 days with up to 21 so that's what up for which is roughly and $200 just in 30 days so to scroll it down here 60 days but up to 28 so we're at 8 on our original no actually 12 11 so let's scroll down and down they keep dropping in and then as the holdings go up the frequency them dropping in increases so scrolling down now 90 days 100 days okay so they're coming in down every other day down everywhere it's nice to see I mean for today's 140 days our holding is now gone up to 62 packages from the original 60 and our BTC value ain't returned on that days by 3/8 though actually holding is napped point 2 4 so from point 0 don't appoint you for so you can see this is where the average for group center comes from and obviously then the package is still roll along so 300 days 300 days so the calculator only shows up to 3 days but obviously he if you keep on investing you'd keep him run as long as you know so you can see now up here the auto rebuy every day started and actually then by to even and I return on investment there is point four six six two so from six four two point four six six two let's punch these in so this way by three so this is this is high and this is without any Bitcoin increase so this value so three one eight seventy percent overturn oh so through today key percent return on the forty days and then three hundred days so subjective twenty percent growth I'll trim two days so you can see that's nice so if we look at our value now so our nine seven one is our hundred forty days value so for less than a thousand dollars we've nearly quadrupled our investment through 2017 to 20% it's just quite a nice return but also let's not forget of any Bitcoin increasing value so Bitcoin will apply will start here and so you know in December that comes about 15,000 for a bitcoin the way is in September which is only with five thousand so it's tripled in value in nineteen forty day and they're all so handsome to this so because remember you're holding bitcoins not dollars so this value would have actually being if you cash them in your bitcoins $10,000 or $21,000 for a $1,000 investment as well so you can see that's why I'm investing in Bitcoin and hope you can see the value in it and you choose to invest also if you like this please share with your friends if you want to sign up and follow another package of the right investing click the link below the video and I hope to see you join me USI tech thank you for watching

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