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[] Struggle against the counterfeit is chronic character Vladimir Putin Hello, Me name Dmitry Lyskov and this program True and here topic our discussions today Counterfeit remains serious problem of the current market Is there a chance to win pirates neither in one specific industry and in whole, in scale states and can be 00: 00: 36300> and total world Russian specialists answer there is! On fight with violations rights intellectual property property, on fight with falsified you need put new technology! gathered today in this the studio with respected experts, and experts developers new systems with counterfeit systems original, nonstandard, not I hide me surprised! Mikhailovich well what? The blocking will come to change traditional technology? It should come! Before in all because that fight counterfeit has , conditionally saying four aspect: economic aspect o which here will discuss but you clear loss which States and corporations bears the aspect because y us really counterfeit products perhaps among so called countries more total buyers on it on at this contract spiritual prospectuses and so next and extremely important that innovative of the prospectus which as times you and said because that occurs such curious that here viewing all ways fighting with counterfeit they all after all are public basics this all institutions this the prosecutor's office this laws and so further no involvement people in this and you mean that will be more and non-state involvement public reaction other actions here it's very important question because that here now we have to discuss us it is associated with but I as so say specialist by spiritual to the world in y our society I want to say it is linked the most important problem development civil activity dmitriyevich I so I understand you studied problematic counterfeit how much this really serious how much this scale is whatever in global scale this problem to general opinion very serious and main becomes all more serious and more serious dynamics here very impressive to such general estimates of course they are thoughts character because that are based on data before total customs bodies which in which is entered but some adjustments but those not less than experts come where that annual volume trading background is order floor trillion dollars this very serious the volume it is about 5 percentages from world trade then There are each in this and now we say contract which is entered through the boundary it is customs counterfeit yes but in significantly fake preparations counterfeit which are within countries they somehow we will estimate and here estimates they are such is enough conditional character but here in russia volume is evaluated of the order ten percent so trade here this / c> serious and 00: 03: 59

340> it grows the corresponding study were done higher education economics but at the whole approximately sti these these ratings / c> that has problems 00: 04: 13680> already very seriously and very serious value in world and for our countries and for other of the world attention to it governments ubiquitous increases to these basically were built on about exclusively were built on activities law enforcement in searches those violators attracting them to responsibility to unfortunately whole experience shows anything serious solutions general problems this gives and not their work in more than igor anatolievich blood anatolievich and here it seemed would border close yes well from those same most Chinese goods which standard is associated with counterfeit and all nineties in general so it was now of course the situation significantly has changed but and immediately percentage counterfeit y us will decrease to it would seem that would of course that this the only the correct solution but to Unfortunately it i twenty years already I live in europe always was doing working in large cosmetic companies cosmetology and y manufacturers and problem counterfeit y us occurred practically every day then there is despite at then that were 00: 05: 32669> such measures but to Unfortunately effectively and exactly then this was there years five-six back me already then a idea occurred which way more effectively you can fight counterfeit a can be counterfeit this of a specific rescue all same here crisis and world in our economy oh Products which cheaper will are objective and not always they are dangerous for health but in that industry Well let be cheap products how someone c> there can dress ends well on most you affected patient question for economic entrepreneurs but action you so is special for here let's look at for start on any basic indicators that such today social structure Russian Society <::: The ratio poor little provided mean of the secured rich population countries is same is acceptable in almost 60 40 60 Dysfunctional 40 safely in whole 40 and 60 and poor which two times have increased their series for last three year y your crisis means and receive somewhere 35 low-income but really here we will put on them place justify date problems which is but it really is well here average earnings we know which yes it even by moscow dragging 50 now so to regions one and a half times <: income we send child school it is necessary buy one fifth-tenth to starts a decent forms of the set of textbooks pencils so next but in the tutorial A single history so but from points series The same external of the form it's clear that on increase not you will buy child grows quickly but here where to the person to the family to go with very scanty with the income but will go he this