USI Tech – Die neue Minimale-Mining-Gebühr

Hi here is Christian and in this video I show you what it with the new Minimum mining has charge of USI-tech up By clicking you have in your back office on the menu item "Package Options" there "Place Order" selecting and thee in payment options for a payment from an external Wallet decide, you'll love the new blue button "Minimum recognize Mining Fee in effect

" If you are there it clicking learn that USI-tech a minimum mining fee Bitcoin package has been driving purchases to the current high transaction costs to compensate for the Bitcoin network This type of compensation has been solved, according to USI-tech with a variable fee Mining, so the daily repayment of Bitcoin packages does not fall per working under 07% This step is meant only as a temporary Maßmnahme according USI-tech until the transaction costs the Bitcoin network to normal The current level of mining fee is you shown above

But what does this mean in concrete terms now? If you go back to your cart, then you see that you are given up to a Number of Bitcoin packages pay more mining fee than our usual 3% At the time of this recording, you always pay a for a purchase of up to four packets Minimum mining fee of 729 € In conventional mining fees of 3% you would have so usually only 6,00 € Bitcoin pay packages at 4, with the new Minimum mining fee you pay at the time of video recording 129 € more than usual

From 5 Bitcoin packages the minimum mining omitted at the time of the admission fee again and again you pay the normal 3% What has just confuses me is that these Minimum mining fee currently not Rebuy cart is displayed So if you Bitcoin packages with your USI-tech credit want to buy it only looks like, as would be the minimum mining fee does not apply but this is a cosmetic issue If you have made your purchase there you can see that the Minimum mining fee was also calculated

Let's summarize that again briefly: – USI-Tech has been driving a Minimum mining fee recently to the currently increased transaction costs to compensate for the Bitcoin network – This method of compensation has been chosen so that the work daily repayments do not fall under 07% – The minimum mining fee kicks in every Bitcoin package purchase and replacement, so both when making payment via an external Wallet and about your USI-tech credit – The minimum mining fee comes most into play when you least Bitcoin packages buy or nachkaufst

– For people with few packages and activated rebuy so it is at the moment makes sense automatic off rebuy and then manually nachzukaufen packets when the USI-tech assets for a number of packets is sufficient for the increased currently no Minimum mining fee must be paid At the time of this video, this number is 5 Bitcoin packages I hope you know now what is going on with the new Minimum mining fee to himself and how best umgehst with her See you in the next video Bye for now!

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