USI Tech How to Get Started Videos – How to Fund Your USI Tech Account With Cex io

hi guys it's phil here i just want to shoot a quick video just to highlight something that appeared to me was a bit of a problem so I hope that by shooting this video for you then this will all be good for your purchase one that I encountered recently so what I was doing I was trying to fund my USI tech account with Cexio and Cex

io is good so there's nothing wrong with it but it was just something that occurred in the page so I just wanted to highlight that in this video so the first thing we need to do is obviously we've signed up for usi Tech and so our year USI Tech is working and then we sign up for Cexio and we've verified our account which we need to do just for the first before the first years and then we've added a funding source so we're going to take it from there so there'll be sign up links below the video if you've got an assignment that to these two services which I recommend so then this is the USI Tech just sign in this will be the main dashboard views with the purchase packages to go to package options and we'll place order okay so I'm screwing the freshers you USI Tech shows us what the current rate is they're offering a bit bone vidcon packages so at USI Tech does is you buy a package which is a fixed price 20 by you instead of not dollars but $60 in Sterling is about forty five pounds and we can buy them in Euros it is about 50 Euros so they all depend on what the exchange rate is but what there is because the bitcoin rate varies is the amount of Bitcoin you get here so this is not set at this point in time the rate is zero zero three five seven but when we go to pay it's going to fix a rate for us I am going to buy it from the wallet and at the minute now it has gone to a fixed price mode and it said okay so a rate of three five or six including the mining rate it's going to give us a rate of zero zero three six five – if you buy 10 packages it's gonna go to zero zero three six five two and then we want to say I read and accept and then purchase and then the screen refreshes and now this is our fixed price so here USI Tech fixes the price for us for 15 minutes this is a 15 minute countdown and what it's showing here so this is the package we want to fund and what I like to do is use a notepad and this is notepad plus plus exactly the same as notepad on your computer this is actually free software I recommend this just becuase it has got tabs and it has just got more features understandable but then any notepad or word processor will do just to make a record of this transaction so that is our value that we are going to fund the 10 packages and this is the wallet address so with Bitcoin everything is transacted by the wallet or unique wallet address so 10 packages it is going to cost us this and that's the address from the dashboard for us to send the funds to and usi tech has fixed the price for us to this wallet so they know when the funds have received to this wallet of that value they'll fund those packages for us so what what happened to me was when I used Cexio Cexio actually charges a commission every time you do a transaction the what appeared to me or was and then I didn't realize until later I had a bit of a problem which I'll show you next here so in Cexio this is the main log on where we're going here and we want to go to the finance wait for it to refresh and then within Cex

io we've gone through the process verifying the account and adding the funding source we actually need to also add funds into the account so I've already made the transaction so I'm adding more funds at this point I'll just show you the process so you'll have in this top area you will have your FIAT balance depending if it is Euros, sterling or Dollars then what you must do is transfer from your FIAT account to your crypto account which is down the bottom and we will transfer it to the Bitcoin account which is this one just do this in here and then you buy it at a spot rate again and then you end up with funds in your bitcoin account OK and these are the ones we're gonna use then to make a withdrawal to pay your USI Tech so I'll make a withdrawal and the amount we want to pay is this amount here paste that in there okay and that's just popping up saying them I haven't got enough funds but I'm just doing the illustration so there's the value we wanted to pay but if we look down here and this is the bit that I missed and only picked it up after the transaction had completed because cexio was taking a fee out of this sending value instead of our account funds money which is we are now we are now short on our transaction amount and that is what happened to me but I didn't spot this at the time so when I got the email confirmation I was looking at it thinking no that is not right I was supposed to be sending this amount not that amount I realised they had deducted the fees from the sending amount so bit of a panic because obviously the funds had left my Cexio account okay but they didn't hit my usi-tech account so I was wondering what would happen to these funds a bit a panic then a couple of hours later there was two three hours later you know USI Tech emailed me and they recognized the wallet address which is good and they said we have received funds to your account please check the account and then well I logged into my USI tech account they had not used the funds against the transaction because the transaction was short but what they did was they posted the funds into my USI tech wallet which is good so obviously I had not lost any funds but the problem was during that period of time those couple of hours the bitcoin rate had gone up and then hence I wasn't able to purchase the amount of packs I wanted to get at that price so I ended up with less packs for my money than I had intended to earlier in the day so lesson learnt and hopefully you will not make the same mistake as me then and you get the full value of your funds so how do we resolve this so we see here that Cexio has taking this amount out of our funding so what we need to do is manually add it back in so we changed that to 375 to now our funding source is the total amount because it is the fee you look at that one and there's our requirement today this is what I do now as well just to prove all the maths are correct so yes 3562 3652 match match match equal equal equal copy that up there and then take the box I read and agreed and you withdraw Bob's your uncle and your funds will get transferred to USI Tech and USI Tech will buy those Bitcoin packages and they would appear in your dashboard that's all there is to it if you know about that little issue there with the fees other than that quite simple Thats it guys for this video I hope you enjoyed and I hope you have a good day and happy Bitcoin funding or bitcoin trading or Bitcoin mining or whichever mode of bitcoin you choose to pursue and look out for more my posts and my videos coming soon have a good day thanks guys bye Click the link below to get started you

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