buy for 500 rubles and not for 2000 well of course goes dinars of course will go to and in this the sense of understand say life regularity not interrupt with nothing so not Customs not law enforcement structures not the prosecutor's office here you must this resolve for family and family decide by going to then that on year suffice at the following year we here say to cheap we'll buy if simplify this question therefore not deciding Social in state I I think the economist to your probably will evaluate and can be so say will enter discussions forever not deciding large social problems before life support us level and the quality of it this problem us not it will be possible solve very serious question really michael daniilovich so can be early we take for fight counterfeit yes you know our look exactly not color and rather even already late as correctly : colleagues digits they now stunning half a trillion dollars can only that was heard same does for many this just salvation you you know this rescue probably on coming five can be ten years in further situation of course will get worse if allow with regard to digits then that now half a trillion dollars this official statistics unofficial already at today the time two trillion dollars to predictions us all will be grow in progression here this here situation go go next to this same paths well this is harmful this does not lead good not of the consumer not manufacturers not States if we let's and next produce this is counterfeit low-quality of course same not always bad not always bad but very often and noxious for health then I I'm afraid something c> of this all only will suffer thanks dmitry sergeevich still one aspect take the digital sphere the sphere high technologies ay sphere neither for who not secret that in Russia is widespread again same less than but in same most 90th years practically all software providing was pirate many on this just went because that physically not had opportunities buy licensed software provisioning but expensive was expensive in end ends that same most Windows was too expensive volume office too expensive photoshop too expensive get <:: then the counterfeit but I would like refine our statements counterfeit it's cheap product this means fake then is using I'm flying and stolen as in this case using someone else trade brand please : cheap sneakers need on them write <: adidas or low-income population population anywhere will disappear because that this product is done it really is cheaper it will be on the market and counterfeit than we we are fighting when client it does not matter of a wealthy this deceive him say example conditional that's this sneakers no relationships not have neither to quality location production and no one does not interfere with say this sneakers my brand cheap all then there is I think that it's harm then counterfeit in cheating buy 00: 10: 59650> is ready to understand genuine products or no gas yes here you need immediately I'll specify here if take specifically Russian market for sure such which products are forged more than total here there are such data I can can reply me vladimir mikhailovich y you have data no whether who pot device at most case medicinal preparations base to base mutually dreams and in Russia in world how much is safe such are forged and drug in dreams of course same dangerously imagine if 60 percentages drugs in all world is if let's say not take Russia and take the rest of the world to countries underdeveloped say Africa I which is is collected many years to one medicine of the whole family and on the fact receive some hand-made articles well if this hand craft none not to harm health but as rule result can be deplorable that's this that applies to first places medicinal preparations preparations and second place <::: of course same electronic devices color there more 200 Billion also 00: 12: 09459> straight be staggering at most case these digits but thanks to of course same Chinese manufacturer alexandr <: Dmitrievich such factor counterfeit as alcoholic products sensational stories c hawthorn of the Irkutsk areas this of course exclusive event but there is a number other poisoning products which were bought in store which are are just fake I saw diagrams but there also significant such significant column it is alcohol products but this true it's too one those markets where share counterfeit products very high in general such distribution counterfeit products it is such a test that namely here there is one <: <: very serious dips of the market which so or otherwise have on it react or here methods state interference situation at but to Unfortunately not is efficient and gives only small result and is associated here this failure markets is associated as times those that greater role in this case plays that fact that special value represents represents Information component then is that component consumption which as this say economists one by a person excludes from consumption other people and from here Aspiration borrow foreign image goods someone else trading brands so next they to Unfortunately, here sphere where automatically active market mechanism problem solve not in condition color here we are approach to one to very important aspect then is we encounter with one side with the that counterfeit products which more cheap it like would help low-income layers population reduce ends but here then that you now heard medications alcohol end ends same most Commodities sensational history about girl which carried the cap counterfeit produce : of the series there were and dyes scary so more child a little whether not with