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Epic-7com In 2008 it was worth 2 cents today it is worth around $3,000 that means if you invested $20 in 2008 you would have 3

5 million dollars today It's called Bitcoin And it's the most sought-after currency around the globe think you missed the trend think again think it's too complicated sync again regardless of your knowledge and Understanding of Bitcoin you can receive a return on your money that we haven't seen in a long time And most likely won't see again for years to come so now is your chance but how can you tap into this well, it's easier than you think and Luckily someone sent you this link and you're getting this information right now There is an innovative technology and software company with a 12 year track record of success in automated trading programs April 1st they launched a new program with Bitcoin and They have opened it up to the general public so that Anyone and everyone can leverage their money with bitcoin and benefit from the rapid growth of this currency What does this mean to you with this cutting-edge program? You can easily leverage your money in the Bitcoin market and create an average 1% daily return of capital think 1% daily is not a lot We'll consider this with a 1% daily return of capital $100 today could yield you almost $120,000 in just five years curious want to know more Welcome I'm glad you made it to this page to learn how you can take advantage of the unique financial shift going on in our World today, you know there's a lot of money to be made by tapping into Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency marketplace and during this presentation We are going to show you exactly how easy and lucrative it can be so let's begin Let me introduce you to USI Tech united software intelligence Usi, tech is a tech company that has a 12 year track record innovating software that enables people to earn a return on their capital In other words their products get your money working for you You may have heard the famous quote by one of the wealthiest men in the world Warren Buffett If you don't find a way to make your money work for you You will work until the day you die well Usi, tech get your money working for you They are based in Dubai USA Tech has a binding legal opinion letter stating it is a legal business in good standing Which is rare to find among other Bitcoin companies in the USA today? And they are currently doing business worldwide in over a hundred and sixty countries their most popular product has been in the forex market and now with the popularity of Bitcoin They have recently released a BTC Bitcoin package that has shown incredible results every day since its launch First of all what is Bitcoin well check this out What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency Bitcoins are digital coins you can send through the internet compared to other alternatives bitcoins Have a number of advantages Bitcoins are transferred directly from person to person via the net without going through a bank or clearinghouse This means that the fees are much lower You can use them in every country your account cannot be frozen and there are no prerequisites or arbitrary limits Let's look at how it works several currency exchanges exist where you can buy and sell bitcoins for dollars euros and more Your bitcoins are kept in your digital wallet on your computer or mobile device Sending bitcoins is as simple as sending an email and you can purchase anything with Bitcoin The Bitcoin network is secured by individuals called miners Miners are rewarded newly generated bitcoins for verifying transactions After transactions are verified

They are recorded in a transparent public ledger Bitcoin opens up a whole new platform for innovation The software is completely open source and anyone can review the code Bitcoin is changing finance the same way the web changed publishing When everyone has access to a global market great ideas flourish Bitcoins are a great way for businesses to minimize transaction fees it doesn't cost anything to start accepting them And it's easy to set up there are no chargebacks, and you'll get additional business from the Bitcoin economy Pretty cool Huh and check out all these companies that accept Bitcoin today? companies like Microsoft, Tesla, JC Penney's Domino's Pizza PayPal even eBay and Shopify just to name a few so How can this all benefit you let's look at some examples of leveraging your money and putting that Warren Buffett quote? I shared above into action Let's go back in time just a little ways What if you invested ten thousand dollars in gold in July of? 2010 how much would it be worth today? Surprisingly ten thousand two hundred and thirty dollars a bit disappointing from an investment standpoint What if you invested in an array of stocks from the S&P 500 in the July of 2010? How much would that be worth today? Well twenty six thousand thirty seven dollars much better in terms of an investment strategy now what if You took a chance you put ten thousand dollars in Bitcoin in July of 2010 how much would that be worth today well over three hundred and nine million dollars yes Three hundred and nine million dollars now That's a pretty incredible return and sure it was over seven years ago now Let's apply this To you today, so what if you purchased ten thousand dollars of Bitcoin today? What would you have and how much would it be worth well? Ten thousand dollars equals about two and a half bitcoins depending on the current value of Bitcoin What about in two years? What would you have and how much would it be worth well based on the current market value and trends it would be worth around fifty thousand dollars take a look at this graph at the start of 2016 a single Bitcoin was worth four hundred and fifty dollars by the start of 2017 it doubled to about eight hundred dollars a little over halfway through 2017 it skyrocketed Up to over four thousand dollars as you can see it's only going up and it continues to go up as more and more Businesses use and demand it so purchasing Bitcoin today Could give you a huge return as the value of Bitcoin has been is continuing to increase now in this example your earning potential is based on the value change of Bitcoin as the value of Bitcoin goes up your cash position increases if It stays the same your cash position is the same there's no win no loss But there is actually a better way What if you were able to earn about one percent daily on those two and a half bitcoins? Regardless of the value of Bitcoin and what if you were able to compound it all and maximize your return? This is exactly what usi tech offers you the usi tech BTC package You can participate in the profit of us ITEX bitcoin mining contracts also known as cloud mining How does it work well the first thing you do is you create an account for free? Then you purchase your package for as little as sixty US dollars You can get as many as you like You'll earn 1% Daily on each market day up to a hundred and forty percent or about a hundred and forty days Then if you turn on the rebuy You can actually compound that each and every day because each time it earns sixty dollars in your account It's gonna buy another one of these beats Packages, so let's look at an example of how this works

