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Hi here is Christian and in this video we look at what's new for are USI-tech partner in America and Canada As you perhaps know USI-tech separates its customers into users and partners

Users can use exclusively the offer of USI-tech and partners have also to the possibility after they have accepted the terms and conditions of USI-tech to build a team and distribute their affiliate link On the fifth January 2018 has USI-tech all business connections with USI-tech partners in America and Canada resolved This step was a message in the back office of American and Canadian USI-tech partners to communicate Let this official notice from us go even step by step The headline reads: "Extraordinary Termination of Distributor Agreement", which means so much such as "Extraordinary Termination of partner or the sales agreements "

Behind the headline in brackets is still what it is the affiliate ID of each Partners It continues with the first paragraph: You are active for our company in the US and / or Canada as a distributor offering our services We were utterly dismayed to learn did a large number of our sales partners extensively advertise our services on Their Own websites as well as on social media in a manner All which is a breach of contract as well as illegal & Which gives the appearance did our service portfolio Violates Both US & Canadian law Despite the measures Which We have already initiated, this behavior has even intensified in recent weeks and months This has already resulted in actions by the respectivement Authorities against various distributors, as well as the first preliminary injunctions in response to this advertising behavior

can translate to this as follows: They [ie the respective American or Canadian USI-tech partners] are for our Company [ie USI-tech] in the United States and Canada or active and selling our services there We were deeply bestürtzt when we found that a large number of our partners our services on their own websites and social have applied networks in a way that a breach of our partners represents agreements and prohibited by law This gave the impression that our portfolio of services violates both American and Canadian law In addition to the measures we have already taken, however, This behavior has been clearly strengthened in recent weeks and months This behavior led to the competent authorities already legal action against some partners have initiated and Injunctions were obtains

The second paragraph reads as follows: The initiation of above-Mentioned official action and court-ordered preliminary injunctions has so Inevitably Placed our company in a legally problematic situation It can not be ruled out thatthis illegal advertising by the distributors Involved will cause the relevant Authorities to suspect did our company itself is promo ting this type of advertising activity, or at least tolerates it This type of alarming view by the Authorities would lead to unforeseeable damage for our company as well as our sales partners who observe applicable laws We can not subject our company or our reputable sales partners to this danger In German it means something like: The above-mentioned already initiated legal steps and by courts erwirkten injunctions our company has necessarily to a brought legally problematic situation

It can not be excluded that this legally prohibited advertising measures lead our partners involved means that the competent authorities our company suggests itself would support this kind of advertising or at least tolerate This worrying to the authorities would both our company as well our channel partners who abide by the laws, unexpected damage inflict We can not expose our company and our reputable partners such dangers In the third paragraph reads: Consequently, we have Decided to immediately discontinue our business activities as well as our sales in the US and Canada So unfortunately, this has a direct consequence for you as a sales partner since the cessation of our marketing operations bedeutet, dass we are forced to immediately terminate our contractual relationship with you

can be translate this as follows: As a consequence we have decided with immediate effect that we are all business cancel activities as well as our sales in America and Canada Unfortunately, this also has direct implications for them as partners, because the setting our sales means that we are forced with immediate effect abandon our contractual relationships with them In the fourth paragraph you can read: Although we deeply regret this step Both on a business and a personal level, effective immediately we hereby summarily cancel the existing contractual relationship with you as a distributor, or, alternatively, hereby notify you of ordinary termination as of the next possible date translation: Even though we own this move on both a business as well as a heavy regret level, we announce herewith with immediate effect, with existing them as a distributor contractual relationship or, alternatively, put herewith about the proper notice to the earliest possible date in knowledge In the fifth paragraph reads: In light of the above-announced termination, effective immediately you may no longer market goods, software or other services to our customers, and we will unfortunately no longer be able to accept applications for distributor agreements from 3rd parties from you

In order not to jeopardize the termination of our contractual cooperation, for security reasons your sales partner account in our back office so will immediately be blocked And in German: In view of the above announced cessation of contractual relations, they may with immediate effect any products, software or other services sell more to our customers and we are now no longer able registrations by third parties about them annzunehmen In order not to jeopardize our contractual resolution, we will for security reasons lock their partner account in our back office with immediate effect In the sixth paragraph is: Naturally, we will be paying out all commissions earned up to today's date We expect to check your remaining unpaid commissions within the next two weeks, and as part of this process we therefore want to check / offset / reclaim commission claims of various distribution partners for unlawful double payments / rebuys as well as for unlawful payments due to double-accounts (multiple registrations)