disability turned out to be question security and here how pass here between scyll and you understand that's scale constantin and why correctly understood very problem other raised counterfeit total helps look for poor people join some branded things and so next but I can be too sharp I will speak but I'd like want say that lack of fighting with counterfeit decomposes society in addition to <::: this is valid decaying at breakdown consciousness on care your health on this society decomposes because that people when buying color: even I guess that this not then which need beat poisoning like alcohol and so next also comes very important question and you understand here you was asked in relation other and I asked such thing what Germany and switzerland society which sociologists they say society and so clear all / c> good developed legal culture so here there society with high developed legal cultures in relation in <: c: to the smallest the amount the counterfeit submit people understand about that you must have health that this contradicts that this is harmful to some corporations then when then is a fight counterfeit more has this value that we increase spiritual legal culture legal culture in relation to health and so <::: : here involvement as you can more quantities population in fight with counterfeit <: c: <:::: solution economic problems decides and the problem the formation of a healthy spiritual atmosphere or antonych more one aspect I I come back citation vladimir vladimirovich tryna more I'll remind you it was on meeting by development industry and <::: was <::: to invest state money in development light industry : absolutely is absurd at such level counterfeit this counterfeit simply not will develop industry light industry this working places and so next and volume like and well it's clear yes then same most and in the sneakers same most in relation software as in Europe these questions are solved and can be from there some experience adopt all c> true and here I agree <: 17: ha Mykhalych very people not understand counterfeit and that for this we performed small analysis among Russian-speaking and English-speaking there would us simple question all this was spent on forums we were asked submit whether you your pirate site for remuneration and at English-speaking forms in mostly answered 50 to 50 they someone agreed who then no but in c> then same time resulted in other arguments is they understand that for sites stands huge problem then is this is loss profit which produce firms films they are watching they are not quality movies naturally participant loss profit and loss cities with boards people wages people is going loss customer demand population general loss level life and large damage to the economy Michael constantinovich a here color understand these Aspects this For the time being, remains for us secret for family seals is not enough : <: in the general in situation which population is experiencing I'll say from year year However, five years 5 years Decades already exactly only 98 year 3 crisis survived but that population in these situation should / c> yes it should Understand your everyday everyday everyday problems this before total as family hold y of a particular dragging level yes here hearth home but when I I say this I say o volume that in general level poor little secured population in Russia be justifies this no not about this I want o vladimirovich absolutely rights start completely 00: 19: 14

660> some here clearly expressed approach work c population community here I I say that no public programs example here now here just y n effects at eyes no Well here took several years grandmother with smoking took yes <:: name airport where in it's see hour no an individual a smoking room name and restaurants cafe even just street here just big public space practically this we also not watch but all the same means we can in c> this some analogy begs but why not think about big national the program the fight with such phenomenon which and society whole harm economy whole harm so problem Egg so it you need to put alexander single human to 1 yes of course this to bring to alexandr Dmitrievich with your points of view here your estimate y us really just is missing state program fighting counterfeit it simply not effectively to this the moment how much then is inefficient here propolol Flush score yes no but us as general then from other countries are taken measures by fight with counterfeit products by protection rights intellectual property <: c: right <00: areas creative activity you people and so further but to Unfortunately gives real such cardinal solutions problems but all same I not polemicizing c the that mihal constantinach I I'd like to say that sensations constantinic as sociologist he factor examinations more here on feeling relying here by <: my: sensations <:: <: c: dynamics there are if in 90 years really was such situation which you in the the introductory the word said sphere using software securing overwhelming part beginning 90 c> software ensuring that we in our country in the general then used lines saying is not lawful and and generally they say say that this is lucky we do not fall behind too strongly in this area so that this also this also true but by that as society starts <::: set before itself generally ambitious problems related with the economy / c> associated with by increasing here as creative species activities and so : this problem and fight for intelligent the right creators and fight vs counterfeit it becomes all more importance becomes more the obvious for wide layers population and so today situation