Let's First do an example without compound so you purchased 20 of these BTC packages gonna cost 1200 USD dollars like I said earlier the runtime is a hundred and forty percent It's an approximately gonna be a hundred and forty Market days or working days so your return on capital would be about sixteen hundred and eighty USD dollars so let's look at how that works so on day one you purchase those twenty packages and Every day it's gonna start earning that one percent So that 1200 USD dollars by the time you get to about 140 days or one hundred forty percent return on your money You're at sixteen hundred and eighty dollars, not bad, but let's look at this when we take compounding into effect We purchase those same twenty BTC packages for 1200 USD dollars We turn the automatic rebuy on and we do that for a year So let's look at how this breaks down day one you have 20 packages 1200 USD dollars but day 140 you haven't put any more of your money in your letting the compounding work, and you're letting your Packages continue to grow each day so by day 140 or so you're gonna have 78 package now your value is up over three thousand US dollars we take that out two hundred and sixty market days again earning that one percent and Continuing to let the compound and go into effect now you have over five thousand eight hundred dollars Compounding is very powerful What are you gonna? Want to do now well first thing you'll want to do is get that free account then you're going to want to get some BTC packages you're gonna want to set that Auto rebuy up And then you're gonna want to watch your money grow right from the palm of your hands with the US I am would you agree that when you find something good you like to share? Do you know friends family colleagues even strangers that would want to get their money working for them for as little as 60? USD dollars of course you do naturally you will want to share this with others and USI Tek pays you for doing this giving you Referral bonuses for every one that you personally refer USI Tech will pay you 10% on each package they purchase So share with those you think will like this program and enjoy it Thank you check from USI tech Commission's are credited immediately when earned and available for withdraw and/or Rebuy of additional packages to make your compounding even more powerful And you earn on each new purchase and each rebuy Forever so yes as you can see we have a solid company with an income-producing Product that can earn you and those you share with a substantial income But we have more we take it a step further to help you succeed so whether you are new to entrepreneurship or an experienced marketer We have all the tools you and your team need to create the level of success you desire From beginner to advanced and if you're wondering about the validity and legitimacy of this company Let me share a few facts with you recently one of the top SEC law firms in Chicago prepared and issued a legal and binding opinion letter that they stand behind this is something that sets us i-tech apart from all the other companies and should give you confidence that your money and reputation are safe Here are a few slides that highlight the findings and conclusions of the research that this law firm conducted as you can see Hart David Carson LLP was retained by USI Tech in the first slide The second slide will show you that they rendered their opinion and where it came from The third slide explains to you exactly what the Forex software is and does The next slide explains what a BTC package is and how it works The next slide gives all the legal jargon that you might be looking for the next slide is all about the Transparency of this company the law firm also dug into and checked to make sure there was no outstanding claims against the company or any of the owners in that next slide Basically says that we're in compliance with all of the Federal Trade Commission And if you know what the FTC is that's all about protecting all of our consumer rights in The last slide that we took and we're showing you here shows why we're able to have the referral program that pays you down Twelve levels the examples of statements used in this presentation or for illustration purposes only as with any opportunity They're designed to give you an idea of what's possible Success in this business as with anything requires leadership skills effort commitment and dedication our goal is to help you make informed decisions No one comes to represented or guaranteed in any amount for any participant at this point you're either ready to get started or need some more information if You're ready to go simply scroll down below this video and click the sign up now button if you need some more information Stay with me and I'll share with you some examples of the kind of money you can make I'll show you a quick video that highlights what the top Financial minds in our world today are saying about Bitcoin, and I'll answer some frequently asked questions Let's begin with the examples first now while these results are not guarantee They are based on a simple 1% daily return and assume the value of Bitcoin does not change Usi Tech has been paying out between point seven five percent and one point two five percent since it launched its BTC package and The fact of the matter is bitcoin has only been growing up in value So chances are your return will be greater than what these examples show, so let's check them out So what if you just wanted to dip your toes throw a couple of BTC packages in? 120 USD dollars throw it on auto rebind after one year you will have 4×2 your money You'd have four hundred and fifty dollars after three years You'd have fifty eight hundred Dollars after five years you would have over 80 thousand dollars you know so maybe you're someone who has a little more disposable income and you buy 17 of these BTC packages a Thousand $20 throw it on auto rebuy after one year $4,600 after three years sixty three thousand dollars after five years eight hundred and ninety thousand dollars My friends, this is the power of Compounding through the us ITEC Algorithm, so let's say that you're someone who does have a little more money that you can throw at this you buy a hundred of these BTC packages It's gonna be six thousand dollars throw it on auto rebuy After the first year twenty seven thousand after three years three hundred in eighty Thousand dollars yes three hundred and eighty thousand dollars after five years 53 million dollars, so let's kick it up to the person that has five figures that they're able to Throw into this You're gonna buy a hundred and sixty seven of these BTC packages throw it on auto rebuy one year forty six thousand dollars again for xing your money three years 65 million dollars after five years nine million dollars clearly There's a lot of big money to be made and let's just speculate that Bitcoin doubles in a year like it has Been doing over the last couple of years well Just double the number and you can see the possibilities Still uncertain listen in to what the greatest financial minds have to say about Bitcoin Bitcoin and things like it is the equivalent of the red pill Okay, we are entering a completely world of uncharted water you made any investments in so I mean I personally I own Bitcoin in My hedge fund I own Bitcoin in my fund I own Bitcoin in my private account It is a huge deal it's a huge huge huge deal because what you're talking about right now is for the next three to five years an Unbelievably better store value it is gold 20

