What is Nebulas? The ‘Google’ of Blockchain?????

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel and here today, I'm gonna be talking about a cryptocurrency called Nebulas Let's have a look at what Nebulas look like So a Nebula is a Greek word for cloud It's an interstellar cloud of dust and gas it is so beautiful There's different shapes

They shapes like a lemon slice the butterfly the crab the flower There's so many anyways That's where Nebulas got their name from well I hope that's where they got their name from and I hope they're going to shine as bright as those Nebulae Right back to reality What is Nebulas so nebulas is a value based operating system like your Android phones But in the blockchain world it's also a search engine like Google But also in the blockchain world so you'll be able to search for things like Which blockchain project is gaining the most traction? Which exchanges are moving the most volume? Show me all of the prediction smart contracts Nebulas was found in June last year by Hitters Xu The former founder of neo this guy has been involved in so many things He started BitClub, he has worked with Google with Alibaba GemPay ICO 365, thats a lot I hope it sticks with Nebulas a little bit longer than he stuck with the rest of them and the coin for Nebulas is NAS and It's currently trading around a nine dollars mark is ranked seventy first with a market cap of just over three hundred and seventy seven million with a total supply of a hundred million coins and and at the moment it has a circulating supply of over 35 million So now let's have a look at the Nebulas framework so on Nebulas decentralized search framework You'll be able to build your own DAPP Just like you already can on the ethereum platform where you can have your token your social network your search engine and even your app store Without going too technical the foundation for this framework are three features that we can see here Nebulas rank is an algorithm that allows easy access to valuable blockchain data So it ranks addresses smart contracts and just or the entities on the blockchain just like Google ranks data as well then Nebulas force is just how the blockchain can upgrade without needing to fork the development incentive protocol is just where the Developers they get like positive feedback And then they get a high ranking because of this feedback will get rewarded with some tokens on the network upon this solid foundation is where we can build our operating systems or Decentralized app they want to make it such that if you already have a DAPP running on ethereums network You can easily move your DAPP from there onto Nebulas without actually incurring any cost or any fees so that way, there'll be no more overload on ethereum's network They'll be no more crashing You know due to like viral releases like CryptoKitties the other day So ethereum now kind of have a wingman which is helpful and as for developers You'll be able to write your code in any language of your choice There's no particular language to actually build a DAPP on Nebulas framework just like you have solidity or ethereum's network, which makes it easier Than having to learn a particular language just because you want to build a DAPP on Nebulas framework I think Cardano is trying to do the same thing as well

Learning a whole different language It just takes time so it's just easier to write the code in the language you already understand, so this is an interesting one Nebulas is going to have a domain and On this domain you can have a domain address so their domain is gonna be dot NNS and Then you can have an address so say for example you apply for a domain for your account address instead of having The long string of numbers and letters that we already have any typical cryptocurrency address Say for example your name is you, you would have you dot NNS So if anybody was supposed to send you money all you have to give them is you dot NNS And then you can receive money via the NNS to your address Without having to you know copy and paste this long string of numbers, which I think is gonna Make the address whole thing easier, so when is Nebulas launching this blockchain Google Well, they've already launched the testnet so they're gonna launch their MAINNET before the end of the first quarter So that's any time from now until April There's more information about Nebulas on your website They have a really solid team the white paper is very interesting to read as well put links to that down below also I've almost reached 300 subscribers I'm so happy, and I'm so thankful to everyone that subscribed to this channel if you're new here And you haven't subscribed please subscribe, so you don't miss any of my future videos And if you did like this video or learned something from this video Please support me by giving it a big thumbs up and leave me a comment ask me any questions, or just say hello And I will see you on my next video Bye

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