in that same sphere software providing it on my cardinal in here to cardinal distinguish it's important was only in beginning Christians c> character tasks which society puts before yourself which people as tasks are before this society a lot of things here also jealousy daniilovich Your score of the existing here now situation fight with counterfeit government first turn of course know here objectively it's hard to say because that is running defined measures are issued defined orders activity is maintained and is maintained to Unfortunately is not enough effectively of course here can not be scolded States or individual figures no here them fault here in that producer counterfeit smugglers if <:: so you can call they are more than more complex they work more motivationally u them is result to which they go profit naturally and of course same y them technologies which no c namely therefore when 30 and to state technology this always most advanced here it turns out here dmitry Sergey can you explain as so get interesting let's I'll explain as I I see main problem so say insufficient success existing system fight with which the fact in mode in solution this Pape 00: 23: 29730> volume that in principle after all it's necessary to stop production ways wholesale shipments and spreads these of the sphere y manufacturers counterfeit it's enough hidden not worse on your I understand that it's illegally this will be E5E5E5> and 00: 23: 51919> Private Consumer encounters where in a small store and these stores mass in come in each and confiscate this one or two instance which is at this seller it's pointless think only droplet droplet droplet wholesale streams go this it can be such such strong comparison yes this as areas fighting with drugs catch street small raster thread or this of course well yes but suppress you can only wholesale suppliers and manufacturers a does not prevent them cccolorCCCCCC> to it seemed would be us scale pro this is enough complex process because that manufacturers that's dinish 00: 24: 41250> correctly said they are have means they far away not silly people and this struggle of the detective rogue who who will be caught here it's impossible just some c> such front take and all clean as would who more cunning who smarter : yes here not I hide that probably control not always and not all can be would here already at all are interested in in to suppress this wholesaler problems in this a that's decide and as me it seemed you can and than interested in suggested project when draw to control : I say not suppression a control for facts sale mass here this <: Head: with <: c: systems this information gather a more exist is enough good methods processing information which allow to pull out from there it is manufacturers shipments paths wholesale country we now / c> to this technology also really are interesting vladimir the only <::: aspect which would further if anything here in this descriptive parts programs that with your points view state measures may which then : propaganda education population here creation negative image as counterfeit so manufacturers and distributors will help generally add up that's well answered : that's of gas lures because seriously process process you you understand : highlight main main it's formation of the active citizen: this very important understand here y us there is very the problem is that that that will be consider specific sentences <::: <: to struggle with counterfeit there almost each volume he reported o facts counterfeit then there is that means reported y here same occurs denunciation when nose <:::: historically so very negative ratio you understand when nose and by the way here so y us you need because <::: 09: 9090 you image before total civil human in in all relationships here look at well we will cite example america bad there government so next but under duck fact with master maedoff to my water the famous means mavrodi American which has created a pyramid a giant the pyramid billions rubles dollars has attracted after all, arrested by denunciation you can Say: yes to of messages his children messages two sons to wrote recipe children his steel national heroes america then is they as o people which saved teach <:: many times <::: <: here's the from this financial armor us half already to these pores is considered an example completely the opposite completely about therefore that's that propaganda which is it must be country total to problem forming active citizen which really seeing something illegal harmful and so next will report <::: this will enter fight this that's the main thing perhaps I will add digits allowed I want absolutely rights but activity civil civilian position is manifested some practical us sociology in political science is called civil participation but let's see level civil participation in modern Russia here on days president to acted at congress volunteers volunteers fine we saw a huge for youth yes but for all countries this is not enough I will call from digits 4 to 7 percentages different forms civil participation total takes participation representatives our population to different form most high by the way saying by place residence when drags directly affect interests people yes and rather involuntary you come out on gathering or requirements start movement requirements motorists when I as presses E5E5 < that then but this same also very the right form attracting participation they just to statements of opinions and positions and in this meaning I supported would times position state programs education possibly even with which <: here schooling years explaining