Bitconnect under DDoS ATTACK! Don’t Panic

Hey, what's going on everyone, this is Bitcoin freak bringing You another Bitconnect video before we're gonna jump into the dates topic I'd like you to subscribe to my channel if you are new also turn on your pulse Notifications as well as like and share this video Okay, guys, so let's get right in bed Kinect is obviously down you probably already noticed that that their website is being you know down for most of the day I Would probably say it's worth checking their Twitter page I'll post a link down in description so you guys can you know follow their Twitter if you haven't already? the recent tweet basically is been saying that they've been under DDoS attack and You know they obviously are trying to handle the problem It's not the first time that this happens, so you know I'm pretty sure they're gonna be able to figure it out They say that it may take up to 24 hours until they're going to be able to get the situation under control But yeah, I mean that's pretty much What is being happening? There's there's been continuous attacks ddos attacks on their website? for those of you if you don't know what the DDoS attack is basically DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service Means that the attacker has been sending so much traffic from different sources to their website to the point where You know the website can't handle this anymore, and it basically crashes, so It's a very popular type of activity

You know to bring down You know like bank websites government websites You know it's been happening before we've bit connect as well now you do need to understand that For companies like bit connect who grew from zero to you know hero in a space of a year time they went from you know ICO stage till you know Till right now where you know their their? Coin is offered for the corn is with over three hundred dollars, and it was all-time high Of you know five hundred dollars I believe with the Two billion you know or more well at the moment on coin market cap you can see two billion Market cap but obviously we all know that what corn market cap was doing so obviously If we would calculate all these coins that are locked in loans right now It would probably be well over four billion dollars But yeah, you just need to understand that with with websites like with Businesses like bit connect You know they are under constant attention of let's say you know Individuals who wants to bring their service down and stuff like this you know or at least interrupt their service so I would say let's just you know let's just all remain calm and If things goes right then tomorrow, I'm gonna be doing another one thousand and ten dollar reinvestment, which would take me up to over twelve thousand dollars of total active investments so with that said Thank you so much for tuning in and I'll probably see you guys tomorrow Again if you are new to the channel feel free to subscribe Like and share this video if you guys have any questions obviously feel free to drop them down in the comment section, and yeah I'll see you guys tomorrow Peace

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