Bitcoin Q&A – Czym jest Mining (Kopanie) Bitcoina?

Here was a lot spoken about digging Bitcoin as a way to become rich Digging Bitcoin is probably the worst way to become rich – at least for poor people Mining of Bitcoins is a component of industrial infrastructure Let me ask a question to the audience – how many people know how the BGP routing protocol and this is a conference about the Internet How many of you use the Internet? You do not have to know anything about the BGP

I know how BGP routing works, but I am surrounded by people who do not know and yet all they use So you do not need to know how the digging Bitcoin, or why to use Bitcoin Digging is industrial infrastructure, which protects the network and allows us to operate without intermediaries, and intermediaries are not miners, anyone can join this network and participate in any time are completely anonymous, we do not know where they are I think that the media in Sweden describe digging for something mysterious and miner people associate with the mining of coal Digging is a specialized, high-performance computer task used by specialized programs for integrated circuits This is an idea that how you write about it in the newspaper is one of this newspaper will never buy, because the media do not describe it that way therefore better for the press to create a narrative under "mysterious network" It sells newspapers I do not know if you remember, but similar narration was the early days of the Internet And it was a period in which only the Geek, academies and technology freaks have to use it, because no one had used in practice and, of course, be an instrument of crime and many people were frightened to do transactions online, to buy something and they found that it would never work So again we see people who are afraid of change and we are still in the early days, just as the internet was 93-94 years Just as with playing, pornography and Rock & Roll In 1993-1994 were the beginnings of DNS, FTP, Archie and Usenet newsgroups in text form Pornography so no one would receive from such sources Apparently you do not know the ASCII artists Thank you very much for an interesting performance Material Andreas M Antonopoulos has translated into Polish: Fervi You can support subtitling sending a small donation in any kryptowalucie information in the description

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