danylich suggest I the tool <: and the based on new technologies which enable as times but activate civilian Participation <:: all true we namely this we suggest that we addition we completely we share the our <::: our colleagues with regard to that public of course Understanding rights Consciousness not on sufficient level exactly therefore we contact to new technology technologies now is called block cache which together with those us allows to provide by the provider given public which will be well as we told that would be report about those or other they will be remain anonymous they will be stay on it by us as for so and for third persons for manufacturers for would then neither was then is without we begin that no Michael daniele us is provided to you presentation video times of the project project stop and fake I I suggest now its and then continue our discussion already more objectively and on basis this movie let's look at alex is engaged in the production of sports shoes c 1968 provides shipments to Europe thanks to good quality brand cross is recognized max producer and works on the studio it and his colleagues create new bestsellers thanks to diligent work world rolling comes out to one movie in year she photographer her works beautiful creating photos for calendars banners outdoor advertising she earns herself on 90 percent manufacturers encounter violation of rights its intellectual property max alex it Unfortunately not exception obstacle in development their business is piracy and counterfeit the well-known uses in counterfeit products because of what it loses 45 interest income counterfeit spoils the reputation of its companies sales fall movies to shortening cash fees not features three of the movie in year as before entrepreneurs want pay for the photographer anna 00: 31: 46

970> however, without / c> copied and is used her work in commercial purposes depriving well legal remuneration if this not change then new photos anna we more not we will see max will cease to movies about release sport shoe <::: alex will be discontinued came time get rid of from piracy and counterfeit we represent stop for a I Decentralized service for detection counterfeit violation rights intellectual property based on block cache check not violated your copyright rights submit application to site stop for Figures a I Artists c all countries world ready to work each who is smartphone or computer wait your tasks they for fix violations will do a a screenshot or will be removed video will send the CC <::: address violations for that will be remuneration information o The offense is fixed to of decentralized servers with using the technology block cache that guarantees reliability unchangeability and is sent to you violators will bear punishments sites will be blocked fake products destroyed remain undetected more not it will be possible E5E5E5 < alex 00: 33: 01940> max it will continue us please results Its work getting deserved reward for your property se Fox [music] that's such presentation movie which depicted problems existing in this sphere but and and methods them solutions Michael danylovich than principal novelty project novelty in tom that we we attract public first queue I I will explain stop go it's <::: and elimination offenses counterfeit and and violation rights intellectual property y any point Earth ball then is we not we restrict ourselves to some one state wait here see o detection <::: 45: citizen can fix points view manifestations products post this in network here as Elimination Examine I I'll explain sleep y in service is as performers so and rightholders call by the rightholders when fixed that or Other fact it this can make using the smartphone it did color: or video or with using <:: your computer he can do screenshot it directs this information automatic naturally mode on our service after which rightholder takes solution really whether is is counterfeit we deliberately departed from of that to artist took some expert participation because that as rule this error can be this here that detection that applies to fixing service provides row measures which will allow right holder to automatic names in automatic mode eliminate them for this We will be enable domain names hosting providers <:: different: <:::: associations of course same law enforcement bodies without this does not then is given case will be about such process or anatolievich is we actually social will be call things your names is calculated on fight counterfeit this can so say I again same will be returned to its to the past where you can say was somewhere this idea when we worked c cosmetic products naturally as you said disallow carriage products through borders no effect gives all this gets on the shelf people use and as we then found out more total signals came namely from the final of the consumer or from seller which was in this store in this case can be pharmacies then is in Any sphere activity but in this this signal passed through huge chain then there is he got to the seller <::: 47: 49: store then manager distributor best case to the manufacturer this chain such when the information is cramped was lost here with using this service naturally we <:: We want eliminate this chain to information from final of the consumer came to to the manufacturer possess 2000 this / c> me while clear except one where here actually blockbuster here is this here scary : which 90 percent viewers generally not understand but all about it heard here I too like emphasize that is information technology such fashionable words which suddenly like in public Consciousness public hearing occur and as would yourself to yourself are attractive i I'll try you there are experts which can to values boys same is enough simply explain words block cache as rule is associated 00: 36: 50

