HPB- The Blockchain of ALL Blockchains?

Hello everyone welcome back to my channel so today I want to talk about HPB the high-performance blockchain Also known as the EOS of China so because it's so similar to EOS and people have tagged it the EOS of China If you arent already subscribed to this channel please subscribe, so you don't miss my future of videos Let's get straight into talking about the world-class high performance blockchain platform So we know that scalability is a major problem that the crypto world is facing right now I mean, it's not possible for businesses with thousands and millions of customers to use bitcoins to trade Because you're gonna have to wait for hours before you can complete the transaction Just imagine going into your local grocery store picking up your items and then waiting an hour more for your payments to go through before you can walk out of the door and Or imagine going to the cash point and waiting an hour for your money to come out It Just doesn't make any sense So the high-performance blockchain platform is preparing for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies We don't need it right now because the adoption of crypto is not as big yet

It's not as massive yet, but they're preparing for a future Let's just say So HPB have realised that the solution to this problem cannot be limited to software alone so tthey're developing a specialist hardware accelerated network card known as a the TOE chip Toe technology they've spelt it wrong teo chip here and toe tip here But anyways its toe and toe stands for the tcp/ip offload engine And this toe chip is capable of supporting millions of transactions per second so this platform is going to be a chip driven blockchain platform And this is what the chip looks like that's it right there and a lot of the team members For HBP are from Intel, and Huawei I mean this companies are some of the world's biggest technology companies So the aim of HPB is to support a variety of virtual machines with their general virtual machine and over time add new Virtual machines and the general virtual machine will allow them work with other blockchains to help them scale So they're gonna be able to work with neo virtual machine And the ethereum virtual machine as well You can imagine how much value will be added to neo and ethereum if HPB are bailing them out of their scalability problems this will mean that DAPPS can run smoothly even if millions of people are transaction at the same time so no more crashing of the whole network Like what happened when cryptokitties was released last year I mean even Binance is struggling to keep up at forty thousand transactions per second this is why they have to suspend new users from signing up to their platform every now and again and And don't forget Binance is not even a decentralized platform, so sooner or later They will have to become a decentralized platform and probably have to use the toe chip about HPB are developing right now now lets look at the team behind this HPB so the founder is Wang Ming and He's been in this space for a very long time, and he has even written three books on Blockchain technology Wang has also worked on UnionPay in the past interestingly They've partnered with the same UnionPay So UnionPay is like the visa and the mastercard of China in fact its bigger than the both of them put together And the executive president at Union pay is smart this guy here Long Kai and is actually on the consulting team of HPB so this is a really good partnership NEO as well is one of the angel investors of HPB That's a quick look at what the white paper says about their partnership with Union pay So here in their white paper it says after listening to the design concepts of HPB China's largest financial data company Union Pay has joined as a partner with HPB with the common goal of technological practice and exploration of financial big data and high performance blockchain platform UnionPay currently handles 80 percent of China's banking transaction data with an annual turnover of 80 trillion yuan HBP will join hands with China UnionPay to serve all the industry partners including large banks insurance retail enterprises and FinTech companies so for HPB to have partnered with Union pay it shows the massive potential of HPB what about smart contracts I mean can we build businesses on this platform or what are just going to support some virtual machines Let's have a look at what to see about a smart contract So HPB have a smart contracts lifecycle management Where each smart contracts acts as a yoke on the asset management lifecycle with submission deployments usuage and cancellation completely controlled and managed Furthermore with integration into the privilege management mechanism comprehensive smart contract management is successfully implemented Another good thing They have on your platform is a smart contract auditing so the smart contract auditing is done with a combination of automated auditing tools and professional auditors It says here that it goes a step further whith automated could review and formal verification So hopefully this will reduce the risk of scam icos Also HPB will have their tokens that are going to issue only a platform Just like we already have the ERC 20 tokens on the ethereum platform, and if called it tokens the GXN So it says here that the token provides practical support tokens for the HPB network including centralisation of social media cooperation financial data distribution and exchange business process tracking and reputation evaluation and a trusted network search and advertising system which is quite interesting and today the HPB coin is trading at around the $7 mark with a market cap of 160 million dollars and his ranked at 101 at a time At the time I started this video It was actually 102 So this is a good sign and the total supply is a hundred million coins With a circulating and supply of 22 million at the moment and HPB is not on the big exchanges Yet is on bibox and on allcoin And it reviews are not that great so I'm holding off investing until they are on bigger exchanges

I mean there's news going around That they're gonna be on kucoin on the 5th of Feb Tomorrow So you're probably wondering what are these coins gonna be used for even I'm wondering myself too, but I think They will eventually be used as a fee or gas maybe for massive transactions in the corporate world where the transactional speed is critical and HPB have also said They're gonna come out with An updated white paper on more about how the coins will be used So they're launching their, let's see when they're launching So they're launching their in their beta version one in March this year and their beta version two in June and after almost two years of Learning and making improvements They will launch the final version at the end of 2019 Which is right here So you can track their progress here on their website And you can follow the stages Which they are at so this is their tracking page and Yeah, you can track them here, and then also have social media as well so at a bottom of your pages, too Happy a telegram their twitter their Facebook again This is not investment advice, so please do your own research And if you're still here watching obviously you enjoyed this video And you probably learned something so please give this video a big thumbs up, and I will see you on my next video Bye

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