Proxeus – WordPress for the blockchain

Change chain blocks (Albulocchin) the world through a revolution in the way we record and keep track of the data It opens up new opportunities for companies to improve its functioning and development of new work

But making Albulocchin applications is not an easy task Indeed, it is complicated and expensive Experts are rare, and it takes a long time to complete projects And has to be programmed everything manually Like the beginning of the Internet – The users open a blank page and write html code to create a new website Now the tools such as WordPress By making and involve the basic elements of your edit a lot easier Instead of starting from scratch

This is what he does Proxeus applications Albulocchin It provides Proxeus series of building blocks To allow businesses to focus on the interface and value-added special their product, Instead of working on key technical challenges many have already solve them before Our platform is very easy to use, Even allow non-technical users to create focused applications on drag-and-drop documents Any institution can create a workflow on the block using the currency of Qin Proxeus, And start connecting their documents and assets With a growing set of modules and application programming interfaces, Make it easy to integrate applications Proxeus in existing companies and basic infrastructures And also integrated with resource management systems and supply chain management and customer relationship management systems, While allowing abstraction layer to Bruksys contact with all the major chains such as Albocchin Alaatriom and Hyperledger

Record in the beta version if you want to be the first to learn How can anyone work application Blukchen series (smooth blocks) in a few hours! Proxeus – It's time to speed up your business

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