670> Crypto currency and especially with this there finance hype which is goes at most case block modern high reliable technology allowing store and protect the data Transactions from shaft intentional interference or destruction from to that today is known perhaps most reliable in crypto currency for this is used if you transmit coins one purse other then absolutely exactly none as would and is compromised transactions but with points of view most no differences no what information you reliably pass the number of coins or any another and therefore than to is true the initiators were involved technology blocking for that to guarantee safety and reliability here these most transactions with information facts violations or alleged facts from of the author and he anonymous naturally to to the consumer volume who is interested this owner and I after all more I want say c> can be guys while said is important still one aspect one you owner trading brands given this information is capable or no it and to manufacturers is easier to this information shell in system and it to itself is available all and before total as would this of the system here more one aspect also could fashionable heard yes this also fashionable The direction in digital here with full force can be applied These technologies for to mass discrete information information fetch that most facts not are visible who produced where weight to which of the warehouse as would be concentrated after that as has spread already to final seller a this Direct information for law enforcement for acceptance legal and about Chick here then that you first me was asked and why their all not will be caught it's hard to find this difficult I allows in branched network of the to which which narrow circle as would narrow down most area circle where them look for: and who michael constantinovich a with your points as specialist how much society will be is ready work with such a system how much will generally be High Interest people in work with such system well here as times as specialist to society the work of of the mass consciousness c mass mood want say that here <::: our society in the defined degree is enough on ration it very slowly are drawn some large projects and without stage is dedicated to c activities here not dispense so say here that we saw before on example views project here such we need advertising videos such you need dragging coloring pages and small the alphabet and even for schools already by extreme classes here without this steps will do well society should in this problem board this not very scientific words as would Enter here as it will leave with using what with using only scientists is not enough with using the Enlightenment initiators entrepreneurs <: is not enough at support states this already that then for of new to ministries education also still that then then is that's this meaning we decide the problem of its country in fatherland when we fall down world but here we such on that will become you can do so on the problem solve it is possible vladimirovic then is the question again same we approach The propaganda questions Enlightenment all here all the same here your point view must be in front of color public figures can be business will be interested : as You think you know here before than reply to this question such how much I I know that's developers this of the new to it you came out and both world ether so say and curious huge amount interested persons from entrepreneurs to of the population it's Western Europe of america russia much less than here as times then that here will understand this same is a characteristic thing already y them so say mass wanting connect so next this is the first and now me very important the question one occurs I think that I think that I think that that's and hanging to the question to to all can probably block cache now enough not c only fashionable the word and real tool state policies as far as I know I know to how many we know now already 00: 42: 15620> finance something sends to c> here recently was conversation Our president with tax the manager tax service there told about will be then there is goes use this really extremely progressive and new so say the tool with Parties States a here is whether y us it side population to raise it is activity <:: <:: itself of the population you understand one when state this uses the tax yes by the way will be check authenticity documents driver's license and so next <: the use of the population here by my I not heard so that was some even try use the <: this this tool very effectively side therefore propaganda again same shoot and lazy of course outside every doubt here I I fully support here and need very serious state propaganda that that then than we are now we deal with in fighting counterfeit this is beneficial personally this your children this is beneficial business matte lip state in whole this Heals heals and society very Dmitrievich I will ask benefit entrepreneurs which here can be traced here as explain company that it profitably is registered and work with this system you know here for me as on place most attractive side of the proposed solution is in volume that conditions failures Market: which I already said 59000> ordinary conditions done on my look has all odds on Success try solve this problem on market basics for account of interest it is firms whose the rights are violated where bears not only large