yes I can so with most second Gen or third generation tokens already switching to proof of stake, proof importance and so on what makes what makes you think that proof of work will be the way to go since your since the whole talk was focused on improving upon proof of work Proof of Stake has a different kind of security paradigm than proof of work from my point of view you really need to there's no such thing as a free lunch so if there's nothing at risk then you don't get anything out of it so proof of work gives us that and proof of stake I don't think it gives us that as we can as we see where people who have money can really change things and as me personally but I don't want anyone else to be able to change my money or to be able affect censor or move my money thank you lot of the founders are actually sitting at the tables With so many transactional currencies coming out from you know obviously Bitcoin, Litecoin is very different but you know we got Dash, we got Vertcoin more and more popping up where do you see Litecoin differentiating itself the what's its place in the future like what's your vision for it the vision is still work alongside Bitcoin so do you see it as something that people would like use for transactions like to buy online buy things online or more as a you know store of value which Bitcoin is A little bit of both, Bitcoin is more targeted towards store of value okay yeah, I know, because I talked to the Dash Team a few weeks ago their focus is kind of to be the venom of crypto, it's like I think everybody has their own little niche, and I was just curious you know where you saw your niche to be but No, our focus is still to be as decentralized as possible awesome thanks so much for your time You look familiar! yes, yes I saw you a couple times! So has Wanchain been doing? I mean it's only been a week, but I know you launched the Genesis Block Everything going smoothly? Which team are you with? Oh, Crypto Academy! We have a social media following of about 100,000 followers and we try to raise awareness for the technology, because you know there's so many all the content you can find is like what's the price right now and it changes like every thirty minutes, so we like to discuss what's actually going on with the blockchain why do you think why is privacy such an important part of wanchain Everything is traceable when you want to send salaries for example you don't want to everybody to see who's getting how much So it's hard, it's a problem that everyone is facing And people prefer their privacy And I think privacy is a trend in the whole industry, everyone is moving to that I think in a year or two, all the blockchains will be private How can the community help you? Just by spreading awareness or making dapps? I think the community needs to be patient, look at it in the long run Not look at the short term for speculation I think that will be very helpful to us, so that the team will be focused on the technology to really make it successful in the long term What's your long term vision for Wanchain, what's your vision in 10 years I think it will be a super, super financial market That's where I would see it We are entering a new Era, a new economy, and we will be the new finance, and I think this new Economy will really be taken over, and the old one will be going under Thank you so much! something that that's quite abrasive to a government especially a government that wants to retain some control at the same time I think that they're starting to learn that they're not able to wrest control through technical means and so what I suspect is going to happen over time is that eventually some governments will realize that they need to provide a regulatory sandbox that they need to provide a better tooling for people to be able to report things and that they need to rely on good old-fashioned police work Ripple has a relatively bold vision enabling an internet of value and the the fundamental idea is that we all take advantage of and benefit from and I'm sure a lot of connected devices out there right now or benefit from the Internet of information how could we let value move the way information moves today there's all kinds of crazy stories about how there's friction and payment process ranging from you know one of my favorite examples is simply it's just crazy to think about if you and I decide we want to get 10,000 pounds to London today the most efficient thing for us to do in terms of speed would be to go buy an airplane ticket at SFO and fly it there that's a pretty crazy statement or world where you'd stream video from the space station you can't move your own money from point A to point B so ripples mission is how do we take advantage of technologies in this today to dramatically accelerate the nature of how transactions and payments happen liquidity between Fiat and XRP is critical to us so we want to be listed on as many exchanges around the world as possible we of course want to work with highly regulated and appropriate exchanges but you know when we work with people and not pre- announce things if there's an announcement to make, we'd make it with a potential partner other than that that's it I think it's not about technology it's not about coding I think the next phrase of blockchain is about we will face a lot of competitions and these competitions are not limited to technology maybe in the past technology is the first thing but we think there are two more things that we need to face the one of the most importance is also a human kind where competition and the third thing is the governance model in the future we need a governance model to improve blockchain We've seen a lot of split in communities, so everybody should be aligned together, should be moving in the same direction

Instead of forking everything IFO this, IFO that

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