This is a currency a currency That's really gonna work Eventually I think it is working and There will be other currencies like it that may may be even better But in the meantime there's a big industry around Bitcoin and You know people have made fortunes that bitcoins Bitcoin There is no Bitcoin company There is no Bitcoin building There's even not even a Bitcoin server anywhere that you could shut down it is completely distributed That's what's unique about Bitcoin It is for the first time a way for the two of us to exchange value online without a third party intermediary until the invention of Bitcoin for you and me to exchange money online we had to employ a third party like PayPal like Visa like MasterCard right and we Live in a 21st century if we want to have a video call to China we can do that for free But to send a couple hundred bucks, which is essentially just ones and zeros being moved around Costs five percent plus takes over it the Bitcoin is Exciting because it shows how cheap it can be Bitcoin is is better than currency and you don't have to Be physically in the same place and of course the large transactions currency can get pretty inconvenient You'll see Bitcoin shredding it a thousand two thousand five Thousand ten thousand Rick fuck Vina does an excellent analysis he predicts that Bitcoin will capture between one and ten percent of the global forex market which implies a price of between 100 thousand to a million dollars per Bitcoin most of the people who are on the sidelines not buying Bitcoin today will start to buy Bitcoin when it gets over a thousand and then a Greater percentage of people will definitely plow into Bitcoin when it starts going over ten thousand It's still predicting Bitcoin ten thousand dollars per Bitcoin in three years Sarris he is the CEO of Zabu which is a Bitcoin wallet and Bitcoin ball I think it's mostly a very positive thing I think we're gonna see ups and downs like with any other emerging technology But I think Bitcoin is here to stay and it makes sense that that it be taxed and treated like any other So let's make a boat call here in 10 years What do you think that coin will be worth one Bitcoin? Between half a million dollars and a million dollars a lot of people are just seeing the charts and thinking how I let go But what I'm doing is counting backwards

I mean, this is a transactional This is a transactional currency And it is a store of value as such it is a product on a service competing on a very tangible market for stores of value and for transactional currencies So what is the what is the size of that market right and it's important and how much how big a market share? Can Bitcoin realistically take within a? Foreseeable time frame when you ask that question Then you come up with a with a market cap of Bitcoin total, and then you divide that by the number of bitcoins in circulation by that by your estimated time and seeing how Chinese are buying Bitcoin I crazy actually on to adjust this number upwards But then you come up with a number of about two to five million dollars per Bitcoin that suggests everyone go back to buy it one Bitcoin Not not too much only one is enough if everyone says worth people Just to go back by one Bitcoin You know the Bitcoin value would go to the $1,000,000 when the week only have one million dollar you know the all around the world it would be creepy and Everyone will be the photo and other digital currency just to be you know Be granted some of the Bitcoin so for me I think for a lot of people They don't exactly understand Why white Bitcoin there's Bitcoin the Currency of the future, or is it the payment system? Bingo, it's the payment system It's the blockchain encryption, and they're they're interesting things I think Bitcoin or the really blockchain encryption that's behind it has a greater ability to bring more of the world's Population out of poverty than anything we've seen if you're new to Bitcoin take your time to go out there and Google it and learn about it it truly is one of the most important inventions in the history of humankind and Certainly the most important invention since the Internet go out there make a Bitcoin wallet Get involved start using it learn about all the positive ways in which this is going to improve the lives of Every single person on the planet Get involved do it today It's gonna help everybody and let me just say this now that you know what you know about Bitcoin Not taking action will only leave you with regret Don't miss this revolutionary shift this can change everything so do something click the sign up now button and begin: Epic-7com

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