Once we have Concluded our audit and have deterministic mined commission claims, we will remit them to you taking into account the requirements of Section 14 of our distributor Terms and Conditions With respect to sales partners Those Whose illegal advertising behavior is responsible for this current situation, we reserve the right to assert claims for damages, Which We therefore want to enforce by offsetting them against commission Claims In German that means as much as: Of course, we are all commissions earned to this day pay off We assume that we their outstanding unausgezahlten commissions be processed within the next two weeks and we will during this process all commission claims on legally banned multiple payments and Mehrfachnachkäufe by double-accounts or check multiple registrations Once we have completed this review and are fixed, the commission claims, we will, to them, taking into account the requirements in section 14 of our partners Policies transfer

As for the distributors who with their prohibited advertising measures for the current situation are responsible, we reserve to raise the right to damage claims that we associate with the commission claims will charge In the seventh paragraph, one can read: So we would like to point out that, as a result of the above termination, effective immediately you must destroy and / or take offline all websites, landing pages, social media sites / chat groups (eg, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram pp) or other online or offline advertising materials Relating to direct sales of our goods, software, other services and / or our direct sales concept You are obligated to immediately discontinue or cancel all current advertising and / or planned advertising, promotional events or other promotional efforts for our company In addition, you must immediately terminate or discontinue the use of any registered internet domains, social media accounts, WhatsApp groups or Comparable tools, as well as delete the associated logininfo and / or registrations inasfar as thesis internet domains, social media accounts, WhatsApp Groups or similar tools include our name, trademarks, product names or other characteristics of our company

translation: We also point out that they contract because of the above angsprochenen Resolution with immediate effect all websites, landing pages, social media pages, Chat groups (eg Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc) or any other online or offline Promotional materials that our direct sales to the dealing services, software, or any other offer, delete, and / or take offline have to In addition, they have the use of all registered Internet domains, social media accounts, Whatsapp groups or similar refrain insofar as they our Name, our logo, our product names, or other company-typical contain characteristics In the eighth paragraph is: Compliance with the foregoing is therefore very important with respect to your own interests, eg in order to still any concerns on your part with respect to warnings or other actions for misleading or unlawful advertising by third parties or any official investigation of you, given did we have terminated our direct sales in the United States and Canada

This can be translated with the words: Compliance with these previous regulations is also very important in terms of their own Concerns, including worries about any of them regarding warnings, and other procedures against illegal advertising or official investigations, to out of the way In the last two paragraphs is: If you currently use so our products, software or other services as a customer, we will be Informing you promptly separately Regarding the continuation of our customer relationship with you We would like to conclude by thanking you for your commitment to our company and for your sales efforts We extremely regret thesis recent negative Developments Caused by the behavior of dubious sales partners and wish you all the best and professionally personally This means: If you currently our products, our software or our other services use [not only as a partner but] as a customer, we will as soon as possible separately through all the details of continuation teach our customer relationship

We would finally for their commitment regarding our company and its sales Thank effort We regret this recent negative developments that the misconduct questionable Verrtriebspartner go out, deeply and wish them both professionally and personally all the best Let one more time summarize the short: – USI-Tech has the 5th January 2018 with immediate effect all contracts with USI-tech partners from America and Canada dissolved – The reason was, by its own account the fact that some partners there on websites and made advertising in social networks, both American as well as Canadian violated law and was not compliant with the partner Policy of USI-Tech – These promotional activities of some partners awakened in the American and Canadian Authorities appear that USI-tech tolerated such behavior and USI-Tech had to bear the first legal consequences

-Since this condition harm in the long run the company USI-Tech and its partners and the Extent of the damage can not be foreseen, all business activities of USI-Tech were aborted in America and Canada – With immediate effect, any distributor in America must refrain AND ALL Advertise Set and all associated with USI-tech media offering – The commission of every American and Canadian partners for a thorough examination paid on their legality – The termination of business relationships affects only the distributor of USI-Tech in America and Canada The local customers of USI-tech, so people who taken in America and Canada only offering USi-Tech to complete and no team have built up, are taught as soon as possible about the future course

– to bear in mind is thus also that the distributor of USI-tech indeed simultaneously Customers of USI-Tech are I hope you now have an overview of what is happening in America and Canada regarding USI techs and you know and understand now the official release of USI-tech in this regard See you in the next video Bye for now!

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