When a Program Stops Doing Business in Your County

When a Program Stops Doing Business in Your Country so if you guys haven't heard by now some big news in the marketing business in the crypto business you SciTech stop doing business in US and Canada they haven't gone out of business they haven't scanned people out of money they're just saying you know because of a couple bad apples marketing you was high tech incorrectly they've stopped doing business in Canada in us so what does that mean for people that have accounts they're gonna pay out all the Commission's in the next couple of weeks and probably close off your accounts we don't know for sure yet but obviously going forward that kind of changes a bunch of things and usi tech was a good program you know they paid not crazy returns but they were higher than most so not saying this you know they're they're shutting down because they they they're not able to pay out but this is the risk of all of these programs they're unrelated you know they they can get a lot of attention by governments by governing bodies you know like the SEC and indifferent the equivalent in Canada and you know they they basically stopped doing business there you know probably in a risk of lawsuits in having to shut down completely and the US and Canada have the most stringent laws I have all for these so I always say you know I'll never invest more money than you're willing to lose I'm not saying that you're gonna lose any money in this we don't know yet they they put a notice on everybody's account saying they're gonna pay out and one of my goals was always to make sure I got out my seed capital as quickly as possible so whatever I put in I would get out as quickly as possible then maybe I could compound if I wanted to but I didn't ever want to just kind of be greedy and just compound and say wow look at all the money I've accumulated right it's kind of that carrot dangling in front of you and then when these types of things happen and if they didn't pay out which is not the case here so far you'd lose your capital so I'm not in that position but anyways what I really wanted to talk about was when you're a marketer when you're promoting these things trying to build a team trying to get other people involved in these programs when they do things like this you have to then change funnels affiliate links videos so what I've been doing literally for the last hour is deleting my videos on YouTube that are purely USI tech focused because there's no sense in having them and they'd asked to cut for everybody to kind of stop promoting it that our newest in Canada so you know I'm abiding by those rules and I was able to delete the videos easily within my my YouTube account in my affiliate links since I never put the direct affiliate link of a program I always will use a cloaked link or a redirect link I can just go into my redirection software which I use odd tracks Pro I can easily change it I also have a lot of domain names that I just redirect directly to those affiliate links so for instance like paid like Jay com that was redirecting to a usi tech funnel I had I was able to quickly go in and change those to something else so two things hey I can make sure those are redirect to something valid and two I don't have to go and change this length that I've put in other YouTube videos and things like that so going for and it's it's very generic right it's not like it says you know join us I tech today comm or something it's paid like J comm it's the freedom code it's day job killer those types of things so that was a good lesson for me I'm gonna try to do everything in regards to kind of the big programs I'm promoting put them in domains like this so that even if they're referenced in the description of my youtube channel on a website social media I can easily go and change it here like this is my name cheap account I can easily change it here and I don't have to touch any of those links so that was something that I guess I learned today where you know while I did have to go into our tracks Pro and delete some of those that wasn't that big of a deal or change where they redirected to but he was even easier to go into my name cheap portal my domain registrar and be able to switch those URLs very quickly right and none of these URLs had USI Tech in them like some of them I redirected you know Jay likes Dom /e was I tech well obviously it wouldn't make sense for me to keep that redirect link in place but have a redirect somewhere else because it was named Uwe site X so now everywhere I've placed that I have to go find it and rename it so those things should be named something more generic probably that you could you know like a couple of them I had was J likes a column forward slash crypto freedom that is something I could redirect to Swiss called global future future net feature ad Pro so that is a big lesson for me to learn going forward I was able to lead I named all my funnels I typically call them with the program and then the funnel name first so I was able to go into landing page monkey click funnels find anything that had that and that prefix in the name and delete it very quickly so lesson that I learned today is you know redirect everything I've done that for a while but keep those names fairly generic and if at all possible use domains because that is even easier to redirect that's kind of my video for today keep you guys posted as to what's happening with payouts on you aside tech but you'll probably see a lot of videos like that on on various YouTube channels because that's very big news today anyways we will talk to you guys later

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