Hi everybody it's Mehdi Green and I hope you are doing well in today's video I will try to make a load on my BCC PAY Bitconnect mastercard so but before that I will just pick up a random comment in my last video about BitconnectX I promise to give a giveaway of 50 dollars in value of Bitconnect coins okay let's do it the winner is Pauline de l'Escaille, coucou Mehdi Est ce qu'il y aura une vidéo sur l'application discord avec tout ce que tu as cité, yes you will find a new video about Discord for our team Estimation de projection sur différens paliers d'investissements, est ce qu'il y a une différence entre les différents paliers d'investissements? so she's asking what are the difference between the different option of investments with bitconnect so when you come here so when you do your lending with bitconnect so indeed you you have a difference different options of investment and what you have it's like more you put money in your investments more you gets an advantage as a percentage per day like they give you like for between 1010 to 5,000 010 percent daily 5,000 10,000 0

2 and 10 to 100 025 percent daily and you see that you have your capital release earlier more you invest that's the difference between the different options of investments so let's go to the wallet and let's, here ,so let's take if I can see well let's the check is the correct ok perfect confirm and congratulation Pauline de L'Escaille congratulation so just have a look here and the crypto currency market cap it's amazing because we saw that we overpass 800 billion dollars it just amazing when you see the market cap of JPMorgan we are at 375 it's it's quite amazing it's more than JP Morgan Chase so it's a great day for the cryptocurrency market capitalization we see that the Bitcoin is rising well 236 percents and Bitconnect $438 price and 8

77% well so guys let's try now to load this card here what you have please don't forget to subscribe to the channel and to click on the bell notification to get all the last videos so when we see here when I check the balance of my account I have zero so I noticed that to load the card you must go to card transactions here then you have to this here I can see a new circuit and historical of all the transaction that's why here when you see select start dates – end dates I think is this because you see from today to the last month you can select an option here and I think be showing you all the last transactions that you did so select the card so it's plastic card select currency me it's EURO so you see here an update and let's say today I will load , so here I have just put some money like the value the amount I think it's 70 dollars in my BTC account you have two accounts BTC and BCC account so on my EU plastic card the transfer let's say here 20 dollars 20 euros or maybe a little bit more like 30 euros let's say load card load from account BTC to cards load amount 30 card load fee there is no fee total amount 30 let's try it ERROR your transaction is failed please try it again So let's do it again BTC account EUR plastic card to transfer let's say maybe a little amount like 20 just to try it I didn't see ya yes so let's say here 20 and the pin didn't change let's load it from account BTC to card load amount 20 euros no fee total amount 20 load your transaction is failed Please try again so I'm sorry my friends but it didn't work out I try to load it many times but it doesn't load anything as you can see my balance is still 0 euros so I will try another day and keep you update so let's talk about another point that's attract my attention it's about the the new regulation of know your customer and anti-money laundering laws of Biconnect when you come here you see in management tools in your profile you can you can see a new button like a new option account verifcation and in fact the services to demand will determine the amount of information we collect Bitconnect is imposing a verification process on its account holders but it's also providing a great incentive for them to do so so as you can see they are fixing withdrawal limits so I will tell you like there are 2 options if your account is unverified you have $100,000 daily withdrawal limits BTC BCC and if your account is verified you have 300,000 USD dollars daily withdrawal limits BTC BCC so how to verify your account it's really simple they ask you in fact to upload an ID verification like a proof of name and date of bird like passport driving license government-issued identity card so as you can see my verification is still pending I'm not yet verified it's like now two days and if you go down you have the address verification proof of address so utility bill electricity gas water so bank statements where we can see in fact your address then you can upload it here and a verification with ID with your face so here if you ask how is it, you can come, how to make it you can come here Account verification guide and here you have an idea just to put your ID cards with the dates and the name of the brand Bitconnect with your face that we can see everything clearly and they explain you what not to – so that's it guy I hope it was useful and I'm sorry for the loading but I will do it as fast as possible I will try it tomorrow too and keep you updated guys so see you for the next video and don't forget to subscribe

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