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[Music] let's talk a bit cloth Network review thanks for taking the time to read this bitch Club network review I've done some extensive research into the company including talking to the creator of the compensation plan and business model to get to full understanding of bitch club and the legitimacy of the program so let's get straight to the point is which club network legit or is it a scam to answer that question we need to understand our mining operations work there are literally hundreds of Bitcoin mining operations going on right now out there on the internet that pretty much anybody can buy into but Club network is exactly that a legitimate Bitcoin mining operation with one who's draw but separates them from the rest of the mining operations out there when you refer people you get paid no other mining information out there allows you to earn Bitcoin passively everyday and also have the compounding effect of network marketing working to help amplify and maximize your earnings in a short period of time this is one of the main reasons why bit Club network is gaining so much momentum so fast so here's how it works bit Club network allows you to buy shares in their mining pools and get paid every day for 1,000 days per share that you purchase they currently have three mining pools that you can purchase shares and from depending on which of the mix Club mining pools you buy into and percentage of your daily earnings will go towards buying more shares so let's say you buy into all three bcn wining Gruber's today you will earn passive Bitcoin every day for 1,000 days starting immediately then let's instating takes 20 days to earn another share in all three pools then you'd still have 980 days to earn share plus another 1000 days beginning on the 20th day for the newly acquired shares as time progresses the compound effect will kick in and you could easily see your potential earnings grow by as much as 10 or 20 times per day ch-ching keep in mind I've said nothing so far about recruiting or building an MLM team yet next major question do I need two recruits to make money in bit Club Network answer no as I've just described you do not need to recruit a bunch of people to make money you be CEO but you may want to it will only amplify and maximize your results big time remember the compound effect networks when you're building a team and vcn laws oh so you can see your potential earnings skyrocket much faster if you build the team but it's absolutely not necessary how is bit Club Network different than other Bitcoin mining operations Fit Club network is superior to the traditional mining of operations in that every day a percentage of your earnings goes back into PC ends mining operation remember you get more shares in the earnings when this happens but what does MIT Club Network use your thumbs for question mark equipment ins the technology computation requirements logistics and processing speeds are constantly needing to be upgraded and modified to keep up with demands for that reason bitch Bob network uses your percentage of repurchases to upgrade to bigger better faster leaner meaner and more powerful equipment therefore where other mining operations fizzle out bit Club has far more predictable and stable earnings during the course of each operation again I cannot emphasize this enough each day a percent of your earnings goes towards buying more shares in each pool you buy into this eventually adds up to more and more Felicio as if daily income potentially for the life of the company's each share you earn has a lifespan of 1,000 days as long as the company stays afloat you are earning income are there any hidden costs fees or monthly membership dues to pay no just a one-time $99 membership fee plus depending on which pool you buy shares and from the initial cost of purchasing shares after that there are no other costs /c / news associated to join big Club network mining pool one – cool – mining pool 3 I highly recommend to buy into all three pools as fast as you can that's only going to cost you three thousand five hundred and ninety-nine then you are in business and earning daily conservatively the waybut Club network pays you could see an ROI as early as one year without building a team for more information please click my link in the description thanks [Music]

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