Inflation Coming! Profit with Gold and Blockchain – With Tim Warman

looking at the markets welcome to looking at the markets with David Moadel today my special guest is Mr Tim Warman now let me tell you about Mr

Tim Warman he has 25 plus years in the metals and mining industry additionally he is a director at Continental gold and VP of corporate development at aurelion resources and perhaps most importantly for today he is the CEO at Fiore gold and just to let you know four investors out there who might be interested in Fiore gold it is tradable in Canada on the CVE exchange it is under the tip ticker symbol F and on the OTC markets here in the United States it is f io g F so mr Tim warm and welcome to looking at the markets well thank you great to be here yeah it's really a pleasure to have you and I can't wait to tap in to your knowledge about metals mining and the economy in general well I'll tell you this is a really exciting year for me 2018 you know China just said yes to credit expansion we're talking about middle class buying spree real estate mega cities possibly an infrastructure boom now what does this mean for precious metals such as copper zinc silver and so on yeah I mean I think there's a number of interesting developments in China and some of the BRICS you know just globally I think I think that are really pushing up its a man for gold providing greater access for people to invest in gold and and also you know people I think are looking at things like overall geopolitical uncertainty and and gold you know as always is seen as a good hedge against uncertainty a good hedge against risk and I think we're starting to see that with some of the gold price moves over the past several weeks I mean you know gold had struggled for a while to break through that $3900 barrier it they would hold it for a day or two fall back but you know we've really started to hold that and consolidate some of those gains and I think I think going forward as the demand for gold increases you're going to see that gold price continued to climb through 2018 and and the nice thing about gold is that it's very difficult to turn on the the taps from a supply side I mean it takes a long time to get a gold mine into production so when that price goes up with demand going up you just can't simply turn on the supply and that continues to put upward pressure on the gold price I think we'll see that going forward yeah I can't imagine a better time to get involved in investing in precious metals and that would certainly include a gold you know when we look at the United States economic situation with low unemployment record high confidence levels Millennials hitting peak earnings and spending years in pending tax cuts infrastructure renovations would you agree with me that inflation could hit us at least in the United States big time and that could certainly help out any gold or other precious metal investment yeah I think you know there's a lot of people around today that don't even remember what inflation is like we've been in such a low inflation environment for so many years but I think we're coming to the end of that period and I think you know as always gold is one of those things whose value fundamentally can't be inflated away you know it doesn't really matter what the price of gold is over the the years and the centuries it's you know the the story is it's always been able to buy you a good business suit and and that's true today and that that was true you know 50 years ago so it's really it's really set itself up as a store of value that is very very useful to hold in inflationary times yeah I totally agree and there are a number of ways to get into the gold trade and there also are a number of ways to get into the blockchain trade which you know I get questions every day emails all the time about blockchain technology how do I get involved as well as precious metals questions and I want to talk about Fiori gold in particular because I know that the Fiore group is behind hive blockchain tech which is the most successful stock launch in Canada's history in the past four months and so now you can diversify into gold and blockchain at the same time now I know that you and your company went into the most prolific region Nevada yeah so why Nevada yeah look Nevada is is the place to be in the US for gold mining any note Avada as a state produces something like 80 percent of the us gold production it's very very well-endowed geologically to the of the top five mines in the world are located in Nevada and and not just from a geological point of view from a political from a social from an infrastructure point of view you know you've got a you've got a population and a government that knows mining that understands its contribution and its importance to the economy you've got great infrastructure I mean you can drive off a paved highway for about five minutes to get to the front gate of our pan mines are producing asset now you've got a trained workforce all the equipment suppliers I mean you know everything you need is there now is this the best time to make acquisitions and why would that be yeah so I mean you know we see Nevada and some of the surrounding states is really ripe for consolidation in some of the smaller deposits you know fiore gold right now it's a fairly new company we picked up some assets out of bankruptcy and turned one of the producing mines around and we're producing something between 35 and 40 thousand ounces of gold in 2018 but you know we don't want to stop there that's really just our starting position and there are a number of other small relatively small sort of forty to seventy thousand ounce or year producing gold assets single asset companies that really don't make sense on their own as investment vehicles they're not very interesting but we think that there's a there's a real play to be made there in bolting some of those assets together with good capital markets backing like we have a fiore gold in that that background of the feet larger Fiori group and once you can get your production beyond that kind of magic number of about a hundred thousand ounces per year which is about a three or four times production growth for us you be seeing a rereading in your share price in your market cap of about 8 to 12 times so there's a real step change there as you cross that hundred thousand ones bearing and we see that the the way to get there is both through increasing production at our existing asset getting some of our other earlier stage development assets into production and consolidating by bolting on and acquiring some of these other assets in Nevada and the surrounding states to push us up over that hundred thousand now it's our goal is to be a hundred fifty thousand as producer in in you know in the next five years yeah and if that's your goal can you