Buying $2200 in USI Tech BTC Packages-Putting My Bitcoin to Work in 2018!

hey what's up guys jeff here from Bitcoin millionaire journeycom and in this video I'm going to show you how you can purchase packages from USI Tech and in fact I'm fixing to purchase some packages right now so I'm going to show you the exact process that I go through okay so I start the process out over here at coinbase where I buy my Bitcoin at okay so I bought my Bitcoin already and then what I do is I go over and log in to a site called gdax

com now this is a trading platform that's owned by coinbase so it's very easy to transfer your coins over from coinbase to gdax okay so all you'll do is you'll just go to deposit and then you'll choose coinbase account it'll tell you what you have in here and your BTC wallet then you just type that amount over here in the box and deposit funds and they're instantly available to you okay so no mining fee no transaction fee or anything like that on that end alright so the next thing you want to do is once your funds are in GDAX is you want to go over here to place order on the USI TECH dashboard so you need to be logged in to your USI Tech account and then you'll click on package options and place order okay so what that is going to do is it's going to pop up this options right here for BTC packages okay and then what you'll do from there is you'll just keep moving this arrow up until you have matched up the the Bitcoin amount with a number of packages that you have okay so the bitcoin that you have with the number of packages all right so I have 01456 bitcoins so I'm gonna go let's see 145 is what I think I said I had let's see here143 147 okay so let's get 143 is the closest I can come so what I'm going to do from there is click on I have and I'm buying 36 Bitcoin packages right now from USI Tech and then purchase all right so once that happens it's going to send me to this screen here I'm going to need this wallet address okay so what I'll do is I'll go back over here to GDax and push the withdraw button all right so then I'll go over to BTC address and I will get this address here copy that put it into the destination section paste it and then select the amount so my amount is going to be this grand total right here so I'm going to copy that amount and then I'm going to put that amount into the box here okay then it's going to ask me for a two-factor code it's going to send me a text message to my phone all right and then I'm going to put that code into the box as soon as the text shows up all right seven six six seven five and withdrawal funds all right so what that's going to do is is going to send that Bitcoin over to USI Tech okay now this may take a little bit of time to send over usually what I do is I'll leave this window open until the countdown timer hits zero then I close it out and it's all good never had a payment that didn't show up so it just takes a little bit of time due to the volume that's being traded and all that good stuff so that is how you can buy USI Tech packages with no fees straight from coinbase to GDax straight from GDax to your USI Tech package buying packages okay so that's how you'll do it like I said you'll just leave this window open and then once that countdown timer hits zero then you're good to go and you'll get your payment confirmations all that stuff and I do believe that they send you an email as well okay so I just bought 36 packages to add on to the seven that I currently have and my goal is to get up to a hundred packages so as soon as the rest of my Bitcoin hits I will be buying more packages all the way up until I get to a 100 all right so that is it for this video I hope that it's been helpful for you and I hope that it's been useful to you I am absolutely excited that your along with me for this crazy ride that we're on in 2018 know that this is going to be the year that you really hit it big and change not only your current financial situation but the financial situation of your family for a long time to come thank you so much for tuning in and I will see you in the next video

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