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I'm not giving away any more Bitcoin Until I pay off for the the person that I oh okay have a little difficult with the the Bitcoin and stuff like that situation So I have not forgotten and I will start every video until I pay him this way and we met another situation I don't you guys already heard my USI Tech was another landing program that, Texas It's sent another Texas security commissioner Set an emergency seasonless this order yesterday as well Actually, that was on December 20th against us I Tech, but that ended up They ended up closing up shop Lady Texas hit him with that with a cease and desist and they just said you know what no more US Customers and or Canada so they just a has left, North America And that's it so everything that is invested in them like I Was just starting to research that because I want to go into other platforms because like the main youtubers that I follow They're all they're talking about is big connect and all they're talking about is hash flip Alright, so I want that like I'm like and I see the comments people are asking about davor coin people were asking about USA USA tech people were asking about You know all coins all that good stuff, so yeah, so I wanted to look into this stuff And I was trying to get into USA tech I didn't like it the big reason I don't like usi tech is because they were only doing it Monday to Friday like other every other platform you're getting gains seven days a week, so I talked to a few other people that are starting to youtube videos and stuff like that and I was Like talking about us I take it out like so I'm not saying that I felt this coming or anything like that, but I was never interested in investing in these guys But the people that I am were gonna be invested in no later than today's already Saturday so in a couple days Monday the latest Tuesday, I'll be investing 250 bucks into Davor coin and start that journey as well That's what you guys can see you know get away from the big connect stuff You don't start going to dad record

They're giving away higher returns anyways just Freaking on coinbase man takes forever to to get my Bitcoin released all right so anyway something I want to talk about today is all coin exchanges The one that everybody is talking about is by Nance okay? And everything that every exchange that I've been talking about right now is in the links down um and then down below So make sure you hit the links so first one is by mance this is the more popular one Everybody's talking about where you can get your old coins You know I mean so all you got to do right here I've had a couple videos back I had a video explaining How exactly to do this, but um for example if you're trying to find Tron TRX that's right here, and then so you go to it, and then you can buy Tron In the other video I showed you how to how to bring your balance and stuff like that You know this how much coin a bit connect See again in last video – I always fumble bit connecting Bitcoin, but connecting bitcoins I do apologize

This is where you see your Bitcoin balance, I mean I gotta slow it down slow it down moan ski My Bitcoin balance is right here This is how much Tron I this is how much Tron is going for right now and if I pay 100% if I use a hundred percent of my big coin This is how much I could spend last week the minimum purchase was point at was point zero zero one this week It's point zero zero two for some strange reason so I got to put more money into this and I want to buy anything But this is the first exchange They have most of like that the the top All all coins in this in this in finance in this exchange You can buy a ripple They're nearby Coronado their Stellar lumens I bought there you get a Yoda you get drawn I believe you get – in there so all these higher all these higher Bitcoins, I mean Bitcoin see there I go I'm all over the pan I'm going to stop

I'm like stop stop stop I leave that all these higher alt coins are available Finance but by Nan's does they have all The altcoins so I went researching and stuff like that and I was like where can I get other you know? What are other exchanges and stuff like that you know and so I came up another exchange called? crypto Pia Crypto crypto Pia is another exchange Just what has all the other ones that you might want our DD is one that I'm really looking into Didja didja didja bike I believe It's did you buy let me see D g/b I'm pretty sure DG b did you buy yeah I've been looking into this one I couldn't find it on Finance I'm like worried as I see this one

It's doing really good I'm already I already transferred a little bit of money into crypto Pia He's waiting for that to clear I'm gonna get some RDD I'm gonna get some did you bite? Let's see what else is in here There's another one that I was trying to find that I couldn't find on by neck Pak Pak is another one I've heard people talking about That one has one hundred one hundred percent gains right there, too So if you can't find that on by Nance most likely you're gonna be able to find it on crypto piya again The link is at the bottom if you want to check out crypto piya but something that I heard at all coined that I heard a lot about was XP a Couple days ago, and I was like it's not on by Nance It's not on crypto piya like what the hell like where is these all coins that are harder to find all that good stuff So after a lot of lot of trial and error trust me on this one and I came across an exchange called coin Exchange and as you can see right here XP is right on the top oh Shit I can highlight his XP right there on the top, so I bought two thousand five hundred fifty two shares of XP because it was super super cheap and It went down 17 percent, so I'm losing my ass on this one But I didn't put too much money into it so it's cool Now I'm just gonna hold it you know there's no Fear I'm already losing that mod will just hold it

There's no point to do anything right there, so Other and this is the one only XP is the one that's really like popular that I couldn't find anywhere And I was just like we're kind finally it so I came across Coin exchange again the link for this one is at the bottom So yeah, those are basically the the top these three all coin exchanges are the one that you're gonna need by names like I said crypto Pia and coin exchange Is there any other there's any all coins that you're looking for and you can't find them at least three Exchanges let me know I'll look for them You know I mean like I said this one took this coin exchange was a pain in the ass to find X I looked at least today again, it's really good that it took me that long because I didn't know that there was like 20 30 different all coin exchanges And you know but another one had XP then I'm at there's a lot of all corn exchanges I only have like four or five You know not really not really big like this one He has One two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 when you have 11 different All coins that they that you can buy here so a lot of exchanges are really really small obviously crypt opium is a lot bigger You get you know you have a bunch of all coins right here, and that was like really all these all coins And it's not the one that I'm looking for son of a gun, but I ended up finding it I did purchase a shitload of XP so we'll see what happens again, I'm gonna be buying some some RDD some digit bite There's another one I was looking into maybe some pack right here

This was doing really good to where'd it go I? Don't know I said I forgot what that was called, but yeah, I'm doing I'm doing a little bit of research I will be dropping the video soon about like what all coins I'm looking into But I have I have purchased quite a bit I've gotten into some Tron I got some ripple I Got some stellar And there's one that I really really like called chain link I talked about that that one's the one actually making me the most the one that's making the most money right now, so chain link is Up 15% right now a little bit earlier rules at $1

00 11, so it's gotten down a little bit But it's still going up you know Consistently so that's what anyways I'm gonna get out of here Hope you guys are having a great weekend We got more comedy shows than nine, so I'm going to be trying to comment back on Everybody's comments all that good stuff, man I appreciate you guys It's time, and we're gonna be dropping a lot more videos We will be a lot more big points Don't forget to subscribe hit the notification bell and please do me a favor comment below Tell me what you like about the videos

I mean what you don't like about the videos Or whatever the case might be alright, anyways I appreciate you guys watching my chair, which TV is your Mon see I'm out peace

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