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Finance ‘Guru’ James Altucher Is Launching a Cryptocurrency Exchange Lately across the web, mainstream media has been highlighting an individual named James Altucher an American author, hedge fund manager, podcaster, and financial jack-of-all-trades These days Altucher has been riding the trend of the bitcoin phenomenon, and some people call him a “cryptocurrency guru

” This week, public records show Altucher and his colleagues plan to raise $10Mn USD to launch a digita assets trading platform The Man Mainstream Media Calls the ‘Guru of Finance’ Plans to Launch a Digital Currency Exchange It’s hard not to notice James Altucher as his picture with his eccentric hair, and his commentary on finance, is all over the web These days Altucher’s words are tethered to the subject of cryptocurrencies Altucher has been around the financial circuit for quite some time as a well-known author, entrepreneur, and he’s sometimes called a “guru” This week it was revealed in a U

S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing that Altucher is backing a company called Bitzumi, Inc, which plans to launch a Bitcoin exchange “Bitzumi is a vertically-integrated Bitcoin exchange and marketplace Our mission is to drive growth to the cryptocurrency industry — We plan to launch our business divisions with a phased approach,” explains the firm’s SEC filing on January 4

Initially, our primary focus will be to develop a publishing and marketing company to educate potential Bitzumi exchange/wallet consumers, and to gain name recognition — Ultimately, we intend for our primary product to be our cryptocurrency exchange and digital storage — We also plan to develop various educational and information products and newsletters focusing on the cryptocurrency industry Bitzumi Exchange Plans to Raise $10 Million and Publish a Newsletter Backed by James Altucher The co-founder, Altucher, and his company hope to raise $10 million USD, with a minimum of $1Mn for Bitzumi’s initial phases The first phase will be a newsletter procured by Altucher, and the firm started that period already on October 9, 2017, when Bitzumi Publishing partnered with Altucher’s Agora Financial, LLC Phase two will be the exchange and wallet system, two services Bitzumi says will compete with the likes of large exchanges like Bitstamp Initially, Bitzumi will offer Bitcoin, litecoin, ripple, and ethereum trades

Bitzumi’s application details that the business will also offer cryptocurrency payment processing and escrow features Additionally, the exchange will be fully regulated working with US officials from Fincen, SEC, CFTC, and the IRS The business venture looks like it will be relying heavily on Altucher’s backing and his newsletter, but Bitzumi will be led by the chief executive officer, Scot Cohen, an executive involved with oil and gas entities

Becoming a business involved with popular digital currencies, Bitzumi aims to be positioned as an “emerging growth company” the filing emphasizes What do you think about James Altucher and his plans to start a cryptocurrency exchange? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments below

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