AM I Leaving USI Tech, Swiss Gold Global, Futureadpro

Update on USI Tech, Swiss Gold Global, Futureadpro everybody in a while since I shot a video walking the dogs but it's it's winter here in Canada you can see we have some snow most of its melted we had a bunch early but that is now gone and it's been super kind of what I wanted to give you guys an update on is on the crypto programs that I'm involved in so future add pro USI Tech and Swiss called global still going very very well USI Tech is probably the most I guess profitable or the the best one for me at the moment you know that one's just been compounding like crazy I'm taking out my seed money and for future at Pearl you know I've almost gotten out all my seed non seed money the little thing there that I guess I'd never planned for was you know when I kind of initially bought my ad packs in bulk you know if I bought five or ten at a time which I didn't do a lot of because I wanted to get a lot of income from the ad packs and grow that way they expire once they hit 60 ad packs so my ad packs you know started dropping off as I was trying to build them and take out money right because I wasn't replenishing them quicker than I was taking money out which is fine that's what's supposed to happen there's nothing wrong with that but just something you have to take into account same thing with usi Tech right your BTC packages after a certain amount of time they'll fall off and they won't be producing for you on a monthly basis what you can do is you can make sure you know obviously to compensate that you just take out a small percentage of your money over a longer period of time and you reinvest the rest or you try to build a team and if you can build a team then you know that can kind of be your income that you're adding in there without you having to put in your old seat Capital kind of what I've been doing with the withdrawals from those programs is a lot of them I've been beefing up my Swiss gold Global so Swiss gold Global originally was a golden silver company where you and you still can then they kind of moved into crypto programs into mining so what I'm doing now is I have bitcoin mining cash power aetherium mining hash power Z cash mining hash power and soon to be Manero mining hash power so I'm building up all of those and I'm diversifying from my future at Perl from my USI tech into those few mining programs that I essentially have bitcoin mining Bitcoin trading and then future ad pros kind of like a revenue share so I've been kind of taking money out of that but soon very soon future ad pro has launched their future Aucoin which is its own coin which will be available on a lot of big exchanges which I'm going to invest in there as well just because I deal with the platform I'm gonna throw some money into there and see how it goes that's kind of my updates everything is still going very very well it's crazy how quickly you can increase your wealth your standings even if you don't build a team if you don't recruit you can still get some really good returns compared to traditional investments but keep in mind these are way way more risky but you know I've never put in more money than I'm willing to lose you know and you know my results and kind of how I've been diversifying it you know are gonna help with that so I'll leave some links below to my various funnels for all three of these programs if you guys are interested if you have any questions shoot me a comment subscribe to my channel we will talk to you later

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