CREDITS – DLT blockchain platform

Criptomonedas use for over 3 years I am an enthusiastic and active member of the blockchain I see great potential and prospects decentralized services Currently, the technical limitations of the platforms blockchain are the main problem

That's why we are developing a platform that solves these problems CREDITS is a decentralized platform blockchain intelligent contracts and internal cryptocurrency This is a completely new development of our team platform independent and has new unique features that others do not have The platform allows you to run over a million transactions per second a time average processing 1 second and a very low cost To achieve that rate of less than one second per transaction, We are developing a new platform blockchain, a new consensus based DPOS and BFT, as well as developing an asynchronous transaction execution module, data compression system and other technological solutions Smart contracts allow the platform CREDITS create services that currently can not be done in other systems It allows you to create truly independent and completely decentralized services in blockchain without any external system, only blockchain The platform expands use services created in the blockchain: banking, transfers, payments, internet of things, exchanges, micropayments and more I can confidently say that our platform is much more blockchain CREDITS faster, safer and more stable than any other system

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