compare your market cap the market cap of fee re gold with companies other companies that are also producing similarly one hundred and fifty thousand ounces or so per year yeah exactly so in our current market caps it's just under a hundred million Canadian dollars and if you look at companies that are producing in that kind of hundred to one hundred sixty thousand mountain space companies like Guyana gold like rocks gold like McHugh and mining one of the favorites of a lot of investors again another nevada producer you know those companies are typically trading anywhere from sort of four hundred million see upwards of a billion dollars market cap so again that's that step change i talked about you increase your gold production about three or four times but you get a eight to ten times increase in your market cap and i think it's really a function of there's a visit there's a sort of efficiency of scale as you start to get into that larger production obviously you're spreading your corporate overheads over a larger production base and you're getting a lot more flexibility particularly if you're producing for more than one line sure now what are your 2018 milestones for free or e gold yeah so i mean as i said we're a relatively new company fury gold just came into existence in August September of 2017 but we've now got our producing asset up and running and producing well and making money this is the year when we're going to do a couple things we're gonna increase production in our pan mine which is a producing mine we think we can get that asset up to somewhere in the fifty thousand ounce range it's never gonna be a huge mine but it's a good mine and we're always gonna look back and say that was our first mine that's what we started building the company with the other thing we're gonna do is with push our gold rock project which is just next door towards production and gold rock has a really interesting advantage over a lot of other mining projects in the US and elsewhere in that the permitting process the federal permitting process for a full mined build at Gold Rock which typically takes five to seven or even more years to get through that it was started by one of our predecessor companies and has continued on and we actually expect to get the full mine permit in early q1 of 2018 and so we'll be in the kind of enviable position of having our permits in place ahead of actually finishing the engineering and the technical studies needed to go into production so I mean we don't even have a preliminary economic assessment or on that project yet so we'll be doing a lot of work there in terms of drilling and engineering and metallurgical studies the idea that you know that's gonna be our next producing mine that's terms of organic growth and then finally we're gonna be executing on our consolidation strategy there's a a number of other companies out there similar profile to us we've been talking to them over the last few months and I think that momentum is building to where we can pull the trigger on at least one deal to start to grow that production through some smart acquisition so that's been really the kind of threefold goals we have for 2018 yeah sounds like there's plenty of room for growth in this company now what I want to know is how were you able to buy a two hundred million dollar property in operating goldmine in Nevada for five million dollars which would be a ninety seven point five percent discount how did you pull that off yeah I think this really speaks to the strength of our technical team you know we've got a very good technical team headed by a guy named Ken Bronk who's our chief operating officer a lot of these guys are ex Newmont's a very very experienced miners know Nevada really well and they looked at our producing asset the pan mine because it was part of a bankruptcy package it had put the company that built the mine back in 2015 had gone into bankruptcy about four months after starting to pour gold at that mine so they built the mine spent something like two hundred million dollars exploring doing the engineering studies building this new mine but ran into some problems early on as the mine was getting up and running and it put them into bankruptcy and you know ken looked at this from a bankruptcy situation and said you know what it it's not the asset that's the problem it was the company structure on the team that was trying to get it into production and the underlying asset is actually quite sound and he's proven that you know they they put a bid together bought it at a bankruptcy for five million dollars which is an incredible discount as you mentioned and have really turned that mine around had taken what a lot of people said was a dog and turned it into a beautifully performing little mine and it's it's producing cash it's but it's it's a profitable little mine and and really an excellent turnaround story and we're gonna take that kind of crack operating team that we put together and we want to apply that to other properties and turn those and get those running efficiently as well yeah it sounds to me like Fiore gold as an investment would be both an excellent value play as well as a growth type of investment because there's so much room for growth here I'm really excited about this opportunity and I'm glad I got to speak with you today mr

Tim warm and once again the CEO of Fiore gold for investors and traders as well on the CVE in Canada the ticker symbol is F on the OTC markets in the United States the ticker symbol is fi o GF now if people wanted more information I believe people can go to Fiore goalcom would that be correct that's correct furious fi o r e gold calm we have an Instagram feed a twitter feed but it's all all starts at the website gotcha fantastic I love Twitter what is your Twitter handle that people can go to I think I'm an old dog trying to learn new tricks so I believe our Twitter feed is fiore underscore gold all right and I will put that on the screen as well along with Fiori gold dot-com that's the first place to go if people want to see the latest news and developments for Fiori gold alright and if people want to contact somebody at Fiore goal they can also go to the website for that yes absolutely all right well I hope that people will check out Fiore gold calm I hope they will consider Fiore gold as an investment not only in the precious metals space but in the blockchain space because once again they are behind the hive blockchain Tec a huge launch in Canada very exciting and you know I I really appreciate all your time today I hope to be able to catch up with you soon just to see how things are developing both with you and Fiore gold so mr Tim Morman thank you so much for spending some time with me today on looking at the markets thanks for having me

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