firms large firms of nowhere small medium firms a also interest and those who will detect because of course you need to lead educational work and so next but except <::: built-in very powerful material people receive the possibility of only doing case but and earn on this this as times completely corresponds to and itself systems started appearance of the target on Rains then here we then we will come to to entrepreneurs Explain Metro to as this system will be will function will earn at those data which they will be place in this network whence will be take money which will be to be listed people money will pay rightholder which are interested in in fight with violation their rights they will pay but interrupted it can place order conditionally is so and there is a system that the original item this placing orders with side right holders which suspects that or knows but Do not know knows exactly where and already to The measure knows all places where occurs these violations it places orders turns on modern technologies features make out this at smart contracts to that practically excludes option breach of obligations and people receive information people receive information from networks receives information about requests for when then you can randomly as someone and consciously search such options and in volume case when is found they do then that is called this system signal send his and such is beneficial for entrepreneurs but here for entrepreneurs there is such example known firms louis here now it about on estimates 2 y them the whole large year it turns out 12 million dollars they spend here on fight violation them rights and in average that one violation is 400 dollars given case implementation this system well naturally expert estimates shows that multiple times is cheaper becomes for firms fighting with counterfeit it is so I I say that me as to to the economist this side is submitted color> E5E5E5> attractive thank you of course not means that not you need that that colleagues The same time that is better total it turns out when we fall down all to michael danilovich well we all we live in conditions market economy you Sincerely Altruism i still not I believe c> in than same your this the benefits of benefits in benefits in volume to but why without altruism nowhere you understand: all is equal to we must in any case consumption then on sion to 5 will give the movie Do not do without money was well and of course if surrender And even and will be night components explanation where we of course same want build successful business want construct which will bring benefit as copyright holder as artist not so and us career sim for only for than for world in whole the whole more that correctly touched touched on the motivation then is without motivation any of sides system not can exist because that see artist for each the revealed fact which confirmed rightholders can get from there to 30 dollars this good amount and more that can even take participation Citizens are limited to physically limited then is Well can be not can to any there attribute health go at home please system allows im earn fully we consider that this perfectly motivation anatolievych and no of fears that you you just below avalanche messages as real so and imaginary here just will go such a mass employee will succeed cope and all and total corpse no fears of course but there are and as developed sent have <:: I plan and as / c> same and well in of the first naturally y us will be initial moderation but will be activated only those messages which do not answer set job to all the rest naturally passes service but we assume that the flow of the information will be huge exactly for this will create Analytical program with using bigdata which will collect t information which we need originally moderation because requires huge state in such case or no well yes state will be small but moderators and a can not that in the morning huge bigdata more times we return this question <:: here here role in here see i the chain which trying trace to man removes next pass at simulation more all to enters in here this is <:: structure some some control of this structure required <:::: let's I a little bit I will explain to would like better it is necessary only only for of that <:: 45: 45: 19: in this system To ensure provide Preservation and Reliability Transfers of this signal to he no one not was is distorted is going to and to he not disappeared there samovar go centralized servers and here next comes the next is as would layers first most simple is the customer there are sent only signals relating to products or trading of brands this customer more no one this more times multiple seconds remains up to end program list this is here stage when on basis mass of the data all goods are identified places from where they come arrive in this terrain where they presumably can as would is done and so this this second stage it color will begin me it seems even more important than 1 thank you mihailovich as you you see literally pair words very it is important to all time we say navigation the development of our <:: <: <: c so here as times this o than we are now say is as innovative development when completely new system is enabled the general social general state the problem is and for its decisions <:: I think that to it development when using good potential and and Developer is will extremely effective and necessary thing thank you The system fighting with counterfeit we discussed today in our studio huge thanks to the experts for